Adding weight to a putter head will essentially allow you to play with a heavier putter. Many golfers wonder if a heavier putter is a good or a bad thing, and the truth is it is more of a personalized decision.

Adding putter weight can be a major game change for some golfers, and others will find that it has almost no impact on their game. If you are wondering about image of adding weight to your putter head - AEC Info the benefits of adding weight to the putter head, we have all the information you need.

This guide will tell you when you should add weight and how to do it properly.

Will adding weight to putter head help my putting stroke?

The main reason to add weight to a putter head is to help improve the consistency of the stroke. More weight, especially weight in the perfect range for a player, can help improve the overall distance control and feel.

However, not all golfers need weight added to their putters. Here are a few things to consider before heading down this road of putter weights and lead tape.

Analyze current putting flaws

Some golfers miss putts to the left all the time; others miss them short and long; still, others struggle to get the ball in the hole.

image of ping anser - AEC InfoWhen deciding if it is a good idea to mess with your putter head weight, the first thing you should do is to analyze your current putting flaws.

If you are doing something consistently wrong, try to decide if it has to do with distance or directional control. If you look at distance control problems, adding to the total weight will likely help you considerably.

Take a weight measurement of putter

It is a good idea to take a swing weight measurement of your putter. This is done using a swing weight scale, and it will give you the baseline. Putters are typically between C6 and D8. If you can keep your putter within this range, chances are you will have a more consistent and reliable golf stroke.

Research the benefits of adding head weight

Once you have your putter weight and your putting flaws, you are ready to move on to the next steps of what increasing a putter weight can do for your game. The good news is that most of the time, putter weight simply involves adding a piece of lead tape to your putter. If you don’t like it, you can always take it off.

What are the benefits of adding weight to putter head?

The main benefit of adding weight to your putter is to increase distance control. With a heavier putter head, you can feel what needs to be done to control a shot and hit the putt at a specific distance. Of course, golfers still need to consider the slope of the green and the speed.

Here are the main benefits of adding weight to a putter head.

Distance control

When you can feel the head of your putter, you will become much better at controlling your speed. What good is a perfectly aligned and perfectly executed putting stroke if it comes up six feet short? Distance control is likely the most challenging part of putting.

Although there is no exact weight that will maximize distance control, studies have shown that these heavier putters are making things easier on golfers. Modern putters are almost always made with a heavier head; some even have adjustable or removable weights to help players find tune performance.

Directional control

In addition to the distance control, you can also increase your directional control with a slightly heavier overall weight. Players tend to keep the clubhead on the proper path when they have a bit more weight to keep it stable. Less twisting and turning of the golf club head indeed leads to a better overall putt.


The feel of a heavier weight on the club head will make a significant difference in your comfort on the greens. Players need to have complete confidence in their golf swings, and the swing weights will play into this.

Are there negatives to adding weight to a putter head?

From everything we have said about a heavy putter and the adding of weight to your putter, you may be wondering why everyone is not doing this. However, there is a point where you can add too much weight to the putter.

In addition, there are some golfers that have a counterbalance design. These clubs may have a heavier grip or lighter grip that will need to be adjusted should you change the weight in the putter head.

Many of the best Mallet putters have unique club heads that make it challenging to find a place to add lead tape. There are just several reasons why some golfers will not change their putter heads. For the most part, playing around with one or two pieces of lead tape is harmless to your golf clubs and may help you see some increased results on the greens.

Can I Add Extra Weight To A Putter Head Myself?

The great news is that you can add extra weight to your putter head entirely on your own. Purchase a roll of lead tape and use this to help you get more control and better results from your putter.

Cut the lead tape into pieces that are about one inch long. The one-inch-long piece will change your putter weight by about one full swing weight. The lead tape weighs approximately 2 grams. As you add weight to a putter, you will want to do it in small increments.

You will be amazed by how different the club feels as soon as weight is added.

Where Should I Add Weight To A Putter?

Although there could be times that adding weight to a putter grip could help to balance out your putter, the majority of players need to add weight to a club head. The most popular area to add the weight is on the bottom of even the club’s top.

The bottom is typically a good spot as the tape is thin and durable and should not cause any issues with friction on the putting green. Some players will put the tape on the back end of the putter, but make sure it is centered.

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Adding weight to the putter head is a great option to consider if you struggle with greens. Many modern putters come at a heavier weight than older putters. Sometimes if you have an old putter, adding a few strips of lead tape can help it feel like a completely new club.

For golfers that are searching for a new putter in 2022, try to consider something with adjustable weights. This will make it easy to add and subtract weight year after year. Being able to fine-tune performance is a very important advantage for golfers.

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