More and more golf clubs are being sold as adjustable. Many players wonder whether or not these clubs are worth the extra money and if they will even use the technology offered in the club.

This is a good question to ask before you invest in a golf club. It’s important to know what the adjustable club can do, how it can impact your game, and whether or not you even need one. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about adjustable golf clubs and whether or not they are worth it for your game.

Are adjustable golf clubs necessary?

If you are a golfer with any kind of inconsistency in their game, an adjustable golf driver is a very smart option. An adjustable driver will allow you to change the loft, lie angle, or weighting to fit the needs of your golf game.

The adjustable golf clubs are a great investment for players who are unhappy with ball flight or direction from time to time.

Many golfers are continually working on their game and making adjustments to their swing. Part of the appeal of the game of golf is that we are not able to master the sport. Each time you change your swing and make adjustments, it is essential to ensure your equipment is still suited for your needs.

For the golfers with adjustable drivers, this will mean just a quick tune-up of the club. The player who doesn’t have an adjustable driver may require purchasing a completely new golf club head.

Not all adjustable golf clubs are made the same way; some have more adjustability than others. Let’s take a look at the different types of adjustable golf clubs.

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Types of adjustable golf clubs

For the most part, the adjustable driver is the most popular adjustable golf club. The driver is the option that players use for most tees, and it is often the most expensive club in the bag. Each company offers different adjustability in their golf driver club head.

Adjustable hosel

The adjustable hosel will allow you to adjust the loft and the face angle of the club. When you change the loft, you are also going to change the lie angle. Therefore it is necessary to be able to do both with the adjustable hosel.

Most of the time, the range of adjustability is about 4 degrees of loft. You can take the club down or up two degrees from the loft that you purchase the driver. The ball flight will be impacted greatly by a change in loft that is this severe.

Adjustable weights

In addition to adjustable hosels that allow for adjustable loft and launch angle, some drivers have adjustable weights. The weights are moved around to add draw bias or open the club up a little for the lower handicap player.

The adjustable weights allow players to fine-tune the performance that they can get from their driver. When you first get golf equipment with adjustability, you are going to have to spend some time learning the settings to see what will work best for the game you play.

If you happen to choose an option produced by Cobra, you will get Arccos technology as well that will give you results of each shot. This can help a golfer determine which setting for loft and lie is going to work the best for their game.

Some putters are also sold with the ability to adjust the weights in the clubhead. Changing the settings on your putter by a very small amount will greatly impact the performance, distance, speed, and roll of the putt that you hit.

Adjustable length

An adjustable length is an option that we are seeing in golf putters. The adjustable length allows you to feel like you have a custom putter without having to go for a custom putter fitting. Many golfers could use a putter fitting as putters are often a bit longer than they should be.

With the adjustable length putters, you can ensure that you are comfortable with your club before you get out on the course for the day. Anything that can be done to hit the ball in the center of your putter head, the better your chances are of rolling it in.


Negatives to adjustability in golf clubs

Overall we find that adjustability in a golf club is a great feature. However, some things can go wrong, and it is worth understanding the negatives of this. Here are a few negatives to keep an eye on.

Club Weight

The weight of a golf club that has an adjustable hosel is almost always higher. This is why you will see some companies like Cleveland and even Callaway put out a few clubs that are not adjustable. For golfers that have a slower golf swing speed, adjustability can sometimes come at a cost.

Improper settings

If you are not sure how to set your club to work for you, your shots will not be great. When you get a new club with adjustability, you have to spend some time working on the proper settings and performance for your swing.

Spending too much time messing with settings

Although it’s good to learn how to use a new driver, don’t try to adjust the club each time you head out to play. As a golfer, you know that each round will have some varying performance. Ensure that you have the proper setting and trust it for a while. Changing after each round is not going to help your ball flight or your score.

Are adjustable golf clubs worth the money?

Adjustable golf clubs can be like buying one, two, or three clubs for the price of one. Having the ability to make a club a bit more draw bias or change the ball flight a bit is a very impressive benefit allowing you to hit a Draw vs fade and one that should not be taken lightly. If you are looking for a new driver this year, think about an adjustable clubhead as it offers some great value. Find out more information at

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