Private lessons for golfers can really help to improve a golf swing and the overall golf game. Whether you are taking a lesson on the driving range or heading out onto the golf course with a professional, the price of your lesson will likely change considerably.

As a beginner golfer and even a more established player ready to take their game seriously, it’s smart to consider the average cost of golf lessons and how this can impact your ability to incorporate lessons into your weekly routine.

How Much do Golf Lessons Cost?

The average cost of golf lessons is around $40 for a half-hour lesson and $80 for an hour-long lesson. However, this is depending on your skill level, the location of the lesson, and who you are taking the lesson with.

image of practicing putting after a golf lesson - AEC InfoCertain golf clubs and country clubs only bring on teachers that have a strong resume with lots of accolades for their teaching ability. These teachers can charge $300 or more per hour for their lessons.

A young teaching professional just starting out teaching the game of golf can sometimes only charge $30 for a half hour. If you see anything in the $40 to $60 range for a half-hour lesson, you can expect that this is about standard and close to the average cost.

What Impacts The Cost of A Lesson?

There are quite a few factors that will impact the total cost of a golf lesson. At some facilities, you will have to pay for golf balls to hit on the range as you take your lesson. Other facilities will include the cost of golf balls in the total lesson price.

Here are a few of the things that will impact your lesson price.

Teacher Reputation

The more qualified the teacher is to give you a lesson, the higher the price you are going to pay. This is kind of like going to a high-end restaurant or a reasonably priced local hangout. You could have just as good of an experience with a cheaper instructor, but you will not be getting the knowledge and expertise that you would from a professional golfer’s lesson.

This decision can come down to player preference as well as your individual goals in the game. If you are just starting out, you may not need a Golf Digest Top 100 Teacher to show you how to hold the club. However, if your goal is to become a professional, this instructor level could be an intelligent choice.


A private golf lesson with a qualified instructor can happen at a driving range or even at a private country club. There are even some indoor facilities where golf instructors work to teach a series of lessons.

The 30-minute lesson by golf coaches that work at a private country club will likely be quite a bit higher. Golf lesson costs tend to decrease slightly when you are at a driving range-only facility.

In addition, keep in mind that the type of golf lesson you choose will also affect the price. Hitting range balls or taking your individual lessons out on the course can impact the total amount that you pay for your golf lesson.


Most golf lessons are 30 minutes or an entire hour. Professional golfers that teach many lessons typically don’t offer a reduced rate for a one-hour lesson because they would likely have no problem booking that other half hour of their day with another student.

Take a lesson that feels long enough for you to benefit from but not too long that you will feel tired and exhausted by the time you finish. Many people that take frequent lessons enjoy the 30-minute option.

Those that take an occasional lesson tend to go for the one-hour time slot. Club fittings also take about an hour when they are complete golf club fittings.

Individual Lessons vs. Clinics

Clinics are a great way to save money on beginner golf lessons. A clinic is a good choice if you know that a half hour or hour of individual instruction is just a bit more than you need. Clinics are typically laid back, and sometimes there is more than one golf professional that teaches these clinics.

With a golf clinic, you pay a reduced rate because you don’t get all the attention of the golf professional for the full duration of the lesson.

Video/Launch Monitor

Incorporating video analysis into your golf lesson could increase the costs of golf lessons. Trackman technology is one of the more popular options for professionals to use, and you can even have the results of your lesson sent to you after the fact.

This technology is very expensive, and professionals need to charge extra to support their investment in their golf school.

Current Skill Level of the Golfer

Although the price of one lesson may be the same for golfers of all skill levels, the cost over time could be higher for a beginner or high handicap golfer to see good results.  There is a difference between a 10 handicap golfer coming in to fix an over the top swing, compared to a golfer that is trying to get his or her driver airborne off of the tee. 

Are Golf Lessons Worth The Money? image of happy golfer celebrating after a shot - AEC Info

If you are ready to commit to being a better golfer, then spending money on golf lessons is worth the investment. Since golf lessons are better designed for players that care about how their game is progressing and will put in the practice time and become better, they can be pretty beneficial.

If you head out to a golf lesson, never practice what is learned, and then just show up to play the next time expecting to get better, you will likely not see much of a change.

The most effective types of lessons require you to work on the skills in your spare time and then go back and check on your progress.


Individual Golf lessons are similar to a session with a personal trainer. If you meet with a personal trainer and learn what to do at the gym, it is very helpful. However, if you never return to the gym to work on these issues, how do you expect that you will get in better shape?

Think of a golf lesson in the same exact way. Work hard at the lesson, and then before your next round, try to practice the skills you have picked up.

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