Most golfers will agree that a blade iron set is the best-looking set of golf irons that you can find. Forged blade irons have an impeccable feel, tremendous workability, and they are golf clubs that tend to last for years. Of course, the only issue with blades is that they are a bit expensive, and it can be hard to narrow down which ones will be best for your game.

We have put together some of the best blade irons that 2022 offers. Regardless of your playing ability, swing speed, or preferred look, there is a blade iron on this list that will be a good choice for you.

Best blade iron – Review

Ping i59 Irons

image of ping i59 irons - AEC Info
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The Ping i59 irons are the best overall blade irons on the market. These are a brand new release that has brought playability and an impressive feel from Ping. These golf clubs are made with a 1025 carbon steel body and Micro Max Grooves. The idea is to give players feel while also improving distance and accuracy.

The Ping i59 irons have a thin top line, and the Hydropearl 2.0 finish will repel water that sits on the club head. The result for golfers is higher ball flight and increased spin. Ping used aerospace-grade aluminum to help move the center of gravity around and increase the MOI. This material ensured that the club head performed higher without increasing overall weight.

The Micromax grooves are closer together on the clubface than previous Ping forged irons. This allows for better performance from all lies. If you want that impressive Ping feel in a blade that delivers even for the mid handicapper, the i59 irons are a perfect solution.


  • Great performance and feel
  • Low center of gravity
  • Unique materials and construction for improved overall performance


  • Some very low handicap players will find the sole width too wide

Mizuno Pro 221 Irons

image of mizuno pro 221 irons - AEC Info
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Finding a list of the best blade irons on the market without an option from Mizuno would be strange. Although Mizuno now makes game improvement irons, they have long been known for having some of the best blade irons on the market. The brand new 2022 irons from Mizuno bring back the classic design with modern performance.

The Mizuno 221 irons are crafted from 1025E Mild Carbon, and they are produced at the Mizuno factory in Japan. If you study blade irons, you know the importance of where the irons are produced and the manufacturing process itself.

The same grain flow forged HD technology was used, and a new copper underlay to allow for a softer feel at impact. These are tour proven irons with reduced glare and the ability to work the golf ball like most other irons can’t.


  • Great looking iron set
  • Newly designed club head style for a softer feel
  • Reduced glare at impact


  • Not the most forgiving golf blade irons on the market

Wilson Staff Blades

image of wilson staff model blade iron set - AEC Info
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So many people assume that Wilson golf clubs are for beginners, but this is not the case. The Wilson Staff brand is all bout making high performing options for the tour player type golfers. The Wilson Staff blades have always been known as an affordable but highly workable set of blade irons.

The Diamond Scoreline Patter allows golfers to get all the spin and ball flight that they need with this club in their hand. The new Fluid Feel Hosel also provides for increased playability and a larger head on the iron. If you switch to a blade iron for the first time, this is a set to seriously consider.

All Wilson Staff Blades come with the True Temper Dynamic Gold, one of the best all around golf shafts on the market.


  • Very easy to work the ball
  • Classic looking blade irons
  • More forgiveness than a traditional blade


  • Distance from this golf club is not quite as impressive

TaylorMade P790 Irons

image of taylormade p790 irons - AEC Info
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Although the P790 irons are more of a game improvement style blade as opposed to a traditional blade, they are still worth considering in this category. If you are a player that struggles with long irons or still needs some extra distance in their iron shots, then the TaylorMade P790 is a perfect fit. This is a forged hollow body construction with impressive distance and forgiveness.

The P790 irons feature the Speedfoam technology. This has allowed for the club head to be injected with a light foam to increase speed while also making the impact feel quite a bit better. The P790 irons have very little vibration at impact.

Some golfers are confused by the number of different releases of the TaylorMade P790 irons. TaylorMade knows this is an excellent set of golf irons, and they continue to make updates and release them to the market. The 2022 year will see our next improvement on the P790 irons.


  • Similar forgiveness to cavity back irons
  • Easy to launch
  • Wider sole for improved performance from the rough


  • Thicker top down line and larger sole than a traditional blade

Cobra Forged Tec Golf Irons

image of cobra forged tec golf irons - AEC Info
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Cobra has their hand in every area of the golf market. Not only do they make some of the best cavity back irons, but also some top blade irons. The Cobra Forged Tec golf irons are a hollow construction model with a classic muscle back shape. The Cobra Forged Tec has a lower center of gravity and higher launch and playability.

In addition, the Forged Tec irons have a foam infused core to create a softer feel at impact. Cobra was tired of being a bit behind when it comes to ball speed. They installed the new PowerShell Face, which creates a higher speed in a more compact shape.


  • Hollow construction
  • Lower center of gravity
  • Tungsten weighting included in each club head


  • Overall iron blades shape is a bit unique and will take an adjustment to get used to

Callaway Apex Pro 2021

image of callaway apex pro 2021 - AEC Info
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The Callaway Apex Pro 21 irons brought some changes to the lineup for Callaway. Many times when a blade or forged iron is updated, it will have slight improvements or changes. The Callaway Apex 21, however, was rebuilt from the ground up. This is a blade iron specifically designed with the lowest handicap players in mind.

Callaway started using AI technology to create their golf irons, and it has been a major improvement. If you care about soft feel, high MOI, and improved spin, you can get it with the Apex Pro 2021.

The urethane microspheres technology that has helped all of the Rogue and Mavrik irons have such a great feel is also included in this Apex Pro line. With a hollow body construction and a Tungsten Energy core, the low handicap players can still get a bit of forgiveness, especially in the long irons.


  • Improved face architecture
  • Hollow body construction
  • High ball speeds


  • Not enough forgiveness for the mid handicappers

Callaway Apex Pro 2019

image of callaway apex pro 2019 - AEC Info
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Even though the latest Apex Pro has been released, there are still plenty of great Callaway Apex Pro 2019 sets on the market. The reason you may be interested in these is to get a great deal on a set of blade irons. There is no denying the fact that blade irons are the most expensive on the market; finding a set with a reduced price tag is a great accomplishment.

The Callaway Apex 2019 still has very relevant technology that can help golfers with shot-making and ball flight control. Each of the irons has urethane microspheres, and the VFT face has plenty of spin control. When you look at the Apex Pro 2019, it is easy to see how this iron became so popular.


  • Tour level performance
  • Consistent distance
  • Urethane microspheres in a forged iron head


  • Long irons are a bit difficult to hit

Srixon ZX5 Golf Irons

image of srixon zx5 golf irons - AEC Info
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Srixon is a golf manufacturer that tends to fly a bit under the radar. However, when you look at the golf irons that they have on the market, this is a company that you should seriously consider when looking for the best blade irons. The Srixon Z Forged is a true blade style, but the ZX5 golf irons bring plenty of performance to the table as well.

The Srixon ZX5 irons have a premium forged feel, are very workable, but also have high ball speeds. This makes the ZX5 a good choice for the mid to low handicapper. If you want to have more confidence in the golf shots you play but still have that blade like feel, the ZX5 could do it.

In addition, the ZX5 golf shafts are typically very impressive, with the Nippon or UST shafts being used.


  • Impressive forged feel
  • Several different Srixon models that resemble blade irons
  • Easy to work the ball
  • Higher launching irons


  • Not as close to a traditional blade as some other iron sets on the market

And The Winner Is…

Ping i59

image of ping i59 irons - AEC Info

The Ping i59 irons are our favorite blade irons for 2022. With all the options out there, the Ping i59 helps to combine the perfect amount of forgiveness and distance technology with the feel we expect from a blade. This is a modern blade style golf iron with a slightly wider sole and more forgiveness than others on the market. IF you are serious about taking your game to the next level but worried about an unforgiving blade, the Ping i59 is a perfect option. Although you may pay a bit more for a Ping iron, in the end, the irons will hold their value and their condition for years to come.

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Buyers guide

Blade irons are typically a big decision for your game. The blade irons provide some of the best feel you can find; however, they are a high price golf club. Choosing the best blade irons can take a bit of research and understanding, but once you have a set, the blade irons should last for years to come.


With blade irons, the shaft is just as important as the club head. The majority of golfers that play with blade irons will choose a steel golf shaft. However, with modern technology and the improvements in forgiveness among blades, there are more graphite shaft options out there. Blade irons do not offer much forgiveness; therefore, it is crucial to choose a shaft that helps with launch and control.

Players Blade or Game Improvement Type

The blade irons category is getting a bit blurred lately. Golfers realize that the blade irons are more forgiving, and they can play them even as a mid handicapper. With a mid handicapper switching to a more blade-style golf club, try to find golf irons with a slightly wider sole and larger sweet spot.

You can see the difference between a Mizuno player’s blade and something like a P790 golf iron and which will be better for your game.


Forged irons are more forgiving than they have ever been. If you care about getting your golf irons to travel a long way, stay straight and still be able to work the ball, it is entirely possible. Forgiveness is very important for a golfer, and with the right blade irons in place, you can get all the feel and ball speed benefits without losing forgiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the switch to blade irons can be a difficult decision. Asking questions about this process and determining if it is the right option for your game will only help you be more satisfied with the final purchase decision. Here are some questions that golfers often ask about the best blade irons on the market.

Why Do I Hit Blade Irons Better?

Most of the time, blade irons have a better feel than cavity back irons. This means that when you make great contact, you will be rewarded for it. The problem, of course, is if you don’t make great contact, you will end up seeing a major decrease in performance.

Although you may hit blade irons better, don’t expect the consistency to be quite as good.

What Handicap Should Play With Blade Irons?

Higher handicappers should stay away from blade irons. These clubs are designed for the mid to low handicap player that is looking for feel and workability. If you don’t know how to hit a fade or a draw, chances are you won’t benefit much from a blade iron.

Why Do Blade Irons Have Better Feel?

Blade irons feel better because of the manufacturing process that they go through. The best blade irons on the market have been crafted from one piece of metal, and they have been forged maybe even more than once. The result is a very solid and true feel at impact that allows for almost no vibration.