Investing in a good putter can shave off a few strokes from your scorecard. The majority of golfers agree it is one of the most important clubs in your golf bag.
With the general division between blade and mallet putters, golfers nowadays have hundreds of options to choose from.

Still, the greatest dilemma when purchasing a putter is what type of putter can lower your handicap, and for many golfers, the best putter is a blade putter.

Despite the common belief that the mallet putters are for high handicappers, while the blade putters appeal to better golfers, the truth is that both can be a good option for any player.

What matters the most is to find the best match for your putting style and your needs.

If you are a golfer with a stronger preference for blade putters, then take a look at our list below. You’ll find the best blade putters that can help reduce your stroke count and lower your score.

Best blade putter 

Cleveland Golf HB Soft Premier #4

image of cleveland golf hb soft premier #4 - AEC Info
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Cleveland Golf is known for its impressive short game products. If you are a golfer that needs to work on scoring around the greens, the Cleveland clubs can make a significant difference. The new HB Soft Premier golf putters offer feel, performance, and an updated and professional look.

The gray satin PVD finish on the new Cleveland Golf HB Soft premium helps to make sure that even in the bright sun, you will have a great view of the hole and what you are doing. The speed optimized face helps players get some extra ball speed and a more true roll.

The last thing you want when making a putt is for the ball to waiver slightly after it is hit; with the Clevland Golf HB Soft Premier, you won’t need to worry about this. The Precision milled face on the Cleveland HB Soft also helps it gives players more feedback and an overall softer feel. This is a putter that looks great and feels great, and it will help mid to high handicappers significantly improve their putting game.

  • Two different grip options
  • Soft feel coming off the face
  • Speed optimized for higher MOI

S7K Standing Putter

image of s7k standing putter - AEC Info
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If you are looking for a unique blade putter that many others won’t have, the S7K could be the best choice. This putter will stand on its own, allowing golfers to line up their shots without having to crouch behind the ball and hold the putter simultaneously.

The technology incorporated into the S7K even allows for it to stand upright on a sloped golf green. You will notice that when you adjust the angle of the club, it will then allow you to check to make sure you are lined up correctly. Although this is not a putter that a lower handicapper will likely need, it offers unique functionality for golfers.

The S7K has a very light grip, and a soft feel when you make solid contact. Potentially the most interesting thing about the S7K is that it is tournament legal. Although it may not look like it, you can use this putter in any local tournament you play in.

  • Helps with alignment
  • Unique design allows players to line up with ease
  • Pure sound and soft feel

New Evnroll ER2 370g Mid-Blade Putter

image of new evnroll er2 black 34
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If you are a serious golfer, then the Evnroll ER2 Putter is one that is certainly worth looking into. The Evnroll putters are all about getting the perfect custom fit design to your putting stroke. The putters are made with premium materials, and they only leave the factory when they have undergone some serious testing.

The CNC milled Evnroll ER2 has a black armor finish, and it has a single bend shaft mounded directly into the head. The performance and feel benefits of the Evnroll are going to appeal more towards the lower handicap player.

The only downside to the Evnroll brand is that you must have a pretty good understanding of the specifications you need in a putter before purchasing one for your game. Overall, you will be impressed with the functionality and feel of an Evnroll Er2.

  • CNC milled
  • Mid blade design
  • Toe weighted flange blade
  • Great choice for lower handicap player

PING Sigma 2 ZB2 Platinum Putter

image of ping sigma 2 zb2 platinum putter - AEC Info
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Ping has made some blade putters throughout the years that stand out among the best ever. For many years, Ping was probably most well known for their putter technology, above all other clubs they produced. The Ping Sigma 2 ZB2 is one of Ping’s newer options, and it has some very unique technology.

This Blade putter has a deep center of gravity that helped to increase the MOI. It is a very forgiving putter and even offers the option of an adjustable shaft. If you need something to help you get more accurate with your lag putting or a solid option for three feet and the ZB2 is a great choice.

The overall feel of the club is relatively soft and helps golfers that need some extra speed control in their game.

  • Increased moment of inertia
  • Soft feel
  • Adjustable length putter

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

image of odyssey white hot pro 2.0 - AEC Info
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One of the best blade putters, the Hot Pro 2.0, has been redesigned to meet a wide array of golfers’ needs. Even though advertised as a blade putter aimed at the best golfers, it is surprising that even a high handicapper can take advantage of it.

The putter features face inserts that makes the sound at impact much softer. It also drastically changes the feel, and it maximizes the putter performance. Plus, the laser milling insert increases the overall consistency, while the heel/toe weight distribution and the full offset shaft make the putter more responsive and more forgiving.

The contrasting alignment white line is visible enough to help you deliver accurate putting strokes. There are three styles to choose from (with or without offset) and a possibility for a jumbo grip.

  • Excellent value for the money
  • Impressive matte finish
  • Alloy steel shaft

Ray Cook Golf – Ladies RC PT 02 Putter

image of best blade putter - AEC Info
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In addition to distance control, forgiveness, and consistency, female golfers seek design and style from their golf club set. Putters are no exception either, and this is why we’ve selected this Ray Cook blade putter to be part of our best blade putters list. The putter’s design is impressive, including the vibrant color selection of a white club head, black face, and a pink alignment line.

The lightweight, heel/toe weighted design of this blade putter makes it easy to control. The putter has a face insert that delivers a softer feel at impact, a responsive sound, and it optimizes the roll, as well. The putter grip is oversized and offers enhanced stability and control.

  • Attractive design
  • Forgiving and easy to control
  • Consistent roll and good feedback

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter

Pinemeadow Golf Regular Black Zinc Style Putter
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If you are on the budget side but still looking for a solid, traditional, Anser-like putter, then this Pinemeadow Golf putter is worth considering. Made from cast zinc alloy and steel shaft, it offers reliable performance as it delivers soft and smooth rolls off the face.

The gold and black contrast alloy good visual alignment that goes from the topline straight to the center of the sweet spot. If you hit the dead center, the sound is more than responsive, and you’ll immediately know it.

  • Good value for the money
  • Responsive sound when you hit the sweet spot
  • Good alignment aid

Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5

image of scotty cameron newport 2.5 - AEC Info
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In the world of golf, the name Scotty Cameron reflects utmost putter sophistication when it comes to producing premium putters. Even though the Newport 2.5 is not a recent release, it is still popular Scotty Cameron putter among better players who look for blade putters that deliver optimal feel, balance, and sound.

The soft sound and tour-proven feel come from the precision milled face that ensures your putter is as responsive as you’d hope for. The Newport 2.5 features a square clubhead design that is on a smaller scale, less offset, and shorter neck.

What you’ll find peculiar about the Newport 2.5 is the almost perfect balance it offers with the double-beveled weights in the toe and the heel that match the shaft axis.

  • Excellent feel and sound
  • Black alignment aid on silver finish
  • Excellent putting control

Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter

image of wilson harmonized m1 putter - AEC Info
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If you are looking for a blade putter that offers good forgiveness and value, the Wilson Harmonized M1 is our recommendation. The putter is enhanced with a polymer face insert that creates multiple density areas on the face.

This micro-injected insert delivers a premium feel, and it also affects the sound, making it soft at impact. The heel/toe weighting makes it balanced so that you can increase your consistency on the greens.

Alignment for many golfers is the key to putting well, and Wilson Golf made sure it is supportive enough to boost your accuracy. For this, the company designers added three horizontal lines on the clubhead and one contrasting white line on the black topline. This model also boasts a larger grip with a vertical seam on the back intended to deliver a better feel at impact. The larger grip was something the writers at AEC Info enjoyed.

  • Easy to align
  • Good sound and feel
  • Easy to align and square the ball

Wilson Staff Infinite Michigan Ave Putter

image of wilson staff infinite michigan ave putter - AEC Info
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The Wilson’s Infinite putter line offers various club head designs, among which the Michigan Ave offers a blend of classic design and modern, inspiring looks. The counterbalanced technology and the slight offset allow golfers to better square the ball at impact and control each strike.

The face is double milled, offering much more consistency and better rolling control on the green. It also features a higher MOI that translates into more forgiveness and accuracy even if you haven’t hit the sweet spot.

The dark, anti-glare finish combined with the contrasting white lines boost the alignment and, with it, the accuracy of your putts. To enhance the comfortable feeling and stability while striking the ball, Wilson added an oversized grip with a perforated pattern to prevent hand rotation.

  • Counter-balanced putter feel
  • Consistent impact and distance control
  • Dark, anti-glare finish

Top rated blade putter …

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

image of odyssey white hot pro 2.0 - AEC Info

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter is the best blade putter thanks to its high-quality built, performance, and value. Built upon the success of the previous Odyssey lines, the White Hot Pro 2.0 boasts consistency and an excellent feel that comes from the laser milling face insert.

The combination of full-shaft offset and heel/toe weighting optimizes its performance, while the contrasting black line on the white head delivers excellent accuracy. Designed to meet the needs of the best golfers and yet forgiving enough to appeal to Sunday golfers, it is the most popular release among all Callaway putters. All these features make the White Hot Pro 2.0 the best blade putter on the list.

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Blade putter faq’s

What is the difference between mallet putters and blade putters?

Design-wise, the difference between a mallet and blade putters lies in their club heads. Blade putters feature a more traditional Anser-like design, with compact, sleek heads and square faces. The shaft is usually attached to the heel of the clubhead or to the center, and it impacts the overall weighting. 

The stainless steel shafts are the most common among the blades.

On the other hand, a Mallet putter has a more advanced design, and their club heads are notably larger. The club heads come in different shapes either, from square designs, semicircles to unstandardized designs. Mallet putters feature perimeter weighting and larger MOI and therefore are more frequently used by high handicappers.

What’s better, a mallet or blade putter?

There’s simply no straightforward answer to this question, as it usually depends on the golfer’s putting stroke style and his/her personal preference. Generally, if the stroking style is straight back and straight ahead, a mallet putter is better due to the perimeter weighting.

Those who arc the ball on the inside and then outside and inside are recommended to use a blade putter because twisting the putter is much easier. Also, what makes a putter a good one is the feel it delivers, its weight, and the forgiveness it delivers.