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For the golfer that likes to ride the golf course, a perfect cart bag is essential. The best golf cart bags feel a bit like a home away from home. You will have a place to keep all of your gear organized and to stay prepared for whatever the day on the course may bring.

Choosing the best golf cart bags can take a bit of time. There are so many options on the market, and they all have unique features. We have pulled together the ten best golf cart bags.

There is an option on this list for every price range and every handicap level. If you are looking for storage space, a cooler pocket, or lightweight accessibility, we have the bag you need. As always, let’s start out with the one we like the best!

Golf Cart Bags Reviews

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag 2021

Sun Mountain 2021 Men's C-130 Golf Cart Bag
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If you want the latest and greatest in golf bag technology, the Sun Mountain Cart Bag is the way to go. The new C-130 has all the premium features that a serious golfer is looking for.

With thirteen pockets and a 14-way top, you will have a place for all of your clubs and your gear as well.

There are quite a few features that set the C-130 apart, but one of them is the handles on the top of the bag. The handles allow you to easily maneuver the bottom of the bag and get it into the proper position on the golf cart.

Every pocket on the Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag 2021 is forward-facing, and this is a feature that the world of golf has needed for quite some time. What good is a pocket in the golf bag’s back when it is sitting on a golf cart. If you are going to have a golf cart bag, it may as well be set up for perfect use on the golf cart.

The Sun Mountain golf bags are made with materials that tend to last longer than other bags. When you purchase a black or navy golf bag, it will still be that color at the end of the season. Cheaper golf bags will fade, and you will be left with something that looks like a cheap golf bag.

This is not the case with any of the Sun Mountain bags, but especially the premium C-130.

You will pay a bit more for a Sun Mountain golf bag, but it truly is worth the money. Sometimes paying a bit more upfront could mean that you will not replace your golf bag for the next 5-8 years.


  • More pockets than most other golf bags on the market
  • Sturdy and reliable handle on the top of the bag
  • Smart strap system and forward-facing pockets for ease of access
  • Matching rain hood comes with the bag


  • Sun Mountain golf bags are expensive

Founders Club Franklin Cart Bag

Founders Club Franklin Cart Bag
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Founders is a lesser-known golf cart bag brand; however, they bring an excellent product to the market. This is a large cart bag with a 15-way full-length diver and a putter tube. You will notice that all of your golf clubs’ compartments will be large enough to accommodate an oversized grip.

The Founders golf bag has nine total pockets and plenty of areas to store your accessories. There is a clip for your umbrella, your glove, and even your range finder. This is a lightweight bag that you will have no trouble lifting in and out of your car or golf cart.

The heathered gray fabric does a great job of hiding any potential dirt from playing on a less than perfect weather day. This bag brings some great value and versatility to the market.


  • Large expandable pockets for holding all of your golf equipment
  • 15 full-length dividers
  • Putter tube for quick putter access
  • Available in three different colors


  • Pockets are all zippered, no magnetic pockets

Callaway 2021 ORG 14 Cart Golf Bag

Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 14 Cart Bag
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The Callaway ORG 14 is a brand new release from Callaway Golf. With this bag, you will get the ultimate performance for both golf carts and pushcarts. The ORG 14 is all about organization and performance. This bag has a 14 way arched top and individual full-length dividers.

In addition, you will also get a separate putter well that allows for easy access to the club that you use most. We find that using a putter well helps to keep your putter grip in better shape for a very long time.

Perhaps the best feature of the Callaway Golf 2021 ORG 14 is the ten front-facing pockets. These pockets allow you to completely organize your bag and have access to everything you need during a round.


  • Smart strap system for access to all of your golf gear
  • Bag will not rotate on the golf cart
  • 10 front facing pockets


  • Priced a bit high

TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag

TaylorMade Supreme Cart Bag
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TaylorMade golf cart bags offer a great mix of value and functionality. This TaylorMade Supreme cart bag has 15 individual full-length club dividers and tons of pockets. One of our favorite features is the front-facing pockets that help give golfers easier access to their belongings. Sometimes when a bag is on a cart, it can be tough to access all of the gear.

Another great feature of the TaylorMade Supreme is the fade-resistant fabric. Golf bags get exposed to a lot of sun, and if you want the color to stay strong, you will need something with UV protection. The TaylorMade bag offers a perfect combination of pockets, full-length dividers, and great color choices.


  • Full-length dividers to help protect golf club shafts and grips
  • Lots of storage space and front-facing pockets
  • Available in several different colors, UV protective fabric


  • Can be a bit cumbersome to lift in and out of a vehicle

Titleist 14 Lightweight Cart Bag

Titleist Cart 14 Lightweight Golf Bag
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Golf cart bags are heavy. There is no way to get around this fact. Each bag usually weighs between 6 and 8 pounds, and then it is filled with clubs and a ton of gear. Some golfers try and fit two or three dozen golf balls into their bags.

Certainly, all of this weight adds up, and it can be tough on your back and shoulders when transporting your cart bag. Luckily this Titleist Cart 14 is a lightweight model that makes it easier to transport clubs without throwing your back out.

Although this bag is a bit smaller, it still has 14 dividers and an integrated putter well. The dividers are not full length, and that is one area where the Titleist helped save a bit of weight. However, you will get 11 pockets, certainly enough room to organize your balls, tees, golf gloves properly, and divot repair tools.

This is one of our favorite bags for use on a pushcart because of its lower weight and impressive functionality.


  • Velour, lined valuables pocket, is well protected in the bag
  • Cart strap system keeps the bag in place on the cart
  • Comfortable shoulder strap and lightweight design make this an easy cart bag to carry Cons


  • Does not have as much room as some larger cart bags

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag with 14 Way Organizer Divider Top
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If you are a golfer that is serious about organization, this golf bag was made for you. When you look at the Founders Club Premium Cart bag’s top, you can see how the molded 14-way top will keep clubs from getting damaged. If you play with graphite shafted irons, this is a great bag to consider. All of your clubs have their own place in the bag, and you will not hear any rattling with this bag in play.

Even though the Founders Club Premium features the molded top, it is still a lightweight golf bag. You will get 9 zippered pockets on the Founders club and an insulated cooler pocket. The cooler pocket has drains that help make sure you can get your bag completely dry after a round on the golf course. This is a great cart bag to consider with a variety of pockets and premium club protection technology.


  • Large ball pocket and hooks to hold accessories in place
  • Cooler pocket that can store 12-ounce cans
  • Premium club locking system for minimal damage and wear and tear to golf clubs


  • Oversized grips can be difficult with the molded top on the bag

TaylorMade Cart 8.0 Bag

TaylorMade Cart 8.0 Bag
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One of the major downsides to a golf cart bag is that it is large and heavy. Some golfers want the functionality and high quality of a golf cart bag without the size. If that describes you, then the TaylorMade Cart 8.0 Bag could be a great choice.

The top of the bag features a 14-way divider to keep your golf clubs organized and protected.

You will also have ample space to store all of your golf accessories with the seven pockets that come with the TaylorMade Cart 8.0. The front-facing pockets on the Taylor Made Car 8.0 are very well designed and easily accessible.

This is one of the more fairly priced bags on the market and is a great value for all of its functionality.


  • Thick and durable shoulder strap
  • 14 way top and seven total pockets
  • Bottom of the bag is smaller than other models and fits in the cart nicely
  • Velour, lined valuables pocket, is also water-resistant


  • Does not have a specific rangefinder pocket

EG EAGOLE 14 Way Divider Top Premium Golf Cart Bag

EG EAGOLE 14 Way Divider Top Premium Golf Cart Bag
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The EG EAGOLE 14 Way Divider Top Premium Golf Cart bag is a great choice for the golfer on a budget. Some of the best golf cart bags on the market are going to be quite expensive. The EG EAGOLE has a molded 14 way top that keeps your clubs separated. The top does not have full-length dividers, but we didn’t notice much rattle as we drove the cart around.

When it comes to pockets, we were impressed with the insulated cooler pocket. You can hold plenty of ice and drinks inside this cooler, and it fits directly in the bag. The velour-lined valuables pockets are great places to put your phone or your watch as you play. You will have a hard time finding a cart bag with this many features for a better price.


  • Smart design with all pockets a golfer needs
  • Full-length apparel pocket on both sides of the bag
  • 14 way top to help keep clubs separated
  • Insulated cooler pocket to keep yourself hydrated on the course


  • Does not have the same smart strap system as other similar golf bags

Titleist 15 Cart Bag

Titleist Cart 15
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Titleist makes some of the most premium golf equipment on the market. There is no debating the fact that the Titleist 15 Cart Bag is a premium golf cart bag.

The Titleist golf bag features 15-way full-length dividers for keeping clubs and even training gear from getting damaged. If you are a player that keeps your weighted club or ball retriever in your bag, you will have a designated spot.

One of our other favorite features of the Titleist Cart 15 is the large velcro landing patch. The velcro area on the club allows you to stick your golf glove as you travel from one hole to the next. This is a well-designed bag that thinks of the better player and all they may need to get through a round.


  • Integrate cart strap system; all pockets will still be accessible
  • 15-way full-length dividers
  • Available in a few different color options
  • Two water-resistant valuables pockets
  • Easy to grab handles on the top of the bag


  • No magnetic pocket closures

Weatherproof Golf Cart Bag by Cart Tek

Weatherproof Golf Cart Bag by Cart Tek
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Weather can have quite an impact on a golf bag. If you are not playing with something that is water-resistant and high quality, you will likely see your bag start to deteriorate even after one season. This Weatherproof Golf Cart Bag by Cart Tek comes with a quick deploy rain hood and a dark color that will not get dirty quickly.

There is a large putter well on this Cart Tek cart bag that will accommodate even jumbo size golf grips. The number of pockets will surprise you from a bag that does not appear overly large. The pockets consist of a large apparel pocket, a valuables pocket with velour lining, and a cooler pocket. Even when the bag is on the cart, all of your gear will be easily accessible.


  • Holds up well in a variety of weather conditions
  • Shoulder strap is durable and adjustable
  • Insulated cooler pocket


  • Not offered in other colors
  • Cart Tek logo is rather large across the side of the golf bag

And The Winner Is…

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag 2021

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag 2021 - AEC Info

Sun Mountain had lots of competition on this list; however, they were able to inch ahead because of their quality and value. Although you pay more for a Sun Mountain bag, they will outlast most of the clubs in your golf bag.

The C-130 golf bag is designed to anticipate what a golfer needs. All of the pockets are placed in a way that players can easily access them. Although functionality is more important than looks, it is worth mentioning that the Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag 2021 is also a great looking golf bag. We don’t always recommend choosing high-priced golf equipment; however, the Sun Mountain is worth the money in this situation.

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Cart Bag Buyers Guide

The ten best golf bags we reviewed have various accessories and features that will appeal to a wide range of players. Here are some helpful tips to help you narrow down which golf bag is the best for your game.

Is A Cart Bag Or A Stand Bag Better?

Golf cart bags are great for riding the course or walking with a pushcart. When you use a cart bag, you will get lots of storage space and protection for your golf clubs. As a trade-off, you will have to carry a much heavier golf bag, and you will likely spend more money upfront.

Stand bags are a great product if you are looking to walk the golf course. Stand bags tend to be quite lightweight, and they normally have a backpack type strap to help you carry your clubs around the course.

It’s hard to say that a cart or stand bag is better as they both offer ample benefits. The cart bag certainly offers the most storage and protection for the clubs. This is something that should be considered. If you really want to walk with a cart bag, simply take a pushcart.

What Are The Benefits Of Magnetic Pockets in A Golf Bag?

Many new golf bags are being made with pockets that have magnetic closures. As we mentioned a few times, choosing a golf bag that will hold up in all weather conditions is quite important. Some zippers on golf bags tend to rust over time, and a golf bag with magnets does not experience the same rusting.

Do Golf Club Dividers Need To Be Full Length?

Some of the golf bags on our list have full-length dividers, and others just have the fourteen-way divider at the top. For golfers that have graphite golf clubs, full-length dividers are important. These will help to keep your graphite shafts and grips from getting worn down.

Full-length dividers can add weight to a bag, and they can also rip after some time. Pay attention to the material that the dividers are made of and decide if this is something that you really want. If you play with mostly steel-shafted clubs, you may not need the dividers.

It is essential for golfers with oversized or supersized grips to make sure that their golf bag will accommodate grips of your size. Keeping some separation between your golf clubs is important as it will decrease the chance of damage.

Hopefully, you now feel ready to purchase your new golf cart bag. You can’t go wrong with these options on our list. Choose something with the styling and the features you need to stay organized and prepared on the golf course.

Thanks for taking the time to read this review from on AEC Info. Please check back soon for our latest updates and product reviews.

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