As a novice golfer, you probably have a love / hate relationship with your driver. You love hitting it, but you hate the result of your swing on nearly every shot. We want to help you love your driver more by hitting it straighter, help you hit more fairways, and help you enjoy this great game every time you play.

The Driver is the longest club in the bag, has the lowest loft, and it takes some skill to get the ball airborne and flying straight. When you start hitting your driver more consistently, you will hit it further than any other club in your bag.

As a beginner golfer, you have to find an easy to hit driver with modifications for newbies to help you be more consistent. We’ve created a list of the best drivers for beginners, along with specific things you should pay attention to when buying that new driver. We want to help enjoy playing this great game, and we also want to help you get better as fast as possible. Here is our list of the best Golf drivers for beginners, and a few clubs that will help you hit it longer and straighter this weekend. Grip it and Rip it!!!

Golf Drivers for Beginners

Callaway XR Driver

Callaway XR Driver
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It is a very forgiving titanium driver with a large sweet spot that promotes a draw, speed, and distance.

  • Speed Step Crown: it increases the speed through the swing thanks to the double ridge embossed on the inside the club head giving it aerodynamic shape to reduce the airflow.
  • RMOTO Face Technology: More speed across the face since it is thinner and more flexible, so it bounces at impact for extra energy transfer and more velocity.
  • OptiFit Loft Adjustability: Loft adjustability allows you to customize your driver to fit your loft and lie configurations. A custom loft setting means adjusting the perfect launch conditions for maximum distance.
  • Internal Standing Wave: The metal ridge positioned inside the sole moves the weight to the front of the clubhead, towards the heel, and lowers the CG to deliver faster ball speed and higher MOI.
  • Project X LZ Shaft: This shaft is designed mainly for this driver, and it delivers optimal shaft load for maximum energy transfer at impact.
  • Performance: With a large sweet spot located more towards the heel, it can help you tackle slices, improve your launch angle, and maximize distance.

Ping G400

Ping G400
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When looking for the most forgiving and technologically superior driver, Ping has got you covered with the Ping G400 Driver.

  • Dragonfly Technology: It is responsible for the ultra-thin crown that repositions weight deep and low for much more MOI (forgiveness) and accuracy. I
  • Faster Forged Face: Ping G400 boasts incredible speed thanks to the forged T95+ face that flexes at impact with tour-like sound and feel. It has a large sweet spot that improves the accuracy of the off-center hits.
  • Tungsten Back Weight: Positioned back and low, it creates the deepest CG that makes it one of the most forgiving drivers for beginners. You can also fine-tune the launch conditions by +/- 1 degree.
  • Aerodynamic Shape: Thanks to the bolder turbulators combined with Vortec Technology, the drag gets reduced by 15% overall and 40% mid-downswing to increase velocity, distance, and stability.
  • Alta CB Premium Shaft: The counter-balance design adds more mass to the head to increase energy transfer.
  • Performance: The Ping G400 is a highly forgiving driver that allows the beginner golfer to launch the golf ball high and far. It has a large sweet spot, and it delivers a solid feel and sound.

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver
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It is one of the best drivers for beginners who are on a budget.

  • Anti Slice Technology: One of the most common problems of beginner golfers is their tendency to slice the ball at impact. This is why the driver features an Anti slice Technology that helps you produce straighter and more accurate ball flights.
  • Offset Design: The offset design helps you square the ball at impact for faster and straighter trajectories.
  • Large Sweet Spot: The oversized, 10.5-degree, titanium club head has a large sweet spot to achieve speed and distance even when you hit the Ball off-center.
  • Graphite lightweight shaft with regular flex.

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Draw Type Driver

Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo Draw Type Driver
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One of the most praised drivers for beginners and high handicappers, Cleveland Launcher Turbo Draw Type, can help you achieve more speed and distance.

  • Turbocharged Cup Face: The variable face thickness increases the COR and therefore increases the sweet spot for faster ball speeds on off-center shots.
  • HiBore Crown: It adds the aerodynamic feature of the driver. It is much lighter, and it lowers the CG, which helps golfers achieve more successful launches with more consistency.
  • Ultralight Hosel and Deep Weighting: The fact that the hosel is fixed allows for more weight to be redistributed deep and low, making the driver extremely forgiving. It works together with the mass savings that deliver the maximum MOI effect.
  • Counter Balanced Shaft Design: Made particularly for Launcher HB Turbo, the Miyazaki C.Kua graphite shaft comes with the CG relocated toward the grip, adding more head mass for more speed and forgiveness.
  • Performance: In addition to the regular driver, this draw-type driver offers not only stability, forgiveness, and consistency, but it also helps golfers get rid of the slice, as well.

TaylorMade RBZ Driver

TaylorMade RBZ Driver
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Among the best beginners’ drivers, the TaylorMade RBZ driver has always been on the top as it offers a blend of performance and value for the money.

  • Clubhead Design: The large, 460cc titanium head with Ultralite titanium core strategically places mass deep and low for optimal launch conditions and control.
  • Adjustable loft sleeve: Once you start getting better, you’d realize that custom fitting the launch angle and the lie helps you get the ball higher and straighter, and this is an available feature for the RBZ driver.
  • Speed Pocket: This patented feature located behind the driver’s face adds more face flex for extra speed and stability.
  • Shaft: It comes with Matrix White Tie 55 graphite shaft that is lightweight and helps beginners achieve maximum distance.
  • Performance: Beginners with slower swing speed who hook or slice the ball, can significantly benefit from the RBZ driver as it promotes faster and straighter ball flights with low spin.

Callaway X Hot Driver

Callaway X Hot Driver
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The Callaway X Hot driver offers lightweight construction, hot face for more speed, and an adjustable hosel for optimal launch setting.

  • Clubhead Design: The cast titanium head with thin walls is lightweight, while the face features a larger sweet spot for more forgiving shots.
  • OptiFit Hosel: By moving the loft for +2.5/-1.5 degrees, golfers can choose from closed, open, and neutral address positions. Beginners will mostly benefit from the draw-biased setting that will help them reduce the slice.
  • VFT Face: The chemically milled process makes the driver’s face hotter, forgiving, and faster, even on miss-hits.
  • Shaft: Project X graphite shaft with a variety of flex options.
  • Performance: The X Hot driver is an excellent driver for beginners as its hot, fast face with the large sweet spot, and the low CG help golfers hit straight and with low spin.

TaylorMade M2 Driver

TaylorMade M2 Driver
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Technologically advanced, with multiple patented technologies, the M2 driver offers forgiveness, stability, and distance.

  • Clubhead Design: The oversized clubhead features a 6-layered carbon crown, larger face, and titanium body for more strength at impact and lightweight design.
  • Geocustic Advanced Sole: The sole has a recessed toe panel that allows for more face expansion, forgiveness, and outstanding sound and feel.
  • Fixed Back Weight: Positioned low and back, the weight pushes the CG low, which means much more forgiveness and speed.
  • Speed Pocket: Located on the back of the face, the speed pocket increases the face flex, which works in conjunction with the crown to create more energy transfer and distance.
  • Aluminum Loft Sleeve: The 12-position adjustable loft sleeve offers 4 degrees of adjustability to custom-fit the loft, lie, and the face angle.
    Performance: The M2 driver is a meticulously crafted driver that offers optimal playability, forgiveness, and ball speed.

The Best Driver for Beginners Is…

Ping G400

Ping G400

The task of choosing the best driver for beginners was baffling since several manufacturers offer drivers of an incredible blend of technologically advanced features, premium choice of materials, and incredible forgiveness to meet the needs of the beginner golfer.

Yet, the best high handicap driver among the best drivers selected on the list is the Ping G400. The driver boasts exceptional playability, especially for golfers with slow swing speed, as it enables them to achieve more ball speeds and distance. This is made possible thanks to the aerodynamic design that comes from the streamlined shaping with bolder turbulators and Vortec Technology that reduce drag and increase the energy transfer.

The thinner, but more robust face makes it a great driver for beginners, particularly the SF Tec option that offers a higher loft and deeper CG for optimal launch and distance. Even the price, compared to the competition of similar ranking, is lower and more affordable. It is among the best golf drivers a beginner golfer can invest in.

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What’s the best driver for beginners?

The driver is not an easy golf club to hit, but it is the club you are expected to achieve great distance and speed. The golf market offers plenty of driver-for-beginner varieties, but, you need to know what to look for. Although some manufacturers offer some top-notch elements like adjustable hosel and even adjustable weights, the following features should be your priority.

Weight of the Driver

The lighter the driver, the easier to hit. The choice of the materials matters here, so those made from titanium clubheads and graphite shafts are among the best golf drivers. Beginners with slow swing speed can benefit largely from lightweight drivers.

Forgiveness of the Driver

The best driver for high handicapper has a large sweet spot, high MOI, and low center of gravity. This combination makes the drivers very forgiving on mis-hits, and we are all aware that a beginner golfer is not likely to hit dead center.

Loft of the Driver

To better square the ball at impact and achieve faster ball speeds with low spin and reduced slices, beginners should opt for higher-lofted drivers. Usually, a 12-degree driver is a norm, but even a higher loft is not going to obstruct the golfer from achieving a penetrating ball trajectory and more distance.

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