As a golfer, being able to comfortably grip my club is fundamental to the game. The best golf grips hold steady in your hands without slipping and feel good to hold with soft-touch yet durable materials.

Golf grips are often overlooked by amateur golfers, with people choosing whichever have the nicest patterns or are attached to the right brand-name golf club. I’ve taken the time to carefully review several golf grips to determine which ones I think are among the best grips for golf currently available to buy online.

The Best Golf Grips

Golf Pride 13 Align Tour Velvet Standard Golf Club Grips

Golf Pride 13 Align Tour Velvet Standard Golf Club Grips - AEC Info

The Golf Pride Align is a very nice all-round grip, especially for those in damp or humid conditions. From their first performance, I can see this set of 13 Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip pieces will last me some time, which is perfect.

Effective as they are, the design of the Golf Pride grips is a bit pedestrian. Golf Pride manufacturers definitely favored function over fashion with these golf grips. If that doesn’t bother you, though, these Golf Pride grips are a great choice.


  • Soft-touch materials are very comfortable to grip
  • Feels durable and of a high order in quality
  • Easy to install onto your clubs, even for new golfers


  • Grip design is rather dull; not for the golfer who likes a stylish flair in their clubs.

Winn New 2018 Dri-Tac X Standard Grip

Winn New 2018 Dri-Tac X Standard Grip

The bold design of the Winn DriTac golf grip strikes you immediately. It’s certainly unique and makes you stand out among the many standard plain golf grips you’ll see out on the course. I got a lot of great feedback from fellow golfers who all asked me where they could get a set of these golf grips.

From the Winn Dritac series of grips for golf, this one is among my favorites.

The Winn Dritac golfers grip are not just attractive, but very nice and comfortable to hold, with soft material, excellent performance in humid weather, and not even a little slippage even during an extended round on a hot day.


  • Fantastic grip design, they absolutely look the part
  • Superb grip traction, not a nanometer of slippage
  • Even standard size fits my large glove hand well
  • Soft-feel materials are nice to touch, but feel firm when gripped to play


  • I wonder about the durability of the grips. It’s the only thing that appears a little off

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New decade MultiCompound Golf Grip

The first thing I have to say about these Golf Pride New Decade grips is that I love the larger lower hand part. It’s subtle, and you don’t notice it until you grip it, but the difference is palpable. I found myself able to loosen my grip a little without losing any responsiveness.

I found these Golf Pride grips were a great-value choice, as well, but personally, I didn’t like the all-grey look. When you’re after precision with a more relaxing feel, then Golf Pride MCC is the grip for you.


  • The soft material is extremely comfortable to grip
  • Enlarged lower section of the grip means less tension when holding
  • An excellent value compared to competitors
  • They have a larger lower hand for a more comfortable grip


  • The pattern design is pleasing, but the color of the grips are really dull

Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips

Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grips

These golf grips certainly look the part, with multiple color choices, attractive multi-fabric hybrid design, and a nice package of peripherals like tape and spray, etc. They were easy to put on, though I don’t recommend bothering with the extras like the tape, as it didn’t appear to add much value to the grip.

The two kinds of micro-texture fabric were nice to the touch, and I felt in control for most of my game, but the grip did start to feel a bit slick near the end of my round.


  • Best-looking grips of the bunch I reviewed
  • Well packaged and presented
  • Materials feel nice and appear durable
  • Good shock absorption


  • Some slickness in humid environments, especially when playing 18 holes.
  • Logo started to wear off the grip fairly quickly

SAPLIZE Golf Grips Standard/Midsize

SAPLIZE Golf Grips Standard/Midsize

I’ve re-gripped my clubs many times, but I found these the easiest to attach. While I feel the grips are made for more experienced golfers, those re-gripping for the first time will have no trouble with these.

Furthermore, these grips are attractive and well-made. The standard size was perfect for me, though I usually might favor a midsize. The tape they supply works effectively.


  • Very easy to install and use, even for beginners
  • Highly durable and effective for experienced golfers; really allows you maximum power without exerting too much pressure
  • Durable materials with different color choices for personalization
  • Helps you feel confident and secure during a competition


  • Would prefer a larger lower section, but material quality helps to compensate

Karma Velour Midsize

Karma Velour Midsize Black/White

The Karma grip for golf kit is the best purchase for anyone new to the game and not wanting to spend too much on a comprehensive set. The grips comes with all the things you need, as well as some striking color choices.

The grips come with easy-to-follow instructions, which I believe that even a first-timer could follow without issue. The main limitation here is slippage. The grips are suited, in my view, to temperate zones, perfect for spring/fall play. When it’s hot or damp out, this grip doesn’t hold up so well.


  • Fantastic value for a full kit of grips
  • Good-quality materials, feel sturdy and comfortable
  • Wide range of color choice
  • Good shock absorption
  • Grips are easy to install thanks to clear and easy-to-follow instructions


  • Won’t hold their grip so well in hot or humid conditions. Golfers in Florida, beware!

And The Winner Is…

Karma Velour Golf Grip

Karma Velour Midsize Black/White

Golf grips, Best

Winn New 2018 DriTac X Standard Grip

Best on a Budget

  • Fantastic value for a full kit
  • Good-quality materials, feel sturdy and comfortable
  • Wide range of color choice
  • Easy to install thanks to clear and easy-to-follow instructions

Our Choice

  • Best design, they absolutely look the part
  • Superb grip traction, not a nanometer of slippage
  • Even standard size fits my large glove hand well
  • Soft-feel materials are nice to touch, but feel firm when gripped to play

I’ve made two choices for my “winners” section, with the overall winner title for the best golf grips going to:

Winn New 2018 Dri-Tac X Standard Grip

The Winn Dri-Tac grips are considered the best of the best golf grips because when you combine the attractive appearance, decent value, ease of installation, and quality of grip and non-slip surface, these are the top golf grips. When it comes to grip, comfort and slippage have to rank highest on any golfer’s priority list. The Winn golf grip was extraordinary in my hands, not only well-fitting but responding so accurately to even the lightest touch.

I do like the way these grips look, too, and while I can’t be sure it’s the most durable, it exhibits all its other positive qualities in spades. I’ve already reordered this grip, and I couldn’t recommend it enough, whether you’re a pro or a beginner.

I’ve added one more award category, this time for “Best on a budget,” grips which I award to:

Karma Velour Midsize Black/White

The only drawback of this grip is that it’s not ideal for very humid conditions, but everywhere else, it’s a top pick. Golf is not a cheap game, and in my experience, when you find high-quality items with a very pleasing price tag, it’s like finding gold. If you’re trying to golf and save, then Karma grips are the way to go.

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Are Karma Golf Grips Any Good?

Golf is an expensive hobby, and so when low-priced key items come onto the market, many of us are tempted to buy them. Sometimes, it works out, and we save money. Other times, we find that it was worth spending more to guarantee higher quality.

Karma golf grips certainly fall into the “Great Value” as well “best golf grips” bracket, but being the best for me, doesn’t mean they will fit all golf players. To find out if Karma golf grips are the right choice for you, think about the following two things:

1. How often do you golf?

If you play very often, multiple times per week, then you may want to shell out a bit more money and get a more durable brand. Karma grips look the part and do the job, but they’re not built for what I call heavy-duty golfing. I often keep them as backups grips.

2. What’s your local climate?

If you live in an area with distinct seasons and no extremes of temperature or humidity, then these are perfect for you! You’ll just waste your money buying ones that promise better performance in high humidity because they are designed for more extreme weather. Karma serves the mild-weather community very well.

In summary, the Karma grips are a great value, and the overall quality is certainly better than the low price suggests. However, if you’re a serious golfer and play more often, you need one that will grip properly in all climates.

What is the Most Popular Golf Grip on Tour?

The most popular golf grip on tour is, by far, is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet® series. More than 80 percent of tour players make it their grip of choice. Tour velvet is so popular because it combines a rubber blend with non-slip surface for ultimate comfort and playability.

Most golf pride tour velvet players like the enlarged lower grip, which dramatically enhances the club’s power-to-performance ratio, which actually inspired the design for the pride tour velvet golf club . Ideally, you want a club that, when gripped, needs little force exerted but can still form a powerful swing.

The Tour Velvet’s innovative grip makes that easier for golfers to achieve than when using many other brands/styles.

What grip do Pro Golfers Use?

When it comes to the pros, branding can be somewhat misleading since the top players often sign exclusive deals with individual brands to use their clubs. As we know, this extends to clothing, bags, and other accessories, too.

Golf Pride is well represented in the professional circuit, as mentioned above, with some 80 percent of tour players using the Golf Pride brand for their competitions, but there’s a bit more to it.

The size and comfort level of the grip are also key factors. For example, pros tend to like the “hybrid” style made with a mixture of rubber and cord, since it offers the best all-round performance in all climate types.

Another consideration is the size. When you have more rigid wrists, like Bryson DeChambeau, you need bigger grips to compensate, like the JumboMax grip. Less flexibility in the wrist means less variation in your swing types, so larger grips help with that.

Are Bigger Golf Grips Better?

As we mention above, bigger golf grips are better for specific golfers.

1 – For players with arthritis or other hand/wrist problems

It used to be held by many that larger grips were exclusively for those who had arthritis or other hand or wrist issues. The large grip requires less movement in the wrist, thus alleviating the pain.

2 – Golfers with rigid wrists as their “default” setting

Golfers like Bryson DeChambeau, who don’t turn their wrists as they swing, benefit hugely from the enlarged grip like the JumboMax. DeChambeau also famously introduced the larger grip to fellow PGA tourer Kelly Kraft, whose standings greatly improved once he made the switch.

The lesson here is that bigger does not automatically equal better. Don’t think of the size of the grips as any indicator of quality. If you fit into either category described above, then switching to JumboMax or JumboMax Junior might be the right move for you.

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