Diabetic nerve pain is the last thing you want to experience while you’re enjoying yourself out on the links. Before you give up on playing on a beautiful day, check out this list of solutions.

We’ve selected these based on their actual ability to help someone with diabetic neuropathy. Consider the possibility of being able to play an entire nine or eighteen holes without experiencing numbness and pain. At the very least, you’ll be a lot more comfortable throughout your game.

Golf shoes for diabetics


image of ecco cage pro boa - AEC Info
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ECOO worked with their partner BOA to produce a perfect fit. Using stainless steel laces and a turn dial, you’re able to tighten and loosen them with precision.

These stylish golf shoes are designed with breathability, durability, comfort, and traction in mind. They have three proprietary grip systems that are designed to keep you comfortable on any course. In addition, GORE-TEX SURROUND provides breathability along the sides, while keeping them water-resistant.


  • BOA closure system.
  • Durable and structured thermoplastic polyurethane, leather top.
  • Removable insole for width adjustment.
  • Three grip zones and proprietary Dynamic Traction System.
  • 360-degree breathability.


  • Only available in four sizes.
  • Tight heel.

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Pro V.4 Golf Shoes

image of skechers go golf pro 4 honors golf shoes charcoal - AEC Info
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One critical factor about these golf shoes for diabetics is that the sizes range from nine to fourteen. They have a rubber sole, and you can replace the rubber spikes to fit your intended purpose. They’re very lightweight and even have a locking heel and traction plate to keep your shots solid and consistent. The more expensive option features leather, although both options are waterproof.


  • Six style options, including leather and textile.
  • 24 size options.
  • Replaceable spikes.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Waterproof.


  • Less durable than other options

Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoe

image of adidas men's tech response golf shoes - AEC Info
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These golf shoes are made by a reputable brand that’s capable of providing the ultimate size selection. They are a little narrow inside, although removing the insole helps with that.

They fit so that your feet are low to the ground, giving you more balance to take advantage of their six-spike Thintech outsoles. It’s a great option for the price, made with 25% microfiber leather.


  • 30 size options.
  • 4 accent styles, including black, white, metallic and royal blue.
  • Thintech Adidas spikes, removable.
  • Low profile and lightweight.


  • Narrow heel, but removable insole.

New Balance Men’s Nbg2004 Waterproof Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

image of new balance men's nbg2004 waterproof spiked comfort golf shoe - AEC Info
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The saving grace for these shoes is the sheer amount of size options. It’s a shoe designed that’s been selling since 2004, so they’ve seen some success from golfers.

They come with a two-year warranty on the waterproof upper portion, although the microfiber leather itself isn’t very durable. They come with removable cleats and have a 10-millimeter profile, so they’re low to the ground and light.


  • Upper portion made entirely of microfiber leather.
  • Two-year waterproof warranty.
  • 38 size options.


  • Less durable.
  • Not as effective for preventing nerve or diabetic pain.

Adidas Tour360 Boost

image of adidas tour360 boost - AEC Info
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This set of golf shoes for diabetics is noticeably a step up from the previous Adidas option on our list. They’re made with authentic, durable leather on top and quality cleating. They feature CenTraXion technology and Thintech EXP spikes for excellent grip and durability. Being narrower than other types of golf shoes, they fit right in this list with a ton of size options.


  • 30 size options.
  • 8 style options.
  • Genuine leather upper portion.
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane outsoles with 10 cleats.


  • Medium to high-range price.

ECCO Biom Hybrid 2

image of ecco biom hybrid 2 - AEC Info
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Getting into the premium models of golf shoes for diabetics, this pair goes above and beyond in terms of quality. They’re much higher priced, which is reflected in the leather upper portion that’s both durable and water-resistant. They feature the BOA system that allows you to loosen and tighten your shoes on command with absolute control. They also have an impressive suite of grip and stability features.


  • 10 style options.
  • Genuine leather upper portion with HYDROMAX treatment.
  • BOA closure system with stainless steel laces.
  • Dynamic Traction System with SPYDR-FRIP and TRI-FI-GRIP technology.


  • High price range.
  • Only 11 size options.

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid Hydromax Golf Shoe

image of ecco men’s biom hybrid hydromax golf shoe - AEC Info
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As we’re moving up the price range, we notice a difference in the types of materials used. These golf shoes are fitted with durable, water-resistant yak leather on top and a lightweight hybrid outsole. If nothing else, they’re worth it for the durability alone. Just as impressively, though, they’re designed for ultimate traction and grip on the green.


  • Six style options.
  • Leather upper portion with Hydromax treatment.
  • 800 traction angles.
  • Anatomically shaped for relieving pain and numbness.


  • High price range
  • Only 11 size options

the best golf  shoes for diabetics are …

Skechers Men's Go Golf Pro V.4 Golf Shoes

image of skechers go golf pro 4 honors golf shoes charcoal - AEC Info

Our top choice of golf shoes for diabetics is the Skechers Men’s Go Golf Pro V.4 Golf Shoes. They meet all of our requirements for relieving nerve pain and discomfort while also being very affordable. They don’t have as many style options as the Adidas Tour360 Boosts, but they have 24 size options and removable cleats.

One of the chief complaints about this type of golf shoes is a tight heel. These golf shoes are designed to accommodate diabetics while being waterproof and durable. This is an important point, as some more expensive options like the ECCO Men’s Bioms are only water-resistant.

Overall these shoes are great out of the box and required no “break-in” period to wear them. They are waterproof as advertised, and may be one of the most comfortable golf shoe I have worn in a long time. If they didn’t have spikes in the bottom, I would likely wear them when I go to work, on a walk, or shopping. A Great Golf Shoe!!!

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Why do diabetics need a special golf shoe?

Nerves in your feet and hands can be damaged by high blood sugar. As this happens, it’s easier to cut off circulation and irritate those nerves, which ends up causing discomfort, numbness, and pain. In some cases, this is experienced as a tingling sensation.

A golf shoe for people with diabetes will take this into account, and help prevent this from happening. As you can imagine, it can be uncomfortable and disturbing to have your entire foot go numb or experience sharp pain as you play. By providing a better fit and lighter construction, you’re able to alleviate many of these issues, at least while you’re on the golf course.

In this sense, it’s more of a necessity than just a comfort item. You can protect the nerves in your feet from further damage and have a more enjoyable time playing golf. That’s why it’s so important to find a pair that’s durable and comfortable enough while providing strength and stability to make each shot reliably.

What makes a pair of golf shoes better for diabetics?

Generally speaking, the weight and shape of the shoe are very important. The less effort you have to put into moving your feet, the less you’re The circulation of your feet, in terms of how well the shoe fits, will play a vital role in your comfort and performance on the links.

You’re also dealing with pressure from the bottom of your feet upward. The type of soles you use, as well as the cleating provided by the shoe, will make a big difference in the amount of ease with which you can walk and make a golf shot.

Having better traction with less weight is key, so we also factor in the type of material on the bottom of the shoe, including the spikes. Having removable cleats is definitely a bonus if they’re uncomfortable for you while you’re walking. It’s also important that the pattern, design, and material used on the lower portion of the shoe is capable of keeping you stable.

Are some golf shoes damaging or uncomfortable for diabetics?

What’s happening with diabetic nerve pain, when you play golf it is irritating a pre-existing condition. It’s a lot less noticeable for most non-diabetics because they don’t have high blood sugar damaging the nerves in their feet.

However, putting additional strain on those damaged nerves is definitely a hazard. Rather than putting your golf clubs away because the pain or numbness is too much to manage, you can use an appropriate pair of golf shoes for diabetics.

You don’t have to avoid making those long drives or dread walking along the grassy course. This is, in many cases, caused by shoes that are too heavy or don’t have enough traction and grip. While lighter weight often means different materials and designs, you also shouldn’t have to sacrifice on price or durability either.

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