Walking a golf course is an excellent form of exercise. You can enjoy your favorite game, socialize with friends and burn calories at the same time. One of the other great benefits of walking the golf course is that you often play better golf.

Players who walk will focus more on their shots and take time to line up and plan their shots.

The most important thing about playing a round of golf and walking the course is ensuring that you have the proper golf shoe. Your feet must be kept dry and comfortable as you could end up putting in more than four or file miles in your shoes.

If you are curious about which shoes are best to take you from the first tee to the eighteenth green, we have all the answers you will need.

Best golf shoes for walking

Adidas Men’s S2g Golf Shoe

image of adidas golf shoes s2g sl boa spikeless men's sz - AEC Info
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As you have seen from our list of the best golf shoes for walking, Adidas is undoubtedly a brand to consider when walking the golf course. The Men’s S2G SL BOA is a premium shoe with a very sporty design. The synthetic sole and textile upper also make the S2G a golf shoe that should stay in great condition for years to come.

What I absolutely love about the S2G BOA is the comfort from the moment I put these shoes on my feet. There was no breaking in period, and they felt like pillows on my feet when I tightened the BOA lace.

image of adidas golf shoes s2g sl boa spikeless men's sz - AEC Info

A problem that I have had with all golf shoes over the years is the inside of the heal wears out over time on nearly every shoe I own.  I originally purchase a red and white pair in March of 2022, and have played at least 40 rounds in them so far this year.  There are NO SIGNS of wear and tear on the inner heal.  

The Adidas Men’s S2G Golf Shoe has a flexible midsole section that feels like a cushion as you step on it. If you want a mix of comfort and performance, while at the same time looking trendy and stylish, this is a perfect shoe to consider.

Skechers GO GOLF Men’s Max Golf Shoe

Skechers GO GOLF Men's Max Golf Shoe
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For golfers on a budget, the Skechers shoes can be a great fit. These are a mix between sneaker-looking golf shoes and traditional golf shoes. Skechers has not been making golf shoes for all that long, but the releases to the market are quite impressive.

The Go Golf GOGA Max insole ensures that you have a cushion-like feel under your foot each time you take a step. In addition, these are water-resistant golf shoes, so you should not end up with soggy socks. Even during a morning round with lots of dew, we found our foot stayed relatively dry with this shoe on.

Overall the Go Golf is a lightweight golf shoe that allows for less fatigue as you make your way around the golf course. The spikeless design also helps to ensure a more consistent step even on uphill and downhill lies.

Be sure to check out the other Men’s Skechers golf shoes we reviewed recently. 

FootJoy Men’s Superlites XP Golf Shoes

image of footjoy men's superlites xp golf shoes - AEC Info
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Even with all of the other impressive shoe companies coming into the golf market, Footjoy still stands out as the best shoe in the game. The FootJoy shoes are made to last, and they give golfers precisely the performance that they need. The FootJoy Men’s Superlites are built to help give you more traction while increasing comfort.

The FootJoy is a waterproof golf shoe that comes with a one-year waterproof warranty. The synthetic sole and spineless design make the shoe a comfortable overall choice for walking. Although the FootJoy golf shoe is a more modern style, it still looks like a golf shoe and not a sneaker.

FootJoy Flex Golf Shoes

image of footjoy men's fj flex golf shoes - AEC Info
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FootJoy is the leading golf shoe manufacturer. When you see the great options they have for all golf course conditions, it becomes pretty clear what sets FootJoy apart. The FootJoy Flex golf shoe is a very lightweight, breathable shoe. When walking the course, having something that feels light on your foot is essential.

In addition, the shoe is made of performance mesh material that will be breathable. This means that if you are playing a summer round, you won’t need to worry about your foot getting too warm. For golfers that need extra support, there is plenty of underfoot cushioning and stability in the FJ Flex.

The Flex is a spikeless golf shoe with a traction pattern perfect for the player who likes to walk the course. You can play with comfort but also get the versatility you need from a shoe. Overall you can’t go wrong with the FJ brand when you need a great shoe for walking.

FootJoy’s can get a little pricey, so be sure to pick up a golf shoe bag to keep them clean and protected. 

PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe

image of puma men's grip fusion sport golf shoe - AEC Info
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When looking for great shoes for walking, sometimes it makes sense to first look at the sports performance companies. The PUMA company is known for creating comfortable yet high quality products for a variety of sports. The PUMA Men’s Grip Fusion Sport Golf Shoe is an excellent choice for walking the course.

The entire PUMA Grip Fusion Sport Shoe is built on a new Grip Comfort base. The idea is that there is more room and increased support for the foot. In addition, each step you take will feel as though it is cushioned. Although comfort may not be a concern on the front nine, by the time you make it to the back nine, you will need a shoe that is comfortable.

The PUMA Grip Fusion is a spikeless shoe that can be worn on and off the course. Having a few different colors to choose from will make this one of the best choices you have for a golf walking shoe.

Under Armour Men’s Spieth 3 Golf Shoes

image of under armour men's spieth 3 golf shoe - AEC Info
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Many of the golf shoes that are good for walking are mesh, sneaker type shoes. These tend to be a great fit because of how lightweight and comfortable they are. However, for players that are looking for a bit more stability in their game, the Under Armour Men’s Spieth 3 is a great choice.

This shoe is breathable and lightweight, yet it provides a tremendous amount of support and durability. As soon as you put the Spieth 3 on, you will notice that the feel and support is a bit different than other golf shoes. The soft spike technology is excellent for players that need that extra grip and traction when they swing through the ball.

In addition, we love the integrated lacing system that allows you to get a very secure fit on your foot. With how much support you need to walk more than five miles on the course, having a good fit is essential. The Under Armour Men’s Spieth is a shoe that will feel like it is custom-built for your game.

Adidas Golf Adipower 4orged S Men’s Shoes

 Our Top Pick 

image of adidas men's adipower 4orged s golf shoe - AEC Info
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The Adidas Men’s Adipower 4orged S Golf Shoes allows you to work the ball in all elements: The shoe features 100% water-resistant Adidas “Climastorm” technology, which enables golfers to casually walk-in wet conditions with great traction. The construction material is a mix of lightweight synthetic and textile on the upper layer, boosting comfort and maximizing breathability.

The Adidas Adipower 4orged’s midsole is “boosted” and wrapped in flexible cushioning, making the shoe responsive to every swing. The lower layers are built of forged microfiber leather, maximizing water resistance. The outsole is spikeless, featuring Adidas “Adiwear” traction. The S golf shoe comes in standard grey and raw amber colors and comes in all sizes.

When you combine the look and style of these Adidas spikes, the excellent traction, the way they improve the feel of your foot, and the number of excellent reviews, it is easy to see why these are our top choice and most comfortable shoe. These golfing shoes feel fantastic on your feet, and we are always impressed with the Adidas Golf Spikes.

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Torque Twist Shoes

Comfort And Waterproof

image of skechers men's torque waterproof golf shoe - AEC Info
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The Skechers Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe is a lightweight, waterproof high-powered shoe that was designed for comfort. The company promises golfers will be able to walk another nine holes after they do 18 due to the “goga max” insole that enhances the high-rebound cushioning and provides maximum comfort for walking.

The Skecher’s shoe features a molded rubber grip on the inside bottom plate and (replicable) soft spikes on the exterior that give golfers high traction for maneuvering the course. The shoe features Skecher’s new “H2GO” shield for 100% waterproof shielding and zero water leaking on the insoles. Skechers utilizes “Resalyte” technology in the foot for additional cushioning along with a comfortable leather upper, and “Ultra Flight” on the midsoles to keep them lightweight and yet dense. These waterproof golf shoes come with a one year guarantee for waterproof protection. Click here to check the price of these shoes.

New Balance Men’s NBG2004 Waterproof Spiked

Most Waterproof

image of new balance men's nbg2004 waterproof spiked comfort golf shoe - AEC Info
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The New Balance Men’s NBG2004 feature New Balance’s new lightweight “REVlite” midsole system, designed for comfort, durability, and golf-specific technology. The NBG2004 shoe boosts traction on the course while enhancing stability and improving your game in harsh conditions.

New Balance’s low-profile champ slim-lock system “locks” the shoe in place and provides you maximum balance during contact with the ground. This secures the sole on rough terrain.

The shoe also features NB’s “REVlite” midsole system, which the company designed for marathon runners to provide lightweight cushioning. The NBG2004 are designed to enable comfortable walking on the course and improve your concentration on the swing by keeping your feet stationary.  These shoes kept our feet dry during some pretty miserable weather.  

Want to see other shoes to keep you dry?  See our favorite Waterproof golf shoes here. 

adidas Men’s Tech Response 2.0 Golf Shoes

Money Saver

image of adidas men's tech response golf shoes - AEC Info
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The Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes are lightweight, durable, and highly comfortable shoes. The shoes aim to enhance comfort and maximize performance on the golf course. The “Tech Response” features 75% microfiber leather and 25% Mesh EVA soles, including performance-oriented technology by Adidas such as “Adituff,” “Thintech,” and “Adiwear Lightweight mesh.”

The synthetic upper sole increases breathability, and the “Soft Eva” insole design makes them extremely comfortable for long walks. The shoe has a 6-spike configuration with low-profile “Thintech,” which improves traction and stability during swings. The Adidas Men’s “Tech Response” comes with a 91-day Adidas guarantee.

The Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf shoes were also rated and reviewed as our Golf shoe, Most comfortable on the links. Click here to check the price of these shoes.

Puma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoes

Best Design

image of puma men's ignite pwrsport golf shoe - AEC Info
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The Puma Men’s Ignite Pwrsport Golf Shoe is made from high-powered synthetic upper and silhouette low-profile materials. The Pwrsport Golf Shoe features Puma’s trademark “PWRCAGE TPU” saddle, which provided additional support while preserving a lightweight frame for the shoe. The new Puma “PWRFRAME” reinforcement adds stability in high-stress areas such as when you’re going downhill in wet conditions.

On the outer end, the shoe features IGNITE foam, which maximizes the energy return and increases comfort on swings. The shoe is lined with textile lining and padded insoles, which maximize comfort during extended wear. Moreover, the shoe features TPU heel support and Duoflex for natural movement. The Puma Ignite Pwrsport comes with a one-year waterproof guarantee. Click here to check the price of these shoes.

Ecco Men’s Biom G3 Golf Shoes

High End

image of ecco men's biom g3 gore-tex golf shoe - AEC Info
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The ECCO Men’s Biom G3 Gore-tex is designed for high stability and comfort. The ECCO shoe was specially designed for golfers irrespective of handicap, and the company aims to “make everyone feel like a pro.” The uppers of the shoe feature an “extra-light” construction, and the anatomically shaped last is optimized for maximum stability with every step.

The ECCO biom hybrid spikeless golf shoes were specifically designed to enhance performance without compromising comfort. ECCO is a Denmark based company that manufactures its shoes in Europe.

The ECCO Biom hybrid G3 Gore-Tex is deemed an “environmentally-safe” shoe. The ECCO’s are one of the best spikeless shoes we tested, for both men and ladies, and will provide you with plenty of support while playing your game. We liked the support it gave our feet, and was one of top products and brand we considered during our review.

See our review of the Women’s Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 golf shoes here. 

They are original looking, are durable, have great flexibility, and are not your traditional golf shoes, which we liked.

ECCO Men’s Casual Hybrid Smooth Golf Shoe

Most Neutral

image of ecco men's casual hybrid smooth golf shoe - AEC Info
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The ECCO Men’s Casual Hybrid Smooth Golf Shoe features ECCO’s latest “E-DTS” hybrid technology that maximizes stability and traction upon swings. The shoe was designed for comfort, featuring soft 100% leather uppers that enhance the “premium” feeling of the shoe.

New “Hydromax” technology by ECCO makes the leather design completely waterproof and resilient to moisture from all ends. The ECCO has a padded collar and lace-up closure, allowing you to put them on and take them off easily without getting your hands dirty. Click here to check the price of these shoes.

The Best golf shoes for walking are…

adidas Men's S2G Spikeless BOA Golf Shoes

image of adidas s2g sl boa black mens waterproof golf shoes - AEC Info

After reviewing a ton of great shoes, our selection for the best walking golf shoes are the S2G SL BOA spikeless from Adidas. As mentioned in our review above, these shoes feel great from the moment you put them on, and they are extremely durable and light.

My top reasons for selecting this shoe are:

  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Light
  • Affordably priced

I originally purchased the red and white version on Amazon in early 2022, and they are still holding up great as you can see from the photos below.  No issues with the interior heal, and if I were to wipe them down just a little, they would look brand new.  

image of adidas s2g sl boa spikeless grey mens waterproof golf shoes - AEC Info

You will not go wrong purchasing a pair of these shoes.  As a matter of fact, expect to buy a second pair after you feel how comfortable they are on your feet.

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Golf shoes are an essential accessory for a golfer year-round, but especially during the winter months. The golf course gets very slippery and wet;, especially after frost delays. If you prefer to play early morning, you’ll encounter dew on the grass.

Downhill shots are especially challenging if you don’t have decent spikes in your shoes. Golf shoes play a huge role during the autumn and winter months, and they’re as essential as a good driver.

Walking golf shoes are different from casual shoes because they feature rubber soles for isolation and ridges for grip on the course. There are spiked and spikeless golf walking shoes (the differences are explained below).

To walk on a golf course, you need specific Golf shoes for walking that are comfortable with rubber soles and mini-spikes, which make it practical for you to navigate the terrain. Which best golf shoes for walking should you consider purchasing? Let’s delve into it.

Benefits of great shoes

Not all golf shoes are created for the same purpose. If you are looking for golf shoes made for walking, these are some of the key benefits to look out for. You may already own a golf shoe that will work for a walk on the course, but most of the time, you should purchase specific technology to help you walk the course.

Wearing a golf shoe made specifically for walking is similar to Golf shoes for diabetics or choosing wide golf shoes.  The shoes may look similar, but they are made to provide a specific level of comfort for a particular situation.  The more specific your shoe, the more comfort you can expect. 

Balance and stability

Walking means that you will have to cross quite a wide range of terrain. In addition, you will be stopping and taking your golf swing. Although comfort is important, you will need to focus on balance and stability in the shoe that you purchase.

Keep feet dry

A golf shoe for walking should keep your foot dry. The drier you can stay, the easier it is to avoid blisters and other foot problems throughout your round. Dry feet are never a negative, even if waterproof golf shoes are more money.


Obviously, when walking four or more miles, you must ensure that you are comfortable. The golf shoes with some extra cushioning are going to be the most comfortable. You can also add inserts into shoes that are specially made for walking.

Anti-slip protection

The anti-slip protection in walking golf shoes helps to ensure that you don’t slip and slide as you go up and down slopes. The extra traction on the golf shoes helps to prevent injury.

How much do golf shoes for walking cost?

The average price for walking golf shoes is $50-150. Particular shoes in this category can cost as much as $250 or even $300, depending on the size and color options. On average, walking golf shoes are 2-3x more expensive than regular walking shoes.

Golf is an expensive sport, and golf shoes have spikes and hydro-isolation that make them more costly than proper walking shoes. The team at AEC Info – Golf review recommends starting with a cheap pair if you can’t afford the more expensive ones – even the most inexpensive golf shoes are better than regular shoes when you’re on the course.

What’s the difference between spiked and spikeless?

The main difference is that spikeless golf shoes are worn in all seasons. You’ll find golfers wearing spikeless shoes in warm spring, including summer months. This is because spikeless shoes are more comfortable as they don’t have spikes (instead of spikes, they actually have nubs).

However, when the autumn rains come and winter ice hits, you need “spiked” shoes because they clutch to the ground.

It’s not that spiked shoes aren’t comfortable by themselves; it’s just that they give you additional stability. You need balance when you’re casually walking because you can slip or step in mud when you’re not expecting it. This is why spiked shoes are the “go-to” shoes for all seasons.

Are golf shoes required on the course?

In general, golf shoes are not required for the course. A golfer could technically show up on the course wearing flip-flops (and many casual golfers do this in the summer!). However, there are golf courses that enforce strict dress codes, and they force golfers to wear golf shoes not to damage the grass.

Several women at a course our team plays regularly would play without shoes. One woman ended up with some major health problems, and she claims it was from the chemicals used to treat the course. 

Since then, all of these women not only wear shoes, but they have some of the most stylish women golf shoes you will see on any course. 

Moreover, you should wear golf-specific shoes because you will slip or slide in the wet grass with regular shoes, especially if you’re playing on a hilly course. Golf courses enforce these rules not only for their image but to protect their grass from damage and to avoid golfer injuries.

What Material Is Best For Walking Golf Shoes?

The best materials for quality walking golf shoes are polyester and leather, although our top choice is made from recycled materials. Polyester shoes are usually human-made and cheaper than leather shoes. Both of these materials are 100% waterproof on golf shoes, but leather is the more “premium” material.

If you go for leather, you can expect to pay 2x more for a similar pair of shoes. Note: Leather shoes, although more “premium,” can get very hot in the summer compared to polyester-made shoes (polyester lets out more air on average).


Golf shoes do have downsides! They are “golf course only,” meaning you can only utilize them on the golf course and nowhere else. Moreover, golf shoes can be 2-3x more expensive than regular shoes.

This begs the question: why purchase golf shoes for walking in the first place? The reason why is that they have water isolation that regular shoes don’t, and they’re specifically designed for the golf course, stabilizing your feet during wet conditions. When you buy golf shoes, you want to buy them right.

You may never receive that once in a lifetime call, but if you play golf, you still need to have a pair of shoes that are incredibly comfortable, and you can rely on if or when you have to walk 18.

We have reviewed some of the most comfortable golf shoes on the market, and will help you decide what pair you should wear if you get that call for an emergency round on Kiawah Island, on one of the best golf courses in the World, or if the starter tells you…….“Cart Path Only Today!”