When your iron shot just slightly misses the green, it can be a bit disappointing. However, if you have confidence in your wedge game, you can quickly get your game back on track. If you watch the professionals and wonder how they can get a ball to end up one foot from the pin, the answer is practice and determination.

If you want to be able to hit chip shots like this that leave you a guaranteed one putt, you must make sure you have the proper equipment in your bag. We have pulled together some of the best wedges of 2023 to give you an advantage when your ball gets close to the green.

Golf wedges for 2023

Cleveland ZipCore Wedge

Cleveland ZipCore Wedge
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Believe it or not, the brand new Cleveland ZipCore has earned a spot at the top of our list. It didn’t take long for golfers to start realizing the effect that these improved grooves and progressive center of gravity could have on their golf game.

Cleveland has had some great wedges in a variety of sole grinds the last few years, but Titleist Vokey and Callaway Mack Daddy were continually beating them out. Cleveland stole the show with this golf wedge. The ZipCore is a blade type design, and it will be better suited for the mid to low handicapper that wants lots of feel and control over their shots. Be sure to check out our detailed review of the RTX ZipCore wedge from Cleveland Golf here.


  • UltiZip Grooves
  • Three different sole grinds
  • Heat treatment for longevity


  • Brand new technology, priced a bit higher than other options

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge
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The Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge is a new wedge specifically designed to help higher handicappers get extra forgiveness and performance around the greens. The Mack Daddy CB is a cavity-back style wedge similar to the Cleveland CBX 2. For players that struggle with consistency and performance around the green, the Mack Daddy CB is a perfect choice.

To help produce enough spin on a cavity back wedge, the groove in groove technology was used on the face of the Mack Daddy CB. In addition, there are four sole grinds to choose from and many loft combinations.

With the Mack Daddy CB available in both Platinum Chrome and Matte Black, higher handicappers and beginners are starting to have golf wedge options just like the lower handicap players have.


  • Very easy to hit
  • Good spin for a cavity back wedge
  • Several lofts, grind and finish options


  • It won’t spin as much as the Jaws wedges

Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge

Mizuno T20 Golf Wedge
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  • CNC Milled Grooves
  • Hydro flow microgrooves
  • Tapered blade for increased spin


  • Not as easy to hit as other golf wedges on the market

When we hit wedges around the green, one of the most important things to consider is the lie that the ball is in. When the golf ball is slightly covered up by grass and other debris, it is essential to use a wedge-like T20 that has Hydro Flow micro grooves. The micro grooves allow for water and moisture to channel away from the face.

With the hydro flow allowing you to get the contact you need and the CNC Milled grooves, the T20 wedges tend to appeal to the lower handicap player looking for precise performance.

The T20 golf wedges are best for golfers that have plenty of swing speed. The wedge comes standard with an S400 golf wedge shaft. There are also two finish options to choose from, the Blue Ion is one of the most unique on the market.

Cobra Golf- King Cobra SB Chrome Wedge

Cobra Golf- King Cobra SB Chrome Wedge
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The King Cobra SB Chrome Wedge features the brand new Snake Bite Groove Technology. The idea with the Snake Bite Grooves is that the sharper edges will allow for maximum spin on the golf ball. Cobra always puts out a few new wedge options that are very impressive in the technology they offer.

There are three grind options for golfers to choose from, making this a wedge that can work for all handicap levels. In addition, the progressive face grooves allow for varying levels of spin performance depending on the loft of the club.

If you have thought of Cobra to be more of a fairway wood and hybrid company, give their golf wedges a try and you may be pleasantly surprised by the performance.


  • Impressive new snake bite grooves
  • Progressive spin technology
  • Three different grinds to choose from


  • Brand new technology priced a bit higher

Cleveland RTX 4

image of cleveland rtx 4 - AEC Info
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Now that Cleveland has released their ZipCore, they had to lower the price on the RTX 4. If you have been looking for a deal on a set of high-quality wedges, now is the time to pick up a few RTX 4.

The Cleveland RTX 4 wedge was made in four different bounce options. The extra low bounce was new for Cleveland, and they stopped making it with the ZipCore. If you don’t like much bounce on your wedge, now is the time to purchase the RTX 4.

We love the different finishes that you can get the RTX in, and they, of course, have the Tour Zip Grooves that have made Cleveland a leader in the short game world for the last few years. The RTX 4 is a blade wedge, so the lower handicappers will love the feel on this one.


  • Just lowered the price
  • Tour Zip Grooves
  • Lots of greenside spin


  • Not the latest release/newest technology

TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe

image of taylormade milled grind hi-toe - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade Milled Grind wedges are known for being both forgiving and high performing. This is the wedge where TaylorMade took all of their technology and went for it. The Hi-Toe design allows the sweet spot to be much larger on this wedge than other comparable options.

With the larger face, you can get spin across the entire club head. The grooves on the Milled Grind are ZTP-17, and they offer a ton of spin. If you struggle in any way to get the ball to back up on a green, the TaylorMade Milled Grind will absolutely help you spin the ball.


  • Can hit a variety of shots around the green
  • Large clubface/sweet spot
  • 4-way cambered sole


  • One of the more expensive wedges on the market

Cleveland CBX 2

image of cleveland cbx 2 - AEC Info
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Most wedges are going to be a blade style, and they will cater more towards the lower handicap golfers. If you are new to the game or struggle to keep your shots around the green consistent, the CBX 2 is a great choice to consider.

The CBX 2 is a cavity back design with a wide sole and a clean leading edge. This wedge is going to offer more forgiveness on missed shots than any of the blade-style wedges. We love the CBX 2 for full-swing wedge shots as well.

Cleveland keeps things simple with a few bounce options and one finish. You can get the CBX 2 is a variety of lofts. If you are a higher handicapper using wedges from more than four or five years ago, you should seriously consider trying out the CBX 2. The wedge technology has come quite a long way.

In case you missed it previously, here is our in-depth review of the CBX2 Wedge from Cleveland.


  • Lower center of gravity
  • Great pricing
  • Good for full swing shots


  • Not preferred by lower handicappers
  • Won’t have the same feel around the greens

Callaway Mack Daddy 5

image of callaway mack daddy 5 - AEC Info
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The Callaway Mack Daddy series of wedges has been a top performer for Callaway. These are more compact player-type golf wedges that lower handicappers’ love because of the feel and grind options. If you want something that is going to feel like a custom fit for your short game.

The Mack Daddy 5 wedges are made from 8620 mild carbon steel. They come in a variety of grinds if you like to open the club or play the wedge as it lies, there is a bounce/sole grind option that will work for you on the Mack Daddy 5. You can see our review of the Mack Daddy 3 forged wedge here.

Another great thing about this wedge is the ability to customize. If you want to change the look or add some custom marks on your wedge, you can do so. Of course, those additions will cost you a bit more money, but Callaway wants you to feel as though they made wedges made just for you.


  • Compact design
  • Lots of spin
  • Grind options for lower handicappers


  • Not the most forgiving wedge

Cleveland Smart Sole 3

image of cleveland smart sole 3 - AEC Info
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When a golfer gets older, their swing speed starts to slow down. This can make accelerating through a chip shot that much more difficult. Luckily Cleveland understands this and has created a Smart Sole series of wedges just for this exact purpose.

The Smart Sole wedges are swung almost like a putter, and they have just enough loft and spin to get you on the green and up by the pin. This is not a club that you will want to take a full swing with; it is, however, one of the most forgiving golf wedges you will ever use.

Many golfers refer to a wedge-like this as a chipper. The lofts on these Smart Sole wedges are lower than a traditional golf wedge, but they give you just enough to get your shots over the trouble and rolling towards the pin. The best news is that there is very little room for error with this club in your hand.


  • Hard to miss, extremely forgiving
  • Allows golfers to keep a simple swing
  • Available in a few lofts


  • Will not get as much height and spin as other wedges
  • Not suitable for full swing shots

the Best golf wedge is …

image of cleveland rtx zipcore wedges - tour satin - AEC Info

Cleveland ZipCore Wedge

Cleveland hit all the right spots with the Cleveland ZipCore. Golfers love the effect the improved grooves and center of gravity have on their game. Its blade design makes it best for mid and low-handicappers that need to regain control of their shots.

Overall, the wedge is long-lasting and the new technology used delivers a great golfing experience.

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Buying Guide

Now that you know the best wedges on the market, it’s time to start narrowing down which one is the best for you. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when purchasing a new wedge.

Loft Gapping

Make sure that your wedges have a few degrees of loft between them. There is no reason to have a 56 degree and a 58 degree in your bag. The difference between these two wedges will not be enough to get you the versatility in shots that you need. Take a close look at what your pitching wedge loft is before you purchase any other wedges. Build off of the loft of your pitching wedge to make sure you don’t have large gaps in between your clubs.


Most golf wedges are going to come with a standard wedge flex shaft. This is a steel shaft that will have the flexibility of a regular/stiff shaft. As far as the weight is concerned, the wedge flex shafts are a bit on the heavy side. Having some weight in a wedge shaft is a good thing as it can allow you to get the ball up in the air and out of bunkers.

If you don’t play standard steel golf shafts in your irons, you may want to consider a wedge with a graphite shaft or lighter steel. Don’t purchase the wedge flex if your swing will not be able to handle the stiffness or the weight.


Golfers sometimes have a hard time deciding what bounce they want on their wedges. The low bounce wedges are suitable for harder playing surfaces and full swing shots. The higher bounce wedges will help you fly the golf ball out of thicker rough or bunkers. It makes sense to vary the bounce options on your wedges so that you have a tool for every situation you may find yourself in.


Hopefully, our guide of the best golf wedges has helped you realize some of the tremendous technology that is on the market. The grooves on wedges will wear out after a few years. When you look at the face of a wedge, you can see when it is time to replace it. If you have had your wedge in your bag for a long time and you think it’s time to make a change, you will see a significant improvement with any of the choices on our list.