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If you surveyed women golfers about their favorite club in their bag, the majority would likely say it is their hybrid. Hybrid golf clubs have changed the game of golf for the female player. With lack of clubhead speed and distance, certain golf shots with a six, five, or even four iron are just too difficult for the woman golfer.

Hybrids make it easier to hit high lofted, powerful golf shots from a variety of lies. If you are looking to upgrade or add hybrids to your golf bag this year, these are the five you are going to want to consider. Hybrid golf clubs for women should be forgiving, lightweight, and offer perfect turf interaction.

Best Hybrids For Women

Callaway Women’s Mavrik Max

Callaway Women's Mavrik Max
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The Callaway Mavrik Max hybrids are the best overall choice for a ladies’ hybrid golf club. Callaway went above and beyond this year when they started using artificial intelligence to increase this hybrid’s performance.

The Mavrik Max Ladies Hybrid golf clubs are built with the new Flash Face SS20 technology. The Flash Face is very high strength steel. The steel face combined with the Jailbreak technology and the Face Cup allows players to get tremendous distance and ball speed. Also, the forgiveness is better than many of the other women’s hybrid choices on the market.

Making sure that the shaft in your hybrid is a good fit for your swing speed is essential. Callaway uses a UST Helium Women’s hybrid shaft in the Mavrik Max. The shaft is flexible and high launching. With the low center of gravity, large sweet spot, and unique club face design, this hybrid is easier to hit than any Callaway hybrid of the past.


  • Perfect replacement for long irons
  • Large sweet spot
  • Available in many lofts
  • Jailbreak technology


  • Looks a little like a fairway wood

SIM Max Hybrid

SIM Max Hybrid
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Choosing the best women’s hybrid for all golfers is a difficult task. With all of the great options out there, all hybrid clubs have something great that they offer. The TaylorMade SIM Max hybrid comes in as a close second to the Callaway Mavrik as the best hybrid for women golfers.

The TaylorMade SIM Max hybrid was designed with the new V Steel Sole to help many golfers make better contact with the ball. The V Steel greatly improves turf interaction. As a lady golfer, you will not care if your ball is in the fairway, first cut, or deep rough; your TaylorMade SIM Max will have your back.

Ease of launch, extreme forgiveness, and very high ball speeds set this hybrid club apart. The twist face technology that TaylorMade uses on their rescue club options will increase the distance that you can get even when you miss the center of the club face. Adding this hybrid to your Women’s golf club set will pay dividends all year long.


  • Speed pocket technology
  • One of the best hybrids for distance
  • High launching
  • Very fast ball speed


  • Expensive if you need to add a few to your bag

Women’s Cobra F9 Hybrid Club

Women's Cobra F9 Hybrid Club
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The pricing of individual hybrid clubs never looks all that bad. When things start to get ugly is when you calculate purchasing three or four hybrids for your bag. Before you know it, you may have just spent $1000 on hybrid golf clubs.

The Cobra F9 hybrid for women golfers is a great value. You will get a tremendous amount of performance; all offered at a very fair price. One of our favorite things about the Cobra F9 hybrid is that it looks like a traditional hybrid. The low profile design, baffler rails, and back tungsten weight make this a very easy hit club.

The F9 features a strong stainless steel face that allows for a very high ball speed at interaction. If your current hybrid has you feeling like you are missing out on distance, the hot face on the F9 will renew your belief in the power of hybrids.

Luckily the F9 is available in four different lofts and at an extremely fair price for a hybrid club.


  • Easy to hit from the rough
  • Available in four lofts
  • Pricing has dropped since the initial release


  • Not the latest Cobra model

Cleveland Women’s Launcher Halo Hybrid

Cleveland Women's Launcher Halo Hybrid
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Do you have that one water hazard that you are still trying to get over? Women golfers often get stuck in certain areas of their home course. Between distance and launch angle, the golf club options in your bag may not give you the tools you need. This is very common, and the way to fix the issue is sometimes with higher ball flight. The longer the golf ball stays in the air, the further it is going to travel.

If you are a female golfer that hits line drive type shots when you are swinging with your hybrid club, the new Cleveland WOmen’s Launcher Halo Hybrid is the best choice for your game. Cleveland does a great job providing clubs with forgiving and lightweight shafts with the HiBore crown. This combination leads to a much higher overall ball flight and, in turn, more distance.

If you have confidence when standing over the ball, the Halo Hybrid is an empowering design. When standing over this hybrid club, you will feel that you can easily launch it onto the green.


  • Great turf interaction with new Guiderails
  • Smaller profile than fairway woods
  • Large sweet spot


  • Not available in as many lofts as Mavrik or SIM Max

Callaway Big Bertha Reva Hybrid

Callaway Big Bertha Reva Hybrid
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Just when we thought Callaway had created the most forgiving and easiest to hit hybrid golf has ever seen, they surprise us again. The Callaway Big Bertha Reva Hybrid is the newest release, and it brings quite a bit of performance to the table.

The Big Bertha Reva features the new Flash Face SS21, which is even hotter and longer than the previous Flash Face SS20. The Reva has an increased offset from the previous releases. This helps for golfers that tend to hit the ball a bit to the right.

Although the Callaway Reva works for various skill levels, the higher handicapper and beginner will have the best results from this hybrid. The great thing about the Reva hybrids is that it transitions very nicely into the Reva iron set. The clubs are built for straight distance, increased trajectory, and they also have a great feel.


  • Great feel for a rescue hybrid
  • Transitions nicely into fairway woods and irons
  • Fast ball speeds
  • Straighter shots because of offset


  • New technology priced quite high

And The Winner Is…

Callaway Mavrik Max

Callaway Women's Mavrik Max

The best hybrid golf clubs for ladies are the ones that make the game of golf more enjoyable and easier to play. Although all of the options on our list are solid choices for a new hybrid golf club this year, the Callaway Mavrik Max stands out as the best. Although this club looks a bit like a fairway wood, it has some incredible length, a low center of gravity, and a very high moment of inertia. Whether you are upgrading or adding your first hybrid to the bag, the Mavrik is a hybrid that women golfers need to consider.

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Buyers Guide

By now, you should have a much better understanding of the best golf hybrid clubs for women on the market. Choosing a clubhead that is forgiving, offers high ball speed, and a generous sweet spot is essential.

How Many Hybrids Should Women Carry?

Women should have two or three hybrid golf clubs in their bag. There is really no reason for female golfers to be using longer irons. The amount of club head speed and precision it takes to hit these clubs properly makes carrying hybrids an excellent decision.

The hybrids should replace the 4, 5, and maybe even 6 irons. Some hybrids like the Mavrik are being offered in lofts that go all the way down to an eight iron.

Should Women Golfers Play With Hybrid Irons?

If you find that your golf irons are getting increasingly difficult to hit, there are options of complete hybrid golf sets. Cleveland and Cobra make complete hybrid iron sets. The only issue with the hybrid sets is that it takes a bit of time to get used to the shorter irons.

For feel and spin around the greens, it can be hard to get the right feel and performance with a hybrid iron. IF you make the switch to a complete hybrid set, make sure that you have some good wedges in your bag.

Does The Golf Shaft In A Women’s Hybrid Matter?

All of the women’s hybrid golf clubs on the AEC Info list feature high performing graphite shafts. Each of these shafts is lightweight and higher launching. The shaft makes longer shots more attainable and will help with getting the ball out of the rough.

For most female players, the graphite shaft that comes with the rescue club will be a good fit. If you have a faster swing speed, you may want to get fitted for a different shaft. Sometimes a slightly stiffer shaft will help faster-swinging players get the distance that they need.

For other reviews focused on women, be sure to check out the Best women’s golf shoes, driving irons, Irons, fairway woods and best push carts.  We also recently compiled our list of the best Hybrids for 2021 and Seniors. Check back often for more reviews and updates.