A complete golf club set is a one stop shop for everything you need to enjoy a round of golf. The best golf club full sets come with all of the clubs you will need, from the driver to the fairway woods, wedges, putter, in addition to a golf bag.

Some of these high performing sets even have headcovers that are sold with them as well.

Complete golf sets can take a lot of the guesswork out of choosing the right equipment for your game. However, you must first find which full golf set will be the best fit for your game. We have pulled together some of the best Men’s full set golf clubs for sale in 2022.

There is sure to be an option on this list for all golfers and all swing speeds.

Best Mens Full Golf Sets – 2023

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set

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If you have already started a bit of your research into the best overall complete golf club sets on the market, then it may come as no surprise that the Strata sits at the top of this list. This is by far the most well known golf club complete set on the market. Everything about the Strata 12 piece is built for performance, distance, and accuracy.

The Strata sets come in a few different configurations. The Complete Set is a 12 piece option that features a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-9 iron, PW, putter, and a bag. You will also get two headcovers with the Strata option.

This is an impressive option; the only thing you will need to do is add in a sand wedge or a lob wedge.


  • High performing fairway woods and hybrids in these sets
  • Great for the beginner skill level or high handicap golfer
  • One of the most economical yet higher-performing golf club sets


  • Not great for a faster swinging player

Ram Golf SGS Men’s Golf Clubs Starter Set

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Are you questioning whether or not the game of golf is for you?

Then, it may make sense to look into the complete golf club set from Ram. These golf clubs are of premium quality, but you will not get a very large selection. With the Ram Golf SGS starter set, you get 3 wood, 4 irons, and a putter.

If you have some mixed clubs laying around and you are looking to try and make it more of a complete golf set, this could be the perfect addition. You will not pay all that much, and it’s a great way for beginners to get involved in the game.

If you find that you improve in a short period of time, you can always change this setup and go with a complete golf option that has everything from a sand wedge to a titanium driver.


  • Great option for beginners
  • Irons are high launching and good for slower swing speeds
  • Lightweight and easy to carry golf bag


  • You will eventually need to fill in with more wedges, fairway wood, and other clubs

Cobra Golf Men’s XL Speed

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Many of the complete golf club sets on the market are built for the beginner or occasional golfer. Therefore the items in the set are not always the most premium quality. Luckily there are some great choices out there, like the Cobra XL Speed that will work for mid handicappers as well.

This set comes with a high performing 460cc driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, irons, a pitching wedge, sand wedges, and a great putter. In addition, the golf bag is a cart bag with plenty of pockets and room for all of your accessories.

If you have a medium swing speed, this is the perfect set for you. The graphite shafts help you get a bit of extra ball speed and launch and make the clubs more forgiving overall. You won’t’ be able to beat the impressive technology that the Cobra complete sets have.


  • Great looking perimeter-weighted irons
  • Will work for a wide range of swing speed players
  • Putter helps golfers to get a more consistent stroke


  • The bag is quite heavy

Wilson Men’s and Teen Complete Golf Set

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Wilson Golf is, without a doubt, one of the leaders when it comes to complete golf sets. Wilson loves to make the game of golf more forgiving and easier for the average player. These complete sets from Wilson come in various combinations, yet they all feature the 460cc driver and forgiving cavity back irons.

The clubs are lightweight and great for golfers that need to increase their swing speed. Each club has a large sweet spot and a high launching clubface. The bag is also a perfect selection for players that like to walk the golf course.

We love the scoring clubs in the Wilson set and how they pay attention to the importance of wedges and putter technology. Regardless of your handicap level, most scoring happens, and these brands need to keep the short game in mind.


  • Very affordable golf sets
  • Built for mid to high handicap golfers
  • Short game clubs are high performing and easy to work with


  • The feel of these golf clubs is not as premium as other sets

Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Complete Set

image of tour edge bazooka 370 complete set - AEC Info
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The Tour Edge Bazooka 370 Complete Set is a full, complete set option for golfers looking to upgrade their equipment. What we love about this particular golf club set is the set makeup of the golf clubs. Giving golfers a few options for the long game and complete coverage in the short game is very important.

The driver in the Bazooka 370 Complete set is 10.5 degrees of loft which are perfect for a golf set for beginners or high handicappers needing distance and launch. In addition, you will get two high performing fairway wood choices to use as an alternative to the driver at times.

In addition, the hybrid and irons that come with the 370 have a graphite uniflex shaft that helps them perform regardless of your swing speed. If you play golf a few times a month and want an option to get you around the course with fun and functionality in mind, this is the set.


  • Bright blue golf bag
  • Great for men that play golf a few times a month and want a set of golf clubs with forgiveness and distance
  • Sand wedge has plenty of spin and is good out of the bunkers


  • Golf bag tends to deteriorate faster than the clubs

Founders Club Tour Tuned Men’s Complete Golf Club Set

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Founders Club is one of the newer golf equipment brands on the market, and they are producing more and more golf club sets for the golfer that wants a complete golf club set. This particular Tour Tuned Club Set comes with a driver, 3 wood, 4 hybrid, 6-9 iron, PW, SW, PUtter, and the stand bag.

We love the fact that you get the SW in addition to all of the other irons, and it makes this one of the best value sets on the market. Overall the performance of these golf clubs is that they are a game improvement type of set.

The golf bag comes with a full padded dual carry strap to help you carry your clubs from one hole to the next without getting tired. The bag is fully equipped with everything from an umbrella holder to a towel clip.


  • Great set makeup
  • Regular flex shaft with plenty of forgiveness
  • Golf bag is easy to carry and comfortable
  • Perimeter weighting in irons


  • Golf clubs only available in one color

RBZ Speedlite Complete 13-Piece Set

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The TaylorMade RBZ Speedlite Complete 13 Piece Set is a brand new release from TaylorMade. For many years TaylorMade has been making complete set options for women; however, they have not been keeping up when it comes to men’s clubs.

The women’s TaylorMade golf club sets are great, and they are something that many women say has helped their golf game tremendously. However, the issue with some of the TaylorMade golf sets is that they can be quite expensive.

If you have the budget, you will find that the RBZ Speedlite is actually a really great option. IT comes with a 460cc titanium driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons; all built with a low center of gravity to help increase the launch.

The shaft in these clubs is the 50g RBZ shaft. Golfers that need extra club head speed on their shots will have no trouble with this club. The head of the club is great looking, and the ball tends to launch right off the face of the irons.


  • Great option from a top manufacturer
  • Helps players to hit lots of different shots
  • New TaylorMade option on the market with good initial results


  • Expensive option

YONEX EZONE Elite 2 Full Set

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Last but certainly not least is the new Yonex Ezone golf club set. We love this option for the senior golfer that is looking for a brand new type of performance as they age. The clubs are designed for mid to high handicappers, but the lightweight and graphite features make it a really smart choice for senior golfers.

Each one of the Yonex clubs is highly qualified and capable of hitting long and forgiving. In addition to forgiveness, the Yonex is built for stability and launch as well. If you want to hit the ball close to the hole, this is a great set for that.

In addition, there are loft and launch adjustments that you can make on the driver, something that you rarely see in the full complete set options on the market. Each of the clubs has a very large sweet spot to help golfers get the ball closer to the hole with each swing.

We are impressed with the technology that these clubs have to offer; although the pricing is higher, you are getting premium technology.


  • Elite golf technology
  • Impressive feel and workability
  • Lower center of gravity


  • Lightweight graphite flex

The Best Golf Club Sets for Men is…

image of callaway golf men's strata complete set - AEC Info

Callaway Strata golf clubs

The best overall golf club complete sets of clubs are the Callaway Strata golf clubs. You will notice that these are a great option for beginners, but they also work quite well for the higher handicappers that need an affordable option to play golf quite often. The Callaway Strata Golf clubs are made by one of the best companies in the game, and they have almost everything you need to spend years enjoying the golf course. The only thing you will need to add is a sand wedge, and you will be ready to tackle any golf course.

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Golf Set for Men – Buyers Guide

As you have likely seen, the golf clubs complete set for sale above are quite high-performing and allow golfers of all abilities to enjoy the game a bit more. If you are in the market for a new complete golf sets for men this year, make sure you consider these things before making your purchase.


Most of these golf club sets come in either a steel or a graphite stock shaft. The shafts are going to be regular or uniflex shaft most of the time. Although you can find senior and stiff flex shafts on the market, they are a little more rare.

The uniflex is a great choice for beginners that are not sure exactly which golf shaft will be the best for their game.

Set Makeup

It’s best to choose a set of clubs with smart options for the long game and the short game. If your set does not have a sand wedge in it, you should consider adding one.

If you are looking for something that has more fairway woods than hybrids, that is fine but still, try to add a hybrid in at some point.

Don’t purchase a complete set option that has long irons; these are likely to something you will need in your bag long term.

Bag Type

The golf bags that come with complete sets are either cart or stand bags. The cart bags will hold quite a bit more equipment, but the problem is the size of the bag. Since these are so big, you must be sure that you can lift them into and out of your car after a round of golf on the cart.

The stand bags are great if you like to walk the golf course. Serious golfers will tell you this is the only way to play. However, many players are content with just spending time on the cart during the course of their round.


Golf club complete sets will range in price from around $250 to well over $1000. Try to consider how often you plan to play golf before deciding how much you want to spend on your clubs. The more you play, the easier it is to justify the golf set price you purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing a set of golf clubs is a big decision. Ensuring that you find something that has the right fit and the right feel for your game can be a stressful decision. Here are a few of the more commonly asked questions about full golf club sets.

What Is In A Men’s Complete Golf Club Set?

A Complete golf club set is something that is sold with all of the clubs that you will need to enjoy your next round. The set has everything from drivers, fairway woods, hybrids down to the putter.

The complete set is made with all one brand, and all of the clubs will have the perfect loft gapping in place.

Most of the time, a complete golf set is a more economical option than something that you build in pieces over time. However, the initial purchase price will feel like a big investment.

If you are Taller than 6′ 2″, you may want to check out Golf clubs for tall men, which we recently reviewed at AEC Info.

Should I Buy A Complete Set of Golf Clubs?

A complete set of golf clubs works best for the higher handicapper or beginner golfer. This is a great option for those that need to be introduced to the game and want clubs that are forgiving and distance producing.

If you have been playing the game for a while and are starting to get particular about the equipment you keep in your set, then you may not want to purchase the complete set.

If you are a female golfer, you may want to check out our recent review of the best Ladies golf club sets.

How Much Is A Complete Golf Set?

The complete golf set can range from roughly $300 to closer to $1300. If you are purchasing the set as one complete option, the pricing is a bit more reasonable than when you put the set together.

Piecing together a set of high quality golf clubs will typically be closer to $2000.

If you are trying to find the most affordable option, be sure to visit Best golf clubs for the money which we reviewed earlier this year.