As a new golfer, you want to play with a putter that will help you knock more putts close to the hole, not necessarily in the hole. This is the easiest way to lower your golf score and to improve your short game and your putting.

The Best putter for beginners is going to help you with distance control and help you become more consistent on the green.

Best putter for beginners

White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

image of odyssey white hot pro 2.0 putter, black - AEC Info
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I am a high handicapper working on improving my short game. I have a collection of golf putters that I have bought over the years. I play exceptionally well, and I don’t believe in buying expensive putters. After all, it is the archer and not the arrow.

I bought the Odyssey white hot Pro 2.0 putter because it is an Odyssey, a high-quality putter. The Odyssey brand is a well-respected brand known for producing the best putters in the world.

I have experimented with different brands in the past, but no brand beats the Odyssey brand.

Since I started using this putter, my putting has dramatically improved. Its crank neck hosel and full-shaft offset combined with a unique heel/toe weight placement maximize accuracy and alignment.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 golf putter is well balanced, and it easily makes solid contact. Its re-engineered white-hot face insert is designed to improve performance, feel, and sound.

These timeless blade putters are created to meet the performance standards of the world’s best golfers.

This putter did not cost a small fortune. However, I think it is a worthy investment if you want to improve your putting. It is a state of the art putter that will deliver serious benefits.

S7K Stand Alone Putter

image of s7k standing putter for men and women - AEC Info
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The S7K Standing Putter is suitable for both sexes – (Ideal Putter for Novices)

If you line up incorrectly, you could still miss your putt, even if everything else is perfect.

Of course, the same could be said for the speed of your putt and judging greens, however, even the best putter cannot judge greens on your behalf, or regulate your speed relative to where the hole is.

Nonetheless, there’s a putter for beginners that virtually lines itself up.

This is known as the S7K Putter, which stands up unaided so that it can be set behind the golf ball. This allows you to gauge your alignment from different positions, and is legal to play.

The weights in the putter head create stability and allow you to view your golf ball and line prior to putting. If you have made an error, you will notice it instantly, and you can correct it accurately before taking your shot.

This is one of the best putters for beginners because it doubles as an alignment aid. The putter head has a nice weight to it and the performance, swing, and stability were consistent during our experience and report.

Were you aware that, with putts inside ten feet, less than ten percent of golfers regularly line up properly? You can avoid this, using the S7K. Visualize.

Benefits of the S7K:

  • Draining additional putts for par and birdie
  • Drastically lowering your round
  • Virtually getting rid of the ‘yips.’
  • Regularly lagging close from long distances
  • Holing putts under pressure, like an experienced professional

The S7K has an extremely low point of balance, which facilitates greater acceleration via impact. Similar to a metal ball attached to a string, gravity virtually pulls the putter into the shot. Simply allow it to swing and watch it follow the correct path.

At impact, the S7K is simple to square without having to touch the blade. This results in pure hole tracking, rolling putts, shot after shot.

Thanks to the S7K’s ability to stand unaided, it can be set behind the golf ball so that you can monitor its’ alignment from anywhere.

Have you aimed it correctly? If you haven’t, turn the shaft so that the face is pointed precisely at your line. Next, grasp the handgrip and play your shot.

Due to the shaft’s perfect angling, you do not have to adjust it down, up, backward, or forward.

Odyssey Red Ball Putter

image of odyssey red ball putter - AEC Info
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Correct positioning over the ball when you putt is essential, as any golfer knows. The innovative Odyssey Red Ball Putter has been designed to easily align the intended start line to the putter face every time you put, thanks to the Red Ball, inside the putter’s scope.

You can say goodbye to those variable factors in your set up, with the putter’s Versa high contrast alignment. It all means that each time you step up to take a putt, whether it’s a two-footer or a forty foot across the green putt, you have the proper setup and the correct line.

In fact, the Odyssey Red Ball Putter has all the technology you need to putt more confidently, as well as more accurately. The White Hot RX insert has the company’s trademark unique roll, feel and sound each time you take a shot.

I’ve used the putter a few times, and my distance control is better because of the sound and feel, transmitted from the putter face. And consistently lining my putts up has also been easier, thanks to the red ball.

The putter has various features built in to help you to align your shots more accurately.

It’s easy to spend $500 on a top of the line putter, although you can own the Odyssey Red Ball Putter for less than that. My putts are straighter and more accurate, and most importantly, I’m taking fewer on each green.

I definitely recommended if you want to putt better, and don’t we all?

TaylorMade Spider X Putter

image of taylormade spider - AEC Info
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If budget is not an option for you, then the TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider Putter should already be at the top of your most wanted list.

It contains added features such as better path and alignment because of the use of the highly considered top MOI design giving more stability when putting.

This design was tailor-made for this Spider arc, making it unique and an outstanding product.

To make sure your putter face stays square with the path, the new lightweight design of an aluminum body, painted with a heavy ring of 304 stainless steel, gives the Arc a new geometry for even more forgiveness to assist in your putting.

For even easier putts and connection to start on the right path, the Arc ring comes with three alignment lines.

What makes the ball roll faster forward, improvement in distance, and a reduction of skidding is the soft Surlyn Pure Roll insert.

Benefits of the TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider Putter:

  • The Arc’s geometry provided by the MOI design offers more stability as well as greater forward motion.
  • The MOI design with the stainless steel ring with the added lightweight aluminum body helps keep the face aligned and square of the path
  • There is a softer putt feeling on the face of the Spider putter
  • The soft Surlyn Pure Roll increases distance and forward control
  • To connect with an improved putter head to path alignment, the Arc features three straight lines
  • A reduced glare as the shaft is finished with black which includes a headcover
  • A head weight of only 360 grams on the mallet that is face-balanced

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft Putter

image of huntington beach men's putter - AEC Info
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The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter collection was inspired by the Cleveland Golf’s North America headquarters beautiful setting.

To improve any golfer’s score, this revered putter with its new and modern innovations, which has been used by generations of golfers and comes in classic designs.

A good way to start with the Cleveland putters design and abilities is the super-soft feel that is created by the deep milling process, but without that, pillowy feel like most polymer inserted putters out there.

Even though you have that softer feel, the feedback is still good with a fantastic weight.

Although there is a bit of awkwardness on the grip, you get used to it very quickly, and it grows on you and helps to square you putter perfectly.

If you never loved putting and prefer the slower greens, then here we go perfect for you.

Something will click immediately with you with this putter and will improve your putting daily. Even if you tried any other putter brand around, you would find this one beats them all hands down.


  • For a more consistent roll and softer feel, it offers the precision milled face.
  • 304 Stainless steel offers a lighter and softer putter
  • Shapes that are tour-proven

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

image of pinemeadow golf pgx sl putter - AEC Info
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The hosel known as the Plumber Neck on this putter is made offset in order to aid in alignment, thus ensuring the putt is aimed for the correct path from the beginning.

The Pinemeadow Spider Grip has a very popular black and green grip putter, essential for carrying. It is made from layers of fiber and polyurethane, giving it a firm grip as well as added comfort and premium shock absorption.

The headcover allows protection when not in use. An additional white color design on the putter enhances improved vision and aim when addressed. By using the headcover, the beauty of the finish will prove long-lasting.

The Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter also boasts a premier alignment aiding in more putts being sunk by you. The line will assist you in being sure your putt is on target.

The resulting effect has a better chance of more putts being made from any distance. Give the Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter an opportunity to improve your next game of golf.

Wilson Staff Infinite Putter

image of wilson staff infinite putter - AEC Info
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The Wilson Staff Infinite Putter is Chicago inspired. Each putter has a name from the area’s local neighborhoods or landmarks.

Some features include:

  • Refined detailing with classically shaped heads
  • A more controlled stroke during putting with its counter-balancing technology
  • To reduce glare and to accentuate site-lines this line of putters features a matte but dark finish
    • For the promotion of roll, distance control, and impact consistency
    • By moving the hands and the balance closer to each other you get a more controlled and smooth putt
    • The PVD finish that is the new ultra-dark shade for a reduction in glare and the sightlines to be accentuated.
    • Providing a design that has a stable design feel and rotation limiting during stoking all constructed by the oversized design.

The Best putter for a beginners is …

Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

image of pinemeadow golf pgx sl putter - AEC Info

If you’re just starting to play golf, you may be asking what is the best type of putter for a beginner?

Being able to line up your putt, and feel confident your shot is on target are obviously both important, and a larger headspace is also ideal, which helps to hit the sweet spot each time.

The PGX putter by Pinemeadow has all these features and more; in fact, I’m really impressed by how the company did such a great job with this.

It’s easy to swing too, because of how the weight is distributed, and even a Taller golfer can keep the right posture, thanks to the 34-inch long shaft. It weighs 420 grams, and the putter’s color, which stands out against the green, also helps with better alignment.

And for a more responsive swing when taking your putt, you are able to customize the headcover. To me, this is one of the best features of the PGX.

If you’re looking for the best golf putter that may just help to improve your score, I would highly recommend this one. It really can improve your confidence and make putting a lot more accurate.

Of course, you’ll still have to put in the practice to improve, and the PGX can’t perform miracles, but it really can help you to putt with confidence and maybe knock a few strokes off your score next time you go out playing on a Saturday afternoon.

It has to be said that swinging the putter comfortably may take some time, because of its weight, but it’s well worth it to watch your score come down.

This neat looking and well-designed putter should be in every golfer’s bag, and if you are looking for an affordable putter that really can improve your game, look no further.

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Additional putter reviews from AEC Info:

What is the best putter for a high handicapper?

What are the pros and cons of a quality golf club? The pros should include a grip that feels natural and comfortable. The milling pattern on the club’s face should provide consistent results when hitting the ball. 304 is standard stainless steel, but most golfers like it.

A few disadvantages are that some golfers find the head too light. The shape of a golf club might not be universally popular as their own body shape, grip, or handicap might cause them to feel unbalanced with a particular club.

Since even handicapped people are fond of golfing and can be quite good at it, the question arises, “What is the best putter for a high handicapper?” The answer likely depends on the nature of the stance and movement then can perform.

A conventional putter has a classic design and is both functional and attractive. Someone with a disability might prefer a putter with a slightly different grip or head angle to compensate for their stance.

High-quality clubs have a mill pattern that enhances accuracy, and the same technique might also help to compensate for a handicap with the right adjustment.

A quality putter designed for people with compensated stances is available that has adjustments but still features an attractive 304 stainless steel finish.

The material of the face does have an effect on accuracy as well as the recoil as the ball is struck. A putter with a soft recoil might be well appreciated by some golfers.

Buy a SOFT putter from Cleveland Golf, headquartered in Huntington Beach. In this case, SOFT not only means the feel of the club but the acronym Speed Optimization Face Technology.

The design, recoil, and build of the club face all contribute to a more efficient put and would be a great addition to your golf Travel bag. It is great for golfers who want a better club and those who need a more forgiving club.

what is the Easiest putter to line up?

If you are seeking blade putters that you can align easily, I strongly recommend the White Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0. Always, I have been a great fan of the putter Odyssey. It is a sleek model that is simple with a sightline on the top of the putter.

Putting the sightline close to your golf ball will make it much easier for aligning, especially if the sightline is located at the bottom of your putter. At times it can be a whole inch from the point the putter gets into contact with the golf ball.

The distance which lies between the ball and the putter face will make a major difference about where you may think you are aiming your golf ball.

This White Hot Pro has inserts, which also feel much greater at impact. They have a soft feel, a feel that is quiet at impact, as though one can hardly tell they are indeed hitting the ball.

For the best in blade putters, I suggest that Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 This putter is the easiest for aiming. Besides, you will buy it at an excellent price point, which is just around $100.

what is the Best putter to use?

The TaylorMade Spider Tour, a popular mallet putter on the PGA Tour, is quite an absolute beauty. This is by far one of the best golf putters to use on the course.

With enhancements in technology which helped to create this most balanced putter today on the market, TaylorMade has indeed crafted a mallet that strongly emphasizes the feel in the process of putting strokes.

With various alternatives of the hosel, TaylorMade caters to most golfers who use any putting stroke.

Mallet putters are modeled typically for golfers preferring straight-back and straight-through processes of putting stroke, but the Spider Tour will have options for the golfer who opt to utilize arc-stroke methods. And you can Practice all of these strokes with the proper Training golf equipment.

But the question golfers will mostly ask themselves when buying a putter is: How will the Spider Tour option roll the ball?

The Pure Roll insert of the Spider Tour prevents skidding and offers an exceptional feel besides propelling golf balls from the face with quite a smooth roll.

You will get solid and exceptional performance in putting stroke from the SuperStroke Grip, which prevents the hands from twisting when stroking. Be sure to see our Best putter grips here.

Weights that are adjustable will always allow a golfer with this Spider Tour to acquire a perfect feel at any point around the cup.