Tall golfers are lucky. They typically have incredible arm length and can hit the golf ball a long way. However, sometimes a golfer’s extra height can mean needing equipment that may not come directly off the shelf.

Custom fitting and longer golf clubs are essential for tall golfers.

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Most of the time, for a taller golfer to find a comfortable length putter, they will need 35 inches or more. The average putter size is 34 inches, with a shorter putter being considered 33 inches. If you play with a longer putter, the stance and stroke may not need to be adjusted.

If you are wondering what size putter you may need, be sure to check out What putter length do I need.

Let’s look at some of the best putters for tall golfers. We were sure to pick a style for all budgets and putting stroke styles.

Putters for Tall Golfers – Review

Cobra Golf King 3D Printed Putter

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The Cobra Golf King 3D Printed putter is the best overall golf putter for the tall golfer. With the Cobra 3D, Printed design golfers can get an impressive feel, perfect weighting, and the putter’s length is long enough for a taller golfer.

The idea behind this large putter head style is to have a higher MOI and fast feel. The putter head itself is extremely stable, allowing golfers to ensure that the putter head does not move around at impact.

With the new Cobra Connect putter grip, it is also much easier for players to track their performance and see how they are playing from one round to the next. This is without a doubt a modern putter with a much larger clubhead and advanced technology.


  • Large steel frame with tungsten weighting
  • Cobra connect grip
  • Mallet head design with easy alignment
  • Counterbalanced putter
  • It comes in a few different sizes


  • Expensive new design

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Stroke Lab One

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The original Odyssey golf putters were so good that many golfers started wondering why they ever got rid of them. With all of this great technology, players have often considered that it makes sense to bring back the old styles that actually worked quite well. In 2021 Odyssey released the new OG line of putters, which helps players to have the traditional feel and technology that they had in the original designs.

The new White Hot OG has the same White Hot Formulation, similar swing weight, feel, and sound. The end result is a great looking and feeling putter. We love the fact that Odyssey was not afraid to bring back something that works.


  • It comes in both the stroke lab and the steel shaft
  • Great feel
  • The best of the old and new technology
  • Impressive feel and sound


  • It can be hard to narrow down which is the best option for your needs

Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0

image of cleveland golf frontline 4.0 - AEC Info
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Cleveland Golf Frontline putters are typically lower in price than the Odyssey but still offer many of the same benefits. The new Frontline design features options 35 inches tall and is an excellent fit for the taller golfer.

One of the technologies that help the Frontline stand out is the Speed Optimized Face Technology. This technology normalizes speed across the face and keeps ball speed consistent. This will help as you move from one hole to the next and try and have outstanding performance.

Cleveland uses their 2135 technology to see down the line and get much better performance when it comes to alignment. Between the great look, feel, and overall features, the Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0 is one of the best value golf putters for taller golfers.


  • Great looking putter
  • Features proprietary aiming technology
  • Speed optimized face


  • It can be difficult for those with an extensive arc style stroke

TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter #7

image of taylormade spider fcg putter #7 - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade Spider putters are good options for taller golfers, but we like the performance of this TaylorMade Spider FCG Putter #7. Not only does this club have a slightly more normalized Mallet putter shape, but it also comes with the Pure Roll insert to improve forward roll.

If you are a golfer that is in need of a high MOI design, firmer feel, and adjustable weighting in the clubhead, this is a great golfer to consider. The TaylorMade Spider FCG putter can work for both higher handicappers and lower handicappers.

The new True Path T-Sightline allows golfers to align their putter heel and toe better so that the club is not sitting open or close to the golf hole. Remember that for tall golfers finding the best golf putters is not just about proper length but about overall performance as well.


  • Adjustable sole weight
  • Easy alignment
  • Great looking design
  • Higher MOI for better performance on faster greens


  • Not the traditional TaylorMade Spider that performs so well on the PGA Tour

Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft

image of cleveland huntington beach soft - AEC Info
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It should not surprise you that the Cleveland name makes the list of best putters for taller golfers two times. These putters have a softer feel, a precision milled Face, and a CNC Milling pattern that allows for a perfect option for the higher handicappers and new players.

We are impressed with the overall performance that the Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft brings to the market. Even if you don’t hit the ball dead center, there is minimal vibration, and the ball still seems to roll on the proper line.

The Speed Optimized Face technology is another essential feature that allows for a more solid strike in the center of the clubhead. If you are an inconsistent golf putter, this club will help make up for it. The most important part of the right putter is a club that feels great and performs for your consistently.


  • Soft overall feel
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Classic looking golf design


  • A few golfers will find the modern mallet to be more Forgiving

Tour Edge Counter Balance N2

image of tour edge counter balance n2 - AEC Info
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Tour Edge is a golf putter that flies a bit under the radar. They don’t spend nearly as much money or time on marketing, and therefore you won’t hear quite as much about these putters. However, for a taller golfer, the Tour Edge Counter Balance N2 can be a great solution. This is a counterbalanced putter with excellent feel, and it even comes standard with a 36 inch shaft length.

With most putters coming standard at 35 inches or less, it is nice to have the 36 inch option without purchasing custom. The Tour Edge putters also come with a jumbo grip, and that helps ensure a player’s hands and wrists stay out of the stroke.


  • It helps players reduce rotation at impact
  • Softer feel than previous models
  • It comes standard in 36 inches
  • Fairly priced putter


  • It does not have the same great feel that other golf putter models for tall golfers have

TaylorMade Truss Center Shafted Putter

image of taylormade truss center shafted - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade Truss Center Shafted putter is one of the most stable golf putters for a taller golfer. With the Truss golf putter, there is almost no vibration or movement at impact, and it allows golfers to feel as though they can repeat the same stroke every single time.

The new adjustable sole weights in the TaylorMade Truss can allow for the center of gravity to be moved around to properly accommodate the stroke of a golfer. If you have found that your putting stroke is inconsistent, the Truss is something that could help.

Many taller golfers have a hard time with consistency because of the longer shaft length and trouble they have with control of the clubhead. A center shafted golf putter only further improves the stability you get with the TaylorMade Truss.


  • Created with stronger shapes for more stable performance
  • PureRoll Insert for the best feel
  • Increases consistency for golfers


  • Unique style takes some time to get used to

Odyssey Golf Triple Ten Track Stroke Lab Putter

image of odyssey golf triple ten track stroke lab - AEC Info
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The Odyssey Golf Triple Track Ten design is another option that is improving the consistency for golfers. The Triple Track Ten has two great features that help it stand out from other putters. The first is the alignment lines on the putter head, and the second is the shape of this clubhead.

With the Triple Track, you will get a very large style club head with three alignment lines. Combine this with the Callaway Golf Triple Track design golf balls, and you will have no way of missing the golf hole.

Even though this is a large golf club head, the head weight and putter shaft connection make it feel seamless and workable. This is quickly becoming one of the best golf putters from Odyssey, and we are not surprised by it.


  • Tour Proven design
  • Consistent golf putter
  • Easy alignment
  • More forgiving than previous models
  • High-performance micro hinge putter


  • Expensive newer design from Odyssey

The Best Putter for Tall Golfers Is . . .

Cobra Golf King 3D Printed Putter

image of cobra golf 2021 king 3d - AEC Info

The best putter for tall golfers is the Cobra King 3D printed putter. Not only is this golf putter available in the 35 inch size, but there are also 37 inch models to work for the taller golfers. These Cobra Kind 3D printer putters will come in a few different styles, and they are all designed to help keep a golf ball on a consistent path with a straighter line.

Even though these cobra putter heads are really large modern mallet styles, the feel is quite pure. Once you get used to the look at address position, your putting will likely improve significantly.

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The best putter for tall golfers is the Cobra King 3D printed putter. Not only is this golf putter available in the 35 inch size, but there are also 37 inch models to work for the taller golfers. These Cobra Kind 3D printer putters will come in a few different styles, and they are all designed to help keep a golf ball on a consistent path with a straighter line.

Even though these cobra putter heads are really large modern mallet styles, the feel is quite pure. Once you get used to the look at address position, your putting will likely improve significantly.

Buyers Guide: How To Choose A Great Golf Putter

Now that you have a list of the best golf putters for tall players, you need to decide which one is the best for your needs. There are a few considerations that tall golfers need to make before deciding which golf putter is the best for their needs. Some putters like belly putters or broomstick putter styles are naturally good for taller players.


The length of a golf putter is very important for a taller golfer. As long as a putter is 35 inches or taller, it tends to be a good putter length for a golfer that is 6”0″ or taller. The length of the putter is an important consideration, but it mostly comes into play when you consider the putting style of the golfer as well. Correct putter length is essential for performance.

Putter Style

A putter is typically a mallet or a Blade style putter. The mallet putters are great for alignment, and they have a very large sweet spot. In addition, the mallet-style putters can help golfers struggling with distance control and speed.

Blade-style putters for tall golfers are typically the best for faster greens and golfers that are a bit more skilled. One of the most important things about finding a great putter is choosing something comfortable.


Sometimes a putter for tall golfers can come with an adjustable shaft length. The adjustable shaft length can increase the height from the standard putter length. With adjustability, you will feel almost like you are purchasing more than one putter at once.

The great thing about adjustability is the correct putter length is just a quick adjustment away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about golf putters for taller golfers. The proper putter is essential because of the number of times you will use a putter during your round. Here are a few of the most critical questions golfers ask about the proper golf putter.

Do Tall Golfers Need Longer Putters?

Most tall golfers will do well with a 35 inch long putter. Golfers that are taller than 6’3″ may find that the extended 36 inch putter is the better length.

Is A 36 Inch Putter Too Long?

A 36 inch putter is not too long if you can get your eyes over the golf ball and be able to see down the line. With a 36 inch, putter golfers will be able to feel more confident and not bend over all that much when they try and make a putter. Some taller golfers may be able to use a belly putter to help them with consistency.

Can Putters Be Extended?

Golf putters can be extended to the length that a player needs. With the proper golf club fitting technology, golf putters can be extended. Weighting and counterbalance must be adjusted to ensure that the adjustment in the length of the golf putter does not impact performance.