In the field of golf, which has typically centered around men for decades, we are finally beginning to see a change. However, it’s still commonplace to see the focus of a golf club design catered towards men making it harder for women to find a great club.

By customizing your putter to fit you best, you’re taking action to make yourself a better player with better numbers. Here are our top five putters for women:

Best Putters for Ladies

Evnroll Golf – ER2 Mid Blade Putter

image of evnroll golf- er2 mid blade putter - AEC Info
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In our opinion, this is the best putter for women on the market. The weight of this device is in direct correlation to the putter’s length to provide you with an accurate and attuned stroke. Light yet durable, this putter will act as if it’s not even there when walking between holes, yet once in your hands, you’ll see a world of difference.

Reviews of this putter attest to the balance of the device and rave about how it feels when in use. This putter allows you to make an accurate and even putt from anywhere between 10 and 30 feet away. Stainless steel and a sleek design offer grace on the green for anyone using the Evnroll putter. The length of this device seems to be about the average of the industry and doesn’t seem to come in varying sizes.


  • Well balanced putter
  • Stainless steel device
  • Tough and dependable face


  • Industry average length
  • No variations in size

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 VLine Ladies Putter 33

image of odyssey white hot pro 2.0 vline ladies putter - AEC Info
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The Odyssey putters offer tour-level performance, which is one of the reasons why so many lady golfers love this putter. The key feature of the White Hot Pro 2.0 is the White Hot Pro insert that delivers a surprisingly pleasant sound and feel at impact across the face. It also affects the performance, so you’ll notice how smoothly the ball rolls towards the hole.

The putter features the so-called Eye Fit System that allows golfers to select the best head shape as the whole line includes various mallet and blade style putters. The perimeter weighting makes it more forgiving, while the three alignment lines help you square the ball properly.

The jumbo grip it comes with is easy to hold, very comfortable, and confidence-inspiring. You will immediately notice how well-balanced the Hot White Pro 2.0 is, and it isn’t too heavy either. It sets up very easily, and it stays square through the impact. No wonder that many users praise it for reducing strokes off the game.


  • Tour-inspired design and performance
  • Tour-winning insert for improved sound and feel
  • EyeFit system that helps you select the best head shape for your stroke
  • Forgiving mallet design


  • Some golfers might need time to adjust to the shaft angle.

Odyssey Toe Up Putter

image of odyssey toe up putter - AEC Info
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Even though this says it is a Men’s putter, it’s a great mallet for any female golfer.

Odyssey’s Toe Up advertising was set out to be a sidekick of Callaway Odyssey White Hot, and their marketing worked! I couldn’t wait to hit a golf ball with this new mallet release!

The stroke of this putter is the best focus of the design, as every detail is precisely thought out and crafted to offer a great putt, and hang toe up. The balance of the Odyssey is specifically designed to reduce torque during the golf swing, and twisting during the follow through. The face of the putter is laser-cut to provide a pure roll while on the green. It is perfectly flat and chemically etched to keep your putt clean and smooth.

When reviewing this putter I was excited about the feel when hitting a golf ball. The balance that this product offers keeps your stroke smooth and easy – many customers who have purchased the putter claim the balance lives up to the hype offered. The shaft is once again listed at the industry standard for length and doesn’t seem to offer variations.


  • Laser-cut and chemically etched
  • Offers a smooth and balanced stroke
  • Reduced torque during swing


  • Standard size length

TaylorMade Spider Tour Red Putter

image of taylormade golf 2018 spider putters - AEC Info
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The spider putter name is lived up to with this golf mallet. This putter looks as though it should be part of a futuristic steampunk brand of golf equipment. The extravagant design of this putter is not lost on its users. Each feature of this putter has an effect on the stroke it offers. This club offers a removed sightline to help zero in the players eye during the putt as well as a perimeter weighting for added stability.

A pure roll insert is included, which offers increased topspin and a smoother roll on the green while putting. Rating this putter is overwhelmingly positive – with few critiques along the way. Many of us users cannot get enough of this putter as it shows professional quality for a lower and more affordable price. This putter is tour edge tested as its tour-specific design is used by three of the top golf pros in the world.


  • Hyper-focused putting performance
  • Extremely smooth, pure roll
  • One of the best putters for pro golfers


  • Design can be distracting
  • Suited for older golfers

Ping Vault 2.0 Dale Anser Stealth PP60 Putter

image of ping vault 2.0 dale anser stealth pp60 putter - AEC Info
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The consistency of this putter can be felt in the smooth roll it provides the user. The mill of the putter head provides an even spread across the surface. Each model comes with a different balance and weighting, which are based on the length of the shaft and model. A more humble option for modest golfers, this putter technology provides a dependable and consistent putting game to anyone who uses it.


  • Consistent putt
  • Even milling for consistent roll
  • Offers customization options


  • Overpriced compared to the features

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select

image of titleist scotty cameron select newport 3 putter - AEC Info
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You’re getting the basics with this putter. Titleist has been in the industry long enough to know what works and to offer it to their customers. This club showcases Titleist’s dependability and understanding of the sport.

The face of the putter is designed to provide a smooth topspin roll for any pro or semi-pro. The head offers a focus pointer to keep your stroke on target and to keep your putting game under par.


  • Cushioned grip providing smooth handling
  • Titleist dependability
  • Topspin putting


  • Basic design
  • Industry-standard length

The Best Putter for Women is…

ER2 Mid Blade Putter

image of evnroll golf- er2 mid blade putter - AEC InfoIn our opinion, this is the best putter for women on the market. The weight of this device is in direct correlation to the putter’s length to provide you with an accurate and attuned stroke. Light yet durable, this putter will act as if it’s not even there when walking between holes, yet once in your hands, you’ll see a world of difference.

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The standout performer of the bunch would have to go to our number one – the Evnroll golf putter.

The weighting of this putter provides one of the smoothest rolls on this list. Customers who have used the product can attest to the heavier weight and rating that comes with this design. Even when trying to add torque to their swing, the Evnroll putter finds a way to align itself and keep your putting game strong.

What Are The Best Putters For Women?

Having a great drive can get your game started in the right spot. Being great on the fairway allows you to experience traps and work your way through obstacles while dealing with opposing winds downward slopes. However, none of these matter if you don’t have a quality putter in your ranks. As putter technology continues to advance and develop, the field of options in advertising putters for women continues to grow.

When looking for a new putter, it’s not wrong to consider the top name brands of golf equipment. They’re top brands for a reason and their excellence continues to show through their products. Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, and Evnroll each offer high performance clubs that have demonstrated excellence in quality to women golfers.

What Should You Look For When Buying A Putter?

There are plenty of factors to consider when buying a putter. Examining the size of the club should be your starting point. Next, you want something that offers you a proper stance without breaking your back.

For women in the sport of golf, finding the perfect club becomes exponentially more difficult, just like finding the perfect Golf Female shoe. Many of the top brands of ladies clubs are based on averages with little hope of modifications.

Customized clubs are an excellent option. They can offer you some of the best weight and balance choices for your game, but they are expensive – even more so than your typical mallet. This is why researching and discovering the features of a great golf club is necessary before you begin shopping for one. But what features should you be on the lookout for when hunting for a new putter?

There’s always a middle ground to be found with your putter. This is the tightest stroke of the game and when it comes down to it, you want a club that takes the tension off your shoulders. Having a putter that is designed with performance in mind helps make the difference more than you would think. If your putter is too light, you’ll find yourself always undershooting the hole. A heavier golf club and the ball goes flying off the green. A simple middle ground is usually best.

The standard length of a putter shaft is 34-inches. There is no such thing an as average sized golfer. Some people are taller and some smaller. Get into your putter stance and test the extension on your arms.

Again, a simple middle ground is what you’re looking for in order to avoid overextending or scrunching. Customization of clubs is expensive and can lead to a hefty price – however – if you purchase a standard club that’s too long for your game, you can get it tailored by a club mechanic.

Finding a club with the perfect balance is pivotal, however, there are many different ways for a club to be balanced. Considering the type of swing you’re attempting to achieve with your putt will decide which type of balance you’re looking for.

For example – center-shafted putters are best for a straight-through swing whereas heel-shafted work for an inside-out stroke. Finding the right putter balance for you should be done through testing the products.

At AEC Info Golf, we love finding new products, clothing, clubs, and training aids we can use to improve our game. In the last few weeks in between rounds, we added to our Launch monitor collection, picked up a new Travel bag, golf ready, tried out several Push carts, golf course approved, along with an awesome Golf bag, cooler.

We just can’t get enough of testing and picking great products related to the links.

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