Knowing which sand wedge to use while out on the links can be tricky for beginners. As you contend with the basics of a respectable swing and stance, unearthing the right sand wedge might not be a top priority.

Of course, these are the clubs you’ll turn to when you find yourself coping with sand bunkers and other perils. Things every beginner gets to know all too well. If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Below, we will break down the very best sand wedge for beginners on the market today. Ready to find your perfect club? Let’s get started.

Best sand wedge  for newbies 

Cleveland Golf CBX2 Wedge

image of cleveland golf cbx2 wedge - AEC Info
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The Cleveland Golf CBX 2 wedge is the best overall golf wedge for beginners. The reason that Cleveland sits at the very top of our list is because of the impressive technology that they have been able to incorporate into a club for a new player.

So many golf manufacturers will save the great feel and performance technology for the golfers with the lowest handicaps. However, with the Cleveland Golf CBX 2, this is not the case. The premium performance was put into place to ensure that even beginners get the feel they need around the green.

The three different sole grinds in the CBX2 wedge will ensure that regardless of your lie, you have a club that will properly suit you. Although these are the best sand wedges for beginners, we recommend grabbing a lob wedge and a gap wedge as well.

The new Rotex Face and the Gelback TPU Technology improve the look and overall performance that this club has to offer. Don’t let your beginner status make you think you will need a cheap golf wedge; the Cleveland CBX 2 is going to provide the performance you need.


  • Hollow cavity back design
  • Great feel
  • Black satin finish option
  • Impressive Tour Zip Grooves


  • It does not have same clean look as a blade wedge

Callaway Mack Daddy CB

image of callaway mack daddy cb - AEC Info
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The Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge is something designed to help players that need impressive short game control and a great transition back into the iron set. So many times, players struggle to transition properly from the short irons into the wedges.

With the Mack Daddy CB Wedges, you will easily see how this wedge will just instantly feel as though it is part of the set. The Mack Daddy CB happens to be a great choice from the rough, the short grass, and even from the bunker.

We find that the Callaway Jaws wedges on the market are very good for feel and precision, and the Mack Daddy CB is stronger for forgiveness and consistent distance. Those that play with this wedge will find that it works from the time you are a new player into your years as a mid handicapper.


  • Groove in groove technology for extra spin
  • Incredible feel from a variety of turf conditions
  • It comes in two finish options
  • Four sole grinds


  • It does not have the same greenside spin as a Callaway Jaws wedge

xE1 Sand Wedge & Lob Wedge

image of xe1 sand wedge & lob wedge - AEC Info
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One of the most frustrating things for beginner golfers is hitting a sand shot and getting stuck in the sand. When you can’t get out of the sand in one swing, the entire golf game starts to feel a bit hopeless. Luckily there is a solution, and it is the xE1 Sand Wedge. IF you happen to truly struggle with getting out of the bunker, this is the way to change your game.

The xE1 is built with a very high loft and an AutoGlide Sole. The sole makes it much easier for the club to slide through the sand and launch the ball out of the trap. The club’s entire face is also quite wide to give players ample room to make contact with the ball. Regardless of the height of the bunker that you are playing, the xE1 can get you over the lip.

In addition to getting out of the bunker, the xEq also does a great job helping players eliminate fat shots. If you find that you are a person that hits behind the ball from time to time, the xE1 will help keep the club moving through and making sure the resulting shot is relatively high as well.

The short game is the most challenging part of golf for beginners. Don’t make it harder on yourself by choosing a club that creates more work. The xE1 is a perfect choice to consider to enjoy easier and more enjoyable days on the course.


  • Gets out of the bunker easily
  • Plenty of loft
  • AutoGlide sole


  • Feel is not quite as good as a Cleveland or Callaway wedge

Cleveland Golf- RTX ZipCore Tour Satin Wedge

image of cleveland golf- rtx zipcore tour satin wedge - AEC Info
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Cleveland Golf makes some very high-quality golf wedges for players of all handicaps. It does not matter if you are a high or low handicapper; there is something about this ZipCore that you will very likely find beneficial to your game. The biggest update in this brand new Cleveland design is that the center of gravity has moved, giving golfers more control and adding spin.

The ZipCore features the UltiZip Groove, which are deep and sharp compared to the other golf wedges on the market. With the UltiZip Grooves, golfers can get better contact and spin, regardless of the lie that they are dealing with.

One of the great features of the Cleveland RTZ Zip Core is that it has a heat treatment that was done to it. The heat treatment is to help the grooves remain in great shape for years to come. Not having to worry about the grooves wearing out over time makes this an option that beginners can use well into the mid handicap level of golf.


  • Three sole grinds
  • Works for beginners and mid handicappers
  • Heat treatment for longevity
  • Utlizip Grooves from increased spin and performance


  • Higher price than some other beginner wedges

Texan Classics Gun Metal Wedge

Set of 3 52, 56, 60

image of texan classics gun metal wedge - AEC Info
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When starting out with the game of golf, it isn’t unusual to have a very high handicap. If big handicaps are your thing, then this set by Texan Classics is a sterling choice. As a brand, Texan classics freely keep both learners and capable golfers in mind. Wedges are accurate, yet simple to use. This set contains three distinct wedges, each with specific lofts for just one price.

To strengthen spin and accuracy, Texan Classics employs stainless steel for the head of each club. Add-in true temper steel for the shaft, and you’ve got a club that can go the distance. If your objective as a novice is to get closer to the flag, these wedges will help you do just that. After all, every beginner needs to find a sand wedge that is responsive and accurate. This set may just be a great place to start.


  • A forged feel head provides excellent control
  • Wedges come in a handy set of three
  • The set offers versatile options for different shots
  • True Temper steel shaft increases the club’s overall durability
  • Each wedge has an all-weather grip to keep you in control


  • You might not like the feel of an all-weather grip
  • All three wedges feel a bit longer than regular ones
  • These wedges are only for male right-hand play

Pinemeadow Wedge

image of pinemeadow wedge - AEC Info
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Odds are you don’t want to lay down a $100 for a single club as a beginner. That kind of dough might work for serious golfers, but you’re still finding your footing. If you’re just starting out, the Pinemeadow Wedge makes for a solid entry-level club type that can help you lower your overall score. Made from high-quality Pinemadow steel, each club is incredibly solid, yet accurate.

It is a wedge that really performs for the price. As an avid golfer, I was pleasantly surprised to find that you can get right in close to the ball for more accuracy. Greater accuracy leads to higher consistency in shots as you get used to the wedge itself. This is a straightforward yet powerful wedge that boasts plenty of loft options to suit your skill level.


  • Affordable without skimping on quality.
  • Loft options are vast, ranging from 52 to 68 degrees
  • Options are available for both male and female golfers
  • Orientation for right-handed or left-handed use
  • Made with durable Pinemeadow steel from Apollo
  • Accurate and responsive to the beginner’s swing


  • You might not like the feel of the plastic grip
  • The grip does not offer as much traction on a given swing

Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge

image of wilson harmonized golf wedge - AEC Info
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Wilson golf products have long held the notoriety of being practical and tenacious. The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge features a classic blade style and high polish finish. This sand wedge steals the show in and out of the golf bag. Both beginners and pros have found success with the Wilson wedge. Chiefly thanks to aggressive grooves that maximize spin and a sole grind that makes fragile shots a breeze.

The club also features a steel shaft that comes in regular flex. Size-wise, most avid golfers enjoy that the club is 34 inches long with a grip that can grant you a confident feel. As a beginner, getting the hang of using a wedge can be tricky. The Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge makes it simple without breaking the bank. If it is important for you to stay in a budget without compromising quality, this could prove a great place to start.


  • The true temper steel makes it a highly durable wedge ready to take a beating
  • The sole grind allows you to open up the face for greater accuracy with each shot
  • Modified bounce angles can offer versatility from the rough, fairway, and sand.
  • Aggressive grooves maximize your overall spin
  • Budget-friendly and beginner-accessible


  • The grip might feel a little bit short if you have larger hands
  • The wedge might feel too lightweight or cheap

Cleveland RTX Full Face Tour Satin

image of cleveland golf men's rtx-3 vmg wedge - AEC Info
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Whether on the fairway or in the rough, the right wedge can make a huge difference for a beginning golfer. When you find yourself in an awkward situation, the Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG Wedge could make things more manageable. With a classic shape and a budget-friendly price tag, the RTX-3 VMG is all about bang for the buck. With free balancing technology, V sole grinds, and a larger profile for more forgiveness, you’ll find that getting out of trouble is slightly easier with this club in your bag.

Every feature on the RTX-3 VMG wedge is designed to offer better control and shot consistency. Two things every new golfer craves. If consistent club performance is something you want, this club is probably worth a trial run out in the course. Primarily since the RTX features tour-proven grinds for even stronger turf interaction and a cleaner swing.


  • Unique feel balancing technology
  • Consistent control grinds for better accuracy
  • Optimized spin performance.
  • Stronger turf interactions, thanks to consistent club performance
  • More forgiving profile than similar wedge clubs


  • The club can take some getting used to
  • Some golfers find the club to be a bit on the heavy side
  • The club could use a larger sweet spot

TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge

image of taylormade milled grind wedge - AEC Info
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One thing you’ll quickly find as a beginner is that wedges really are quite personal. You’ll need the right look and feel in order to use them well. The wrong feeling and your entire game will be off. The TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedge shines in using technology to lower scores and up your golf game. With raw face technology in tow, these wedges are built to maximize spin. A raw finish also means there is no plating across the face and grooves.

Without plating, the clubface has a rougher surface, which generates more spin and greater accuracy. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you might benefit from the greater friction this wedge creates. The raw face is also far less reflective, meaning you won’t have to worry about the glare in your clubface. While this club might have a steeper learning curve than some, it is quite user-friendly and could be a nice place to get your feet wet with a wedge.


  • Machine-milling of sole and bounce ensures precision in the grind
  • Classy eye-catching appearance
  • The raw face is less reflective, reducing glare
  • Spin is maximized thanks to zero platings across the face and grooves
  • Three bounce option is great for beginners and advanced golfers.


  • Wedges are a bit pricier than similar models
  • Mid to high handicappers could find better sand wedges.

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

image of callaway mack daddy 3 chrome s-grind wedge - AEC Info
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Let’s say you’re somewhere between an expert and a beginner. You’re content with your score, but it could always stand to be a little lower. When looking for the right sand wedge, consider the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge. Golfers at your level tend to appreciate a club that has a steadily satisfying touch through the lofts. In other words, you want to feel the turf when you make a connection.

The Mack Daddy 3 excels at doing just that. Of course, the real selling point might just be the cavity back design. This allows the head to fit four distinct holes in the back of its sole. These holes stand to take weight out low on the head, which raises the center of gravity on the club slightly. If you’re someone who wants to maximize distance control, increase spin, and have a bit more forgiveness, this feature is paramount.


  • Nice consistent feel through the lofts
  • Groove design allows for plenty of increased spin
  • The cavity design allows for greater trajectory control
  • Nice round large head profile
  • Plenty of customization options online


  • The size of the wedge can be off-putting to some
  • Many aren’t keen on the fact that the club is not forged

C3i Wedge – Premium Sand Wedge, Lob Wedge for Men & Women

image of c3i wedge - AEC Info
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If you’re someone struggling to save strokes around the green, the C3i wedge can certainly help. This is a club that was initially designed to help players who struggle with the short game by making wedge shots easy. For many amateur golfers, pitching and bunker play can be tiresome. The C3i is engineered to parlay frustrations through Auto-Glide Extreme Sole. The sole is designed to slide seamlessly along the ground through the swing. Thus, making the C3i a very forgiving wedge.

As someone who struggles with wedge shots, I can admit that the C3i made the process easier. Compared to traditional wedges, the C3i also has a center of gravity that is moved higher. This not only provides more stability on the point of impact, but it can also increase spin on your shots. Additionally, you’ll find that the C3i holds a classic teardrop design and a polymer insert cavity for added confidence on every shot.


  • User-friendly and great for beginning golfers
  • Makes any shot around the green easy to execute
  • Anyone can make consistent contact with the ball on any lie
  • Bunker shots are a breeze, even for new golfers


  • Cast instead of forged, which can impact the overall feel
  • Tough to use on chip shots due to the overall loft
  • The wide sole can make fluffy shots difficult

FP4 Forward Press Wedge

image of fp4 forward press wedge - AEC Info
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Both beginners and avid golfers always find themselves questioning their short game. If you’re someone who wants to take the guesswork out of golf, let the FP4 Forward Press Wedge be where you start. With evolved built-in onward shaft lean and expertly combined adjustment graphics, all you need to do is “press and rock.” This can allow you to control the trajectory of your ball and garner a bit more spin. On a traditional wedge, you’ll have to ponder how to go about making your Golf ball do what you need it to do.

With the FP4, many find that control comes naturally. All you have to do is look at your target and strike. The ability to lock-in with a consistent and controlled swing isn’t just imperative to up your score; it can help you come within a few feet of the flag every time. While the FP4 Forward Press Wedge isn’t for everyone, you might find an increase in confidence and a better swing with the club in tow.


  • Easy to make consistent and crisp contact on every shot
  • Built-in forward shaft lean technology for greater control
  • Legal for tournament play
  • Added bounce along the sole for extra forgiveness on tricky shots
  • Quick-stopping lasers for difficult shots


  • There is a bit of a learning curve with the club itself

And The Best Sand Wedge For Beginners Is…

image of cleveland golf cbx2 wedge - AEC Info

Cleveland Golf CBX2 wedge

The winner of the best sand wedges for beginners is the Cleveland Golf CBX2 wedge. Cleveland is a tour leader when it comes to golf wedge technology and impressive performance around the greens. With the CBX2 you will be able to stay precise while still getting the necessary forgiveness that players need around the green.

Even though this is a cavity back style wedge, the performance stands out as some of the best on the market. Beginners will be able to keep this club in the bag for many years, making it a really smart investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Be sure to check out the rest of our wedge reviews here:

What is The Advantage of Using A Sand Wedge?

As the name suggests, the primary function of a sand wedge is to get you out of those dreaded bunkers and sand traps. They can also be used for much shorter approach shots.

Does a Beginner Need a Sand Wedge?

In a word, yes. Every Novice should always have at least one sand wedge in their golf bag. While no one is asking you to break the bank, affordable options such as the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge make it easy to have one on hand. But why does a sand wedge even matter at all?

To start, you will inevitably find yourself dealing with bunkers and sand traps during your golfing career. Unlike other Golf clubs such as irons and drivers,  sand wedges are effective because of the bounce they offer. Bounce refers to the angle between the front of the sole and the ground. A sand wedge is unique in that it has a much higher angle, which produces more bounce.

While you may hope you don’t have to park your Pull cart next to a sand bunker, nearly every golf course makes this impossible. As a beginner, you’re bound to end up in the sand on most rounds.

The Best Way to Use A Sand Wedge

A sand wedge won’t do you much good as a beginner if you don’t know how to use it. Need to know the best way to use a sand wedge before you hit the links? Start with the basics. How you hit a sand wedge is contingent on the situation: where you are on the course (sand, rough, Fairway), your exact lie, and the shot you need to hit.

Playing in Sand

When you find your ball in the sand, you’ll play it like a normal bunker shot. Simply enter the sand a few inches behind the ball and let the bounce of the club slide the face underneath the ball. This is especially easy with a club like the FP4 Press Wedge, which will do most of the hard work for you.

Playing in the Rough

Most of the time you can get away with hitting a Hybrid or Driving iron if playing out of the rough.  However, if your ball is in the buried deep in the rough, you’ll need a solid sand wedge that will allow you to avoid “chopping down” on the ball. This amounts to digging the club into the ground with the leading edge. With a sand wedge, simply take the club far enough back and make a big swing so that you have momentum. A club like the TaylorMade will help to cut through seamlessly back into the grass.

How Far Should You Hit a Sand Wedge?

When striving to get out of sand or the rough, keep in mind exactly how far you should hit a sand wedge. Generally speaking, a well-made sand wedge can carry a loft between 54 and 58 degrees. As the name suggests, it is typically reserved for bunker play. The average golfer is able to hit a sand wedge around 70 yards. You won’t be able to hit a sand wedge much farther as a beginner. Tour professionals have been known to hit a sand wedge some 100 yards.

How To Choose The One

When looking for a sand wedge, there are a few things to consider as a beginner: clubhead, bounce, and loft.

Consider the Club Head

When choosing the right sand wedge, know what you want from your clubhead. Some wedges are round at the bottom of the head, while others are built more square. The best way to determine the right shape is to look at two sand club heads side by side. An example of a club with a notable head is the Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge.

Keep Bounce in Mind

Another fact to consider is the bounce of the club. Bounce can go from as low as two to as high as sixteen. Consider Your playing style and the type of courses you tend to play on. If you tend to play on courses with firm sand in the bunkers, then you’ll want a wedge with a lower bounce from two to eight like the C3i golf wedge. For soft bunkers, Go with a higher wedge of twelve to sixteen, such as the Cleveland Golf Men’s RTX-3 VMG Wedge.

Get To Know Loft

Finally, consider loft. There are three different types of lofts for wedges. Ranges include:

  • Gap wedge (52°) – 50° to 53°
  • Sand wedge (56°) – 54° to 58°
  • Lob wedge (60°) – 59° to 68°

Choose a loft based on the average distance you tend to hit the ball. If you’re not sure where to start, choose a solid entry-level club like the Pinemeadow Wedge