Women golfers are constantly being told that they have a disadvantage when it comes to golf. Since women golfers don’t always get the same clubhead speed that a man gets, it seems as though it is harder to score. Although hitting the ball a long way is helpful, any professional will tell you the short game is much more important.

Women golfers can make up for any of the shots they miss on the course by being great at chipping, pitching, and getting the ball near the hole. Let’s take a look at three essential short game shots for women golfers.

What are the best short game shots for women golfers?

Women golfers need to have a variety of short game shots for around the green. It is essential to ensure that you know how to pitch and chip the ball. The important thing for all female golfers to remember is that one swing or one type of shot is not enough.

Having a variety of different shots that you can hit will make you a much better player. We will look at a shot with a pitching wedge that keeps the ball lower, sand or lob wedge higher shot, and a bump and run type option that keeps the ball along the ground.

Pitching wedge chip

A chip shot is going to roll further than it flies. This means that the chip shot stays on the ground a bit longer than the pitch. The pitching wedge is a great club for chipping because it helps you get the ball up in the air, but it also has a great feel and control.

image of attractive golfer girl on golf course with driver - AEC InfoFor this shot, you are going to want to narrow your stance and shorten your golf swing. Pick a spot about halfway between you and the hole and try and land your chip shot in this spot. When landing the ball in this area, you will have to plan how the rest of the shot will roll.

If the greens are very fast, you may have to land the ball a little shorter and let it roll the rest of the way. You will need to practice before you can play this shot is; the amount of distance you get with your different size swings. Since this is not a full swing shot, you will notice that it can be a bit tricky to learn to judge distance.

Sand wedge pitch

Some women golfers only carry a pitching wedge in their bag. This is really a mistake. Women golfers need clubs that are good at both pitching and chipping their golf balls around the course. The sand wedge pitch shot is a perfect option if you want to play something that flies in the air and then stops in place on the green.

The sand wedge pitch is perfect when you are hitting out of the rough, and you may need extra spin to get the ball to stop on the green.

When hitting these types of shots, we like to make sure that feet are closer together and that you hit down and through the shot. Again, distance will vary depending on the lie and the size of the golf swing that you take.

This shot takes some practice to really improve, but it is fun to practice at home. You can take a bucket and put it out into your yard and practice hitting shots into the bucket. When you get out on the course, you will just imagine that bucket and get the ball to land right in it.

A sand wedge is a must-have club for amateur and professional golfers.

Hybrid bump and run

A unique shot that is a great choice for the woman golfer is a hybrid bump and run. For those chips that are just sitting in the front of the green or right on the fringe, you can take a very small swing with a hybrid and use it almost as s putter. The club will barely leave the ground with this shot.

With the hybrid bump and run, play your feet close together and know that the ball is barely going to leave the ground. This is almost like putting, except that you will get better distances and a bit of a stronger roll. Sometimes when you putt, the ball can get thrown off the line by the rough grass. With the hybrid, you won’t have to worry about the ball getting pushed off track.

This shot works really well on slow greens and when you have a lot of green between you and the ball.

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Ladies short game shot faq’s

Now that you have all the tips for success around the greens, here are a few questions that female golfers tend to ask about wedges and the short game control.

How many wedges should women carry?

Women golfers should have two to four wedges in their bags. We believe that having at least three is important if you want to take your game to the next level. The wedges will include

If you have room in your bag for all of these, you should take advantage of it and give yourself so many different shot choices when you are around the green.

What bounce is right in a women’s golf wedge?

Most women golfers will do best with a mid bounce wedge. The mid bounce allows for the perfect amount of forgiveness mixed with performance. If you carry a few wedges in your bag, it may be a good idea to carry one with a high bounce for bunker shots that may benefit from this technology.

Can a sand wedge be used from the rough?

So many golfers think that they can only use their sand wedge from a bunker. IF you need to call this club your 56 degree wedge so that you use it everywhere, go ahead and do that. Do not get stuck on the fact that a sand wedge can only be used from the sand. This is a club that should be one of your best friends in the bag.

Parting words

In general, the best short game shots for women golfers are the same as the best short game shots for male golfers. Some of the most important short game shots for golfers of any gender include pitch shots, chips, and putts. These shots can help a golfer get the ball onto the green and close to the hole, which can save strokes and improve their score. It’s important for golfers to practice these shots regularly in order to develop good technique and improve their short game.