Irons play a significant role in how you play the game, and TaylorMade irons have been game-changers for many years in a row. If you have peeked in top golfers’ bags such as Dustin Johnson’s, Tiger Woods’s, and Rory McIlroy’s, you must have noticed their TaylorMade golf clubs.

As a matter of fact, most of the company’s latest releases and tour-level irons have been made with significant input and feedback from Tiger, Rory, and Dustin, bringing each new release to the next level of sophistication.

TaylorMade irons offer variety and advancement per se. From cutting-edge, ultra-premium designs crafted for tour players to cavity-back irons that deliver game-improvement performance, there’s everything for anyone. We selected the best TaylorMade irons for different golfer categories, so read on to find your best match!

TaylorMade Irons Reviews


Best Overall

image of taylormade sim max irons - AEC Info
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Coming up with the SIM (Shape in Motion) line earlier this year, TaylorMade introduced more dynamics with their SIM irons, leading to an overall improvement to their clubs.

The SIM Max irons offer incredible performance versatility, and they tend to suit casual and better golfers, as the MAX line is a bit smaller sized than the MAX OS line.

Inconsistent ball strikers will find the thick topline and the wide sole confidence-inspiring, while the larger sweet spot offers greater accuracy.

The Speed Bridge has been a proven formula that works, as it connects the topline to the back bar offering a better feel, more speed, and better sound. With the use of the ECHO damping system, TaylorMade paid lots of attention to the sound and feel, as it stretches all over the face delivering a forged feel in a cavity iron.

The use of the Speed Pocket goes from the toe to the heel and disrupts the connection between the sole and the leading edge. This creates an almost floating and incredibly flexible face that hinges upon the topline, offering much more speed and distance.

The variable face thickness, called Inverted Cone Technology, has a unique position in each iron club. ICT has proven to enhance the sweet spot and its forgiveness, and it promotes straighter ball flights.


  • Distance and forgiveness
  • Impressive sound and feel
  • Speed-optimized


  • High-handicappers are likely to struggle with them.

P790 Iron Set

Best for Distance

image of taylormade golf p790 driving iron - AEC Info
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If you’re set to find distance-optimized TaylorMade irons that appeal to players of various skills, then TaylorMade P790 irons have the reputation of being among the best currently on the market.

The compact club head design, forged hollow construction, and the progressive Inverted Cone Technology (the face changes with each iron number).

The use of the SpeedFoam inserted in the hollow head makes the P790 very fast off the face. It damps vibrations and delivers a superb feel found in better players’ irons. The use of tungsten weighting enhances forgiveness in each club and provides reliable consistency.

TaylorMade stayed faithful to its Speed Pocket, as it has proven to boost clubs’ forgiveness on low shots, and together with the forged face, they deliver impressive ball speed and distance.


  • Excellent ball speed and distance
  • Progressive face technology (ICT)
  • Exceptional forgiveness


  • Unusual sound

P770 Iron Set

Best for Mid Handicappers

image of p770 iron set - AEC Info
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The brother of P790 irons, the P770 comes with a significant upgrade to meet the needs of heavy hitters within the mid handicap range. The compact, forged hollow design features the well-proven Progressive Inverted Cone Technology seen in the models presented above.

You’ll also find the SpeedFoam injection, i.e., 46g of urethane strategically placed inside the head. It promotes speed while at the same time, delivers a better sound and feel. The thru-slot Speed Pocket present in 3-7 irons adds surprisingly more forgiveness, speed, and distance.

Short irons feature a more traditional club head design for more precision and better turf interaction.

So, if you were wondering what’s new compared to the TaylorMade P790 model, it’s the clean, forged-like design. The face feels livelier, and the sound is muffled. Forgiveness-wise, the P770 irons aren’t very generous; however, they offer immense consistency and high ball flight.


  • Progressive ICT for more consistency
  • Fast ball speed and optimal control with the short irons
  • Long carry
  • Compact design


  • Not very forgiving


Best for Low Handicappers

image of taylormade golf - p7tw irons - AEC Info
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You are a low handicapper, and you feel like Tiger Woods when you swing the ball. So why don’t you get the same irons designed particularly for and by Tiger himself?

The P7TW irons boast exceptional precision and premium craftsmanship. The forged blade irons combine milled grind soles, and optimized with tungsten weighting, they deliver optimal feel and flight control. Each clubhead has been individually weighted to deliver ultimate accuracy, feel, and control.

The blades are somewhat longer than the traditional ones, even though lofts stick to the expected standards. The tungsten weighting allows each iron to deliver optimal golf ball trajectories while the CNC machined sole delivers consistent turf interaction.

The progressive face height maximizes the precision with each swing, while the thinner top line is bound to attract better players’ attention.


  • Premium craftsmanship and materials
  • Milled Grind Sole for the first time in irons
  • Tungsten weighting for enhanced control and feel


  • Average players will find them hard to hit


Best Forgiveness

image of best taylormade irons - AEC Info
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We believe that high handicappers will be eternally thankful to TaylorMade for releasing this model, as it is the more forgiving and the larger version of the SIM lineup. Created with high handicap golfers in mind, these irons offer impeccable assistance and stability on iron shots.

The SIM MAX OS iron set comes with stronger lofts that help golfers produce longer ball flights, and they are the longest in the line up.

The wide sole geometry, large face design, the 360-degree undercut, and the fluted hosel lower the center of gravity, all these assist high handicappers to advance their performance.

Technology-wise, you’ll find the latest technological upgrade characteristic for the SIM lineup. The Speed Bridge is there to support the topline and the back of the club, allowing the face to float freely.

The Speed Pocket makes the face more flexible and more forgiving, while the ECHO Damping System eliminates vibrations to offer a much more purified feel.


  • The longest and largest in the SIM lineup
  • Exceptional speed and distance
  • Very forgiving


  • Not the greatest option for better players

SIM MAX Women’s Irons

Best Women’s Set

image of best taylormade irons - AEC Info
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The Oversized SIM MAX irons offer a female-adjusted model that might be the best TaylorMade women’s iron set on the market. These clubs are aimed at female golfers who need a bit more assistance on the golf course when they hit the green.

Similar to the male version, these irons are longer and larger, promoting higher launches, penetrating speed, and maximum distance and forgiveness. You’ll notice the taller and thinner face and the wider sole, designed to enhance clubs’ flexibility to deliver higher launches.

TaylorMade made sure they appeal to golfers with slower swing speeds as they shifted the center of gravity low and back. The lofts are also stronger, so the 7-iron comes with 27 degrees.

When it comes to technology, you’ll find the same sophistication as with the men’s model. From ultra-thin club face, the Progressive Inverted Cone Technology positioned behind the face, to ECHO Damping System, the Speed Pocket, and the Speed Bridge, everything speaks premium quality.

All these features are found only in the best TaylorMade irons designed for women.


  • Long carry distance
  • A technologically advanced set of irons
  • Promote higher ball speeds


  • It a better player iron set


Which TaylorMade irons are the best?

There’s simply no such a thing as the best TaylorMade irons. Depending on your golfing skills, style, handicap, and preferences, you’ll be able to find the best TaylorMade iron set that matches your needs. If you are a tour-level golfer who’s looking for an upgrade of your travel golf bag, then the ultra-exclusive P7TW will surely exceed your expectations.

Low to mid handicappers can benefit from P770 or the M6 irons, while average golfers and high handicappers can benefit from the cavity back irons such as the oversized SIM MAX models.

What TaylorMade irons are the most forgiving?

If you are a golfer with a slow swing speed or a high handicapper, then you should look for longer irons or distance irons that are oversized and have a larger sweet spot across the club face and offer more Forgiveness. These iron sets usually feature a cavity back design with a low center of gravity, perimeter weighting and promote higher launches and increased Distance.

Does TaylorMade make good irons?

TaylorMade is a premium golf company that dominates the golf market. The company produces the most technologically advanced golf clubs, including golf irons. From game improvement iron sets to tour player sets, TaylorMade boasts the best irons on the market.