image of golf equipment - AEC InfoGolf is one of the most popular sports around the world, mainly because of how simple and easy it is to enjoy. Because of this many people enjoy this great sport at all times of the year, but because of this, you can go through golf clubs quickly and need to get new ones. But when should you get new clubs?

The best time to buy new golf clubs is during holiday sales. The best of these sales are the year-end sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there are also other sales during many other holidays. Seasonal sales on golf clubs are sometimes held during the spring and summer.

Although there are seasonal sales and end-of-year sales, sometimes it can be tempting to get clubs at other times due to performance levels or other issues. Some people might be tempted to turn to preowned golf clubs or look for other solutions. Sometimes, it’s just nicest to try and get a good gift during a good sale. People need to know when they legitimately need new golf clubs, where they can find decent preowned clubs, and what golf companies are known for giving the best holiday sales.

When you need new golf clubs

There are a few key indicators that a person would benefit from getting new golf clubs such as physical damage, a decrease in performance, or a person missing a certain type of club. Physical damage with golf clubs can look like chipping, a lack of grove marks, or the shaft becoming too flexible or splintering. If a club or multiple clubs show an assortment of marks indicating damage, it is probably time to get a new set of clubs or get used clubs in better condition.

A decrease in performance can look starkly different depending on the type of club being used. If a long iron (especially between 3 and 6) is no longer getting a drastic difference in distance, that shows that a club or multiple of them are starting to get worn out. There should be about an 8–10 yard difference between each long iron.

If a golf ball is not getting a decent amount of spin when using a wedge, it is time to get a new wedge. If a ball is getting too much air and not enough distance from a driver or a wood, it is time to get a new one. Regardless of the type of club, if any of them start to produce less distance than previously, they need to be replaced.

The most obvious time a person might need a new club is if they do not own a type of club. Some people do not like certain types of clubs, but others might just be building their bags slowly to be financially fiscal. If a person doesn’t have a full bag with every type of club and they want a full bag, then buying a new club or clubs is an option.

If you can’t tell if the clubs need to be replaced, see a professional and have them look at the clubs and your performance. They will be able to distinguish if your decreased level of performance is caused by you developing a bad habit or making mistakes, or if the clubs are at fault.

Where to get nice pre-owned golf clubs

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A friend of mine is a collegiate golf player, so she has to maintain high levels of performance while she is on the course. This has led her to balance the desire to have the highest-end clubs while maintaining a budget as a poor college student. Her current set of Womens golf clubs includes many preowned clubs that she got from a sports warehouse. Sports warehouses often have an abundance of used clubs at decent prices, if you want to purchase gently used golf clubs, go to your local sports warehouse.

Other places that she recommends include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sportsman Warehouse, Big 5, and Play it Again Sports. Each of these stores carries some of the big names in golf and accept pre-owned and used clubs. They also tend to re-sell the clubs for decent prices. Many of these big box stores have holiday sales around Christmas and Black Friday, which can help you save even more money. You will also find some nice Fathers day golf gifts in June.

There are also some good online options for those who prefer to shop online. The options that are most highly recommended are 2nd Swing, Global Golf, Calloway Pre-Owned, eBay, and Rock Bottom Golf. All of these websites and businesses have options for people looking to get a good deal for a lightly used golf club.

Another good option would be Facebook marketplace and other online markets. When shopping online, it is best to try and see the actual club being sold to insure it’s in good condition. Many places will give individuals time to test what they purchased or put a warranty on used clubs so people can return them if they do not like what they purchased.

The Best golf club brands that my friend recommended and felt are worth investing in are Top Flite, Ping, Taylor Made, Calloway, Robin Golf, Cobra, Titleist, Mizuno, Wilson, and Cleveland. Each of these brands has strengths and weaknesses that are worth investigating further to see what matches with what an individual golfer needs out of their clubs the best.

Which Golf Companies Have the Nicest Holiday and End-of-Year Sales?

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It is highly likely that all golf-related companies will have a sale on their clubs at some point. However, there are definitely some better deals than others.

There are many companies that have good sales on golf-related items like Adidas, Stitch, SwingJuice, and other similar brands. However, they usually only apply to golf clothing and equipment outside of clubs. The three companies known for giving the best sales that involve golf clubs are Global Golf, PGA Tour Superstore, Lagshot and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Global Golf recently had a 20% off sale on some items, even though it currently is the end of October, a time when most golf-related companies are not having sales. PGA Tour Superstore and Dick’s Sporting Goods also recently had sales on select items. These sales are top-notch and can help people save hundreds of dollars on clubs and other pieces of equipment. With November right around the corner, a new sale is bound to pop up soon.

Now that you understand the golf club market, it is easy for you to find the golf clubs you need at a price that best suits your financial and golfing needs. You will be able to truly enjoy the game with the proper tools to win. For more information be sure to check out AEC Info.