The wedge could be the most important club in the bag of an average golf player. The better a person can get at perfecting their wedges, the easier it is to score. Who doesn’t want to be a few yards closer to the pin every time? Finding a wedge in golf that offers the feel, forgiveness, and workability can be a bit tricky. The good news is that we have done the work for you and come up with some great choices. Here are our best wedges for average golfers.

Best Wedges for The Average Golfer

TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe

Best Overall

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The TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe wedges are our top choice for the best wedges for the average player. These are not the cheapest wedges golf has to offer, but with the performance that you get from the sand wedge to the gap wedge to the lob wedge, you won’t worry about the money spent.

The High Toe design helps golfers get a more centered center of gravity. This, in turn, provides a slightly lower launch but much more spin. If you have been watching great players hit these shots into a target only to have them zip back and hold their place by the pin, this is the technology that you will need.

The full-face scoring lines help to make sure that you get performance even when you are hitting out of the rough. The High Toe wedges have high bounce as well. Bounce is a feature that could scare recreational golfers, but this should not be the case. The bounce will help you improve your short game and even some of your full swing shots to the green.


  • Highly advanced design
  • Makes shots out of the rough much easier
  • Lots of spin


  • Priced high

Mizuno T20 Wedge

Best Premium

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Mizuno golf clubs are often thought of being the best for the lower handicappers. Although this is true, it is essential to remember that the feel of the Mizuno wedges will help a golfer of any handicap gain more control around the green.

The Mizuno T20 wedge is offered in many different lofts, from a pitching wedge to a gap wedge, even down to lob wedge. The Mizuno clubs are available in three different grinds, and they come standard with the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400.

Although this is not going to be the most forgiving wedge that an average golfer could use, you will see a lot of performance that could help lower your handicap overall. The micro-grooves help to make sure that your interaction with the ball is very clean, even in wet conditions, or when dealing with bunker shots.

If you struggle to get enough spin on your sand wedge or lob wedge, you will love the performance that they packed into the T20. The Mizuno T20 comes in three different finishes, and the Blue Ion seems to be the most popular choice. The blue color will wear off after some time, but the wedge will still perform very well.


  • Incredible feel
  • Classic blade shaping
  • High performing wedge
  • Unique blue finish


  • Center of gravity is not as low, won’t be quite as forgiving

Pinemeadow Wedge Set

Best Value

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Golfers don’t’ consider wedges to be very expensive. The only time that the price can start to add up a bit is when you consider purchasing a set of wedges. The Pinemeadow Wedge Set offers some excellent value for the average golfer that needs a 52, 56, and 60-degree wedge all at the same time.

The Pinemeadow wedges are not built with the same high-end materials that you may see on a new Cleveland or Titleist wedge, but they have lots of great feel and performance. These wedges will spin well out of the short grass and the bunker as well.

The finish on the Pinemeadow helps to reduce a bit of the glare you may run into on those sunny days on the course. You won’t get your choice of bounce and grind angles on the Pinemeadow wedges, but you will get three wedges for less than most manufacturers to sell one wedge.


  • Great pricing
  • Comes as a three-pack
  • Classic blade wedge shape


  • Not the highest spinning wedges on the market

Cleveland CBX

Best For Woman Mid Handicapper

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One of the most frustrating things for the female golfer is when there is a lack of equipment. Some companies choose not to make wedges for females. They feel as though the market isn’t large enough, and they don’t produce them. With a wedge being such an important club in the bag, this can be a problem for the female golfer.

Luckily, Cleveland golf makes sure that they produce wedges for all golfers. The CBX is our favorite option for the female mid handicapper for several reasons. With this wedge, you get lots of forgiveness, plenty of spins, and the option of many different lofts.

The CBX wedges for women are a cavity back design that comes standard with a graphite shaft in place. You will find that the side sole and clean looking clubface helps female golfers get the ball in the air and stop it quickly once it hits the green. If you are not getting the performance you need with the golf wedges that match your irons, the CBX is an option that should be considered.


  • Comes standard with graphite shaft
  • Lots of loft options
  • Wide sole
  • Cavity back style


  • Is not a blade wedge, may not feel as great

Cleveland CBX 2

Best For Senior Mid Handicapper

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One of the truths about getting older is that golf clubs can start to get a little heavy. The best wedges for senior golfers are going to be readily available in a graphite shaft. Unfortunately, with most manufacturers, you will have to order a custom wedge to get the shaft produced in graphite, but with the Cleveland Golf CBX 2, graphite is a stock option.

We love the CBX 2 wedge because it offers a ton of forgiveness, but it still spins. You can hit high or low lofted shots with this golf club, and it has options from a pitching wedge to a 60-degree wedge. If you find that the CBX is a good fit for your game, you can fill your bag with these wedges.


  • Clean leading edge
  • Cavity back designed to provide extra forgiveness
  • Wide sole


  • New release, so the price is a little high if you need a wedge set

And The Best Golf Wedge for the Average Golfer is…

image of taylormade milled grind hi-toe - AEC Info

TaylorMade Milled Grind Hi-Toe

Hopefully, our guide introducing the best wedge for mid handicappers has helped you narrow down your choices just a bit. There are certainly a lot of clubs on the market to choose from but making sure you get something that has an excellent feel, spin, and consistency is going to make a big difference.

The TaylorMade Hi-Toe wedge sits in our top spot because it offers plenty of forgiveness and performance, even out of difficult lies. Let’s be honest, the mid handicap golfer is going to be hitting some wedge shots out of the rough. The Hi-Toe will give you the spin that you need to get these shots to stop on the green and leave you that tap in for your par.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover a few more wedges here:

Here are a few questions that we are asked most often about the mid handicappers and the best wedges for their short game.

How Many Wedges Should the Average Golfer Carry?

Most golfers need to have three and ideally four wedges in their golf bag. If this means that you must take an extra fairway wood or a long iron out of your golf bag, it will very likely be worth it to have the extra wedge in the bag. The more wedges you have, the more situations you can attack and still get the desired results.

What Makes A Wedge Forgiving?

Wedges are most forgiving when they have a wide sole, a lower center of gravity, and some bounce. If you want to make sure you get a forgiving wedge that you should seriously consider something more of a cavity back style than a blade style.

What some golfers like to do is carry the cavity back style wedge in the pitching wedge and gap wedge and then use the blade in the higher lofted clubs like the sand wedge. When you do this, you may sacrifice some forgiveness on a full swing shot with a sand wedge, but around the green, you will gain quite a bit of performance.

Is Bounce on A Wedge Helpful or Hurtful?

Bounce is designed to be your friend. Bounce on the sole of the club will help you get through the turf and hit the golf ball up in the air. If you are a player who ends up digging the club into the ground without getting your shot in the air or blading your shots across a green, a wedge with more bounce could help you get more consistent results.

Obviously we have spent a lot of time reviewing wedges over the last few months. We hope we were able to help you find the a great wedge for the average golfer.