Lady golfers will tell you that a women’s golf bag is not just about functionality; it is about style as well. A golf bag represents a bit of who you are as a golfer and a person. Women want a bag that stands out but is not overstated.

A golf bag with all the features necessary and allows for variation in how the game is played. Walking, riding, and using a pushcart are all situations that will require different golf bags. We have pulled together five of the best women’s golf bags on the market. There is sure to be an option on this list that will work for your game.

Best ladies golf bags


Sun Mountain Women’s Stellar golf cart bag

Best overall

image of sun mountain women’s stellar golf cart bag - AEC Info
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The Sun Mountain golf bags make it to the top of many best golf bag lists. Sun Mountain prides itself on making products that are durable, smart, and fashionable as well. If you have ever thought your golf bag was lacking in pockets, accessories, or design, it was very likely not a Sun Mountain.

The new Stellar Golf Cart Bag is the latest release, and it has some new features. All the pockets on this golf bag are forward-facing. Even for the Best golf cart bags, it is easy for equipment and accessories to get buried in the back. With Sun Mountain, you will have access to everything you need in the front of the bag.

The rangefinder pocket, 14 full-length dividers, and ventilated cooler pocket are all additional benefits that moved this bag to the top of our list. Purposely made as a ladies’ golf bag, two handles make the Stellar easy to lift on and off the cart.


  • Three color options available
  • Easy to access pockets
  • 14 full length dividers
  • Multiple pockets, including cooler pocket
  • Comes with matching rain hood


  • A Sun Mountain Cart bag is sometimes priced quite high

TaylorMade Women’s Select ST stand bag

image of taylormade women’s select st stand bag - AEC Info
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Some women think that the stand bag is only for walking the golf course. Although stand bags can make walking quite a bit easier and more enjoyable, it is not the only reason to purchase one. If you are a player that struggles to lift your gear in and out of your car, the stand bag is a perfect golf bag choice.

The TaylorMade Women’s Select ST Stand Bag is a perfect weight, has several grab handles, and has an adjustable dual strap system. Whether you decide to walk the course or simply don’t want to lift a 40-pound bag into and out of your car, the TaylorMade Women’s Select St Is a great choice.

We are impressed with the anti-split design that you will find on the stand part of the bag. Even if you fill this with quite a bit of your gear, you won’t have a problem with it falling over.


  • Grab handles make it easier to maneuver
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Anti-split stand
  • It weighs just a few pounds


  • It won’t accommodate quite as much gear as other women’s golf bags

Glove It Women’s golf bag

Lightweight golf cart bag for ladies

image of glove it women’s golf bag - AEC Info
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If you are serious about the fashion side of your golf bags, then the Glove It Women’s Golf Bag is a great option to consider. The thing that makes the Glove It Bags stand out is the multitude of color and pattern options that you can choose from. These 100% nylon golf bags are durable and long-lasting as well.

The Glove It features 14 club dividers and nine pockets. If you are worried about getting your golf gear organized, the Glove It bag can help. In addition, there is a putter well and a rain hood that helps this bag have even more of a complete package.

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In addition to being able to choose the unique pattern that you like for your golf game, the front pocket is also customizable. IF you want to put a logo or your name on the bag, you can easily do so.


  • 15-way golf club bag
  • High-quality material
  • Many prints to choose from


  • After some time, colors will fade

Sunday Golf 

Lightweight women’s golf bag

image of sunday golf - AEC Info
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The Sunday Golf Lightweight Bag is the best Sunday Golf Bag for women. The great thing about lightweight golf bags is that although small, they are the perfect choice for a beginner golfer, senior golfers, and amateur golfers. The bag is only designed to hold about six or seven golf clubs, but it makes it an excellent choice for a quick game of golf.

The Sunday Golf Bag has lots of pockets, including a velour lined pocket for valuables. There is also a small beverage pocket for helping to keep a bottle or can cool on the course. Many women golfers use this bag to transport clubs to the driving range for a practice session.

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If you have never owned a Sunday Bag and you are a player that only likes to carry a few clubs around, it’s worth seeing what a bag like this could do for your game.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Great looking golf bag
  • Velour lined, valuable pocket
  • Insulated pocket


  • Will not hold all 14 clubs

Callaway Golf Chev stand bag

Best ladies golf stand bag

image of callaway golf chev stand bag - AEC Info
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Walking the golf course is a great thing for your body and your mind as well. However, trying to walk the course with a women’s golf cart bag is nearly impossible. That is where the Callaway Golf Chev Stand Bag comes into play. This is a lightweight and easy to carry golf stand bag, available in several colors and with lots of features.

The Chev Stand bag has a five-way top with full length dividers to keep your clubs separated. The Chev Stand Bag comes with an insulated cooler pocket, full backpack strap design, velour lined valuables pocket, and a glove attachment.

In years past, women’s golf cart bags had so much more storage space than a stand bag, but that has been changing. With the pockets included in this stand bag, you will have ample room for all your gear.


  • Full length apparel pocket
  • Easy to use the shoulder strap
  • Removable golf ball pocket
  • Available in several colors


  • Not designed specifically for the female golfer

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag

Best Value Ladies Golf Bag

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag
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Sometimes purchasing a new golf bag can be a bit like purchasing a new golf club. Golf bags seem to keep getting more and more expensive, and women’s golf bags are certainly no exception. The Datrek DG Lite II Women’s Golf Cart Bag is not the cheapest one on the market, but it is very fairly priced.

With this bag, you will get 15 full length dividers, soft grip handles that make transporting the bag a breeze, and seven large pockets. The top with full length dividers really helps to protect your clubs and make sure they are not damaged during a rough ride.

You can choose between several colors offered on the Datrek golf bags. The additional putter well helps give you easy access to your putter, and it even fits a supersized grip. For all the functionality, Datrek could charge more for their golf bags, but we certainly won’t be telling them that!


  • Very fairly priced for the functionality
  • 14-way full length dividers
  • Additional putter well
  • Protects golf clubs well


  • No rangefinder pocket

Sun Mountain Diva

Best premium women’s golf bag

image of sun mountain diva golf bag - AEC Info
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If you know that you are a golfer that wants and needs the best of the best, the Sun Mountain Diva is the best choice. As you may remember, we chose the Sierra for its mix of value and usability. The Diva is a stylish but very well equipped choice for the lady golfer.

The top of this bag has a 15-way top, with its own putter compartment. If you want to get around the golf course quickly, and know where all of your equipment is, the Diva can help. The reverse orientation at the top of the bag also makes it easier for you to find your golf equipment.

All pockets on the cart are forward facing, including the designated rangefinder pocket, which will keep your rangefinder dry on a rainy day. The Diva comes with ten pockets, including a full-length apparel pocket.

The velour lined valuables pockets are also waterproof to help keep your valuables from getting damaged in a rain shower. Overall, this is an excellent choice for the golfer that needs top-of-the-line equipment.


  • 15-way divider
  • Lift assist handles
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Comes with rain hood


  • Premium pricing


Best lightweight cart bag for women

image of hot z htz golf bag - AEC Info
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A cart golf bag certainly helps when it comes to storage and for club protection on the golf cart. Golf equipment can take a beating when it is on the cart, but cart bags are the best golf bags for helping to keep things intact. One of the downsides of the cart bag is, of course, the weight. Luckily with something like the Hot Z HTZ, you can keep things a bit more lightweight.

Lightweight cart bags tend to have a slightly smaller top, but they will still easily hold 14 clubs. The HTZ has a 14 way top but not 14 full length dividers. This HTZ bag has plenty of storage for women golfers, with five zippered pockets and a velour lined valuables pocket.

Another great feature of the Hot Z HTZ is the fact that it is very fairly priced. Since it is slightly smaller in scale, you will notice that the price is a bit less. Hard to complain about that!


  • Comes with matching rain hood
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Lightweight cart bag
  • 14-way divider


  • Not as much storage as the larger cart bags

Best woman’s golf bag  . . .

image of sun mountain women’s stellar golf cart bag - AEC Info

Sun Mountain Women’s Stellar Golf Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain Women’s Stellar Golf Bag is the best golf bag for women! Having a bag like the Stellar means that you will be able to stay organized and keep your clubs protected when you are on the golf course.

For women golfers with graphite shafts, Sun Mountain offers plenty of protection and stability within the bag. In addition, the number of pockets in the Stellar makes it so that you know where all your gear is at all times. With the quality of golf bags that Sun Mountain creates, this is a bag you will have for years to come.

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Ladies golf bag faqs

What is the difference between a men’s and women’s bag?

Depending on the manufacturer, sometimes the only difference between a men’s and women’s golf bag is the color. Look closely to see if there are special features for the woman golfer or it is simply a man’s bag offered in pink.

Golf bags designed specifically for women usually have some extra patterns to them and are made to be lighter. In case you haven’t found it yet, be sure to also check out our review of the Golf travel bags as well as the popular post on Golf bag for push cart and my informative post about the Average golf club distances for women.

Many women struggle to lift their bags onto the cart or into their cars regardless if it is a Gas golf cart or electric golf cart. When you fill a bag with your Driver, woods, Irons, wedges, Putter, and 42 golf balls, it’s going to get pretty heavy!

What is better, a cart or a stand bag?

Some women swear that the cart bag is best for their golf game, while others believe that the carry bag is the only way to go. This decision really comes down to the type of golf that you play. If you are a golfer who walks the course, plan to get yourself something that you can easily carry.

If you are a golfer that lives on the course and never takes their bag off the cart, the cart bag is by far the right choice. For golfers that walk with a pushcart, the Lightest golf stand bag and cart bag work. However, it is important to note that the cart bag is certainly going to be a bit heavier when heading uphill.

Do you need a 14 way full length divider ?

A 14-way divider is a popular feature on many golf bags for women. The 14-divider golf bag helps to keep clubs separated from each other. When golf clubs rub against each other, they can sometimes end up causing damage to the shaft or the grip.

The 14-way top keeps clubs separated; the full-length dividers make it so that they have no contact. Since most women play with graphite shafts that can be easily damaged, the 14-way, full length dividers are smart and worth the money.

We hope you can make an informed and educated decision when picking your next golf bag. While the staff at AEC Info all have different opinions on which one we like most aesthetically, we all agree that the Sun Mountain Women’s Stellar Golf Cart Bag is a fantastic Golf bag for women! You won’t go wrong with this purchase.