If you are anything like me, the golf club moves around in your hand during your downswing. This causes the club to adjust slightly in your hand, moving the face of the club, causing you to mishit shots.

I am doing this Bionic Golf Glove Review because this StableGrip golf glove is designed to keep consistent grip pressure on the club throughout your swing, which could help us both save a bunch of strokes during our round.

Nothing is more annoying to me than standing on the tee box yelling at myself after blowing one into the woods right or snap hooking a driver. This usually happens at the top of my back swing when I try to turn a bit more than I am physically capable of, and my hands get out of position and the club starts to slide around.

I initially started looking at golf training aids when I found the Bionic Golf Glove that was designed to help you with grip pressure during your swing.

Knowing that my grip was costing me 3 to 8 strokes per round (depending on whether or not I hit it OB on the tee shot), I realized I needed to find a solution that would cost less than a golf launch monitor to solve this problem if I wanted to get any better.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Bionic Stable Grip Golf Glove

If you have a bad golf swing, an expensive golf glove may not be the answer to your problems. However, if you suffer from squeezing the club too tightly, or “lose control” of your club during the downswing, then this glove may be for you.

image of bionic stable golf gloves - AEC InfoThe problem I have with my swing is at the top of my turn, and when I transition to swinging forward. If I were to slow down my swing and make a ¾ backswing, I would have better control of the club.  But after 20 years of playing, I know this is not going to miraculously happen on my next round.

In order to play my best round, I need to make every stroke count, and stop wasting shots from bad tee balls. Having better control of the club through impact will definitely help me keep the ball on the proper path going towards the pin.

You may also benefit from golf fitness training or yoga if you have difficulty making a full shoulder turn during your back swing. That is one of my biggest issues and what causes my swing to fall apart.

What is the BIONIC s StableGrip Golf Glove?

The Bionic Stable Grip golf glove is a leather glove with patented technology that has pads along the fingers and palm of the hand. The glove is designed with extra padding to improve your grip during your swing.

Most golfers know that you should apply enough pressure on the grip of the golf club to now allow it to fly out of your hand, but not to much pressure that you squeeze the life out of the club.

Maybe you heard that you should hold your club like a baby bird, not to tight that you would choke him.  Unfortunately for me, I would be holding a pile of feathers after every swing. I tend to squeeze the ever living snot of out the club, so I was excited to try this golf glove.

Things we like about the Bionic StableGrip Golf Glove

The first thing you will notice when you buy this glove is that it very well make and it is thicker than any other golf glove you have purchased before. It is made from Cabretta leather and feels great on your hand.

image of bionic stable golf gloves - AEC InfoThe fingers are tapered to fit your fingers more naturally on the Bionic glove so there is less material to bunch up at the top of the fingertips.  This gives you better control of the golf club.

The Bionic Stable Grip glove has little pads around the finger that evens out the surface of your hand. Again, it just provides a better feeling of control when holding the golf club.

The glove is extremely durable and will last for many rounds. The packaging says that it will last 2x longer than a standard leather glove.  I think it lasts much longer because I have already ripped through gloves in one or two rounds and with this Bionic Glove, I have used it for more than 30 rounds without any issue.

No true alternative to Bionic StableGrip®

Of course there are hundreds of styles of golf gloves to choose from, and we even reviewed many of them on this site in the past. You can find a more detailed breakdown of the best golf gloves here.  However, there is not another glove that is designed to improve your grip and have as much padding as this Bionic glove.

Is it Legal?

This golf glove is legal and is not considered a training aid. You can use it to practice or play in tournaments. It is just a bulkier golf glove to help you grip the club more effectively.

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Are they Worth the Money?

One of the biggest problems I have with my golf swing is losing control of the club at the top of my swing. I searched for a glove that would keep my hand a bit more stable on the club during the downswing and this glove solved my problem.  I really like these gloves, and have purchased a few of these Bionic gloves.

While I really like the Bionic StableGrip, the ReliefGrip is also a very good glove.   I have arthritis, and these gloves just offer much more support than a typical glove.

An issue I had after using these gloves is that all others seem so thin.  If I rent clubs or lose my glove and have to buy one from the course, it really does have a different feel than the Bionic Gloves. A  word of caution about this type of glove.  If you have extra large grips or a few layers of tape on your grips, this glove can be a little bulky.  You will have better control of the club from start to finish, but it will feel bulky with extra large grips.

An easy way for you to determine if you would benefit from the Bionic Golf Glove is by looking at your current golf gloves. Do they all wear in the same spot on your palm? Do you go through quite a few golf gloves every year because of wear and tear?  Then this Bionic Golf Glove Review may be helpful to you.

Overall, this is a great glove for me and really helps with my control of the club.  I think it is well worth the few extra bucks compared to your typical golf glove.

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