Have you ever wanted to practice golf at home and discovered that plastic or foam golf balls aren’t a good indication of how well you are playing?

You are not alone. That’s why Birdie Ball was created. Although Birdie Ball may have started as a small brand, they have expanded into indoor greens for putting.

Let’s look at what Birdie Ball is and whether or not this limited-flight practice golf ball can be a solution for your home practice.

What is the BirdieBall?

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Birdie Ball is a brand that creates golf products, but the name typically refers to its flagship product, a limited-flight practice golf ball. Birdie Ball stands out because when you strike them, they feel like real golf balls. In fact, they even spin and react like real balls based on strike quality.

The BirdieBall can only fly about 40 yards, but it has an impressive flight and sound that helps you feel like you are on the golf course. However, you shouldn’t use them for putting since they’re little hollow cylinders, and they won’t give you a true roll.

Many golfers looking to practice at home can use BirdieBall as Golf training aids to learn how to hit a Draw or a fade right in the backyard. In addition, they make a great tool for chipping practice. 

BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls – How do they work?

BirdieBall is a hollow cylinder made of a durable polymer material. When you strike the BirdieBall, air can flow through the ball (which isn’t shaped like a ball), allowing the shot to spin and gain height just as a regular golf ball would.

With the BirdieBall allowing you to see how your golf ball is flying, you can practice chips and full swings in your yard to ensure you get the most out of your practice time. Foam and plastic golf balls like the SKLZ Impact Golf Balls do not have the same benefits or characteristics.

What BirdieBall product to start with?

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The Birdie Ball Set is the best to start. With this package, you get the StrikePad, so you can hit golf shots off your patio or your grass without causing any damage. In addition, you get a set of BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls.

The set comes with a dozen golf balls, similar to how a regular ball like the Callaway Supersoft golf balls would come. If you get into the BirdieBall thing, you can purchase targets and even a handy tool that helps you pick up the balls after hitting them.

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Whether you are a new player trying to narrow down some of your weaknesses or a Scratch golfer looking for a few extra swings in the yard, these durable, super polymer golf balls hold up well and are worth the investment.

BirdieBall practice green

The BirdieBall practice green is a new addition to the BirdieBal lineup. These are impressive indoor practice greens with several hole locations, customization, and true green speeds. If you want the perfect roll for at-home practice, BirdieBall will help create that for you.

A true rolling green is the only way to practice putting at home. In addition, BirdieBall sells things like a hole reducer so that you can fine-tune your putting stroke. These feel like natural greens, but you cannot use the original BirdieBall to practice your putting; Natural greens are made for real golf balls.

What club can I use for BirdieBall?

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When hitting the BirdieBall off the ground or on the strike pad, you should use an iron or wedge only. However, there is a tee that you can purchase where you can tee up and hit a driver or your Best fairway wood.

The BirdieBall placed on a tee like this protects your club from damage. You may see the BirdieBall fly closer to 60 yards when hitting a driver.

How long do BirdieBalls last?

BirdieBalls last a long time, you can strike them repeatedly, and the durable polymer material does not crack, bend or break. Ensure that the BirdieBall lands on a softer surface, so you don’t experience scratching or scuffing; the smoother the surface, the better it is for your clubs.

How far does a BirdieBall fly?

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The BirdieBall will fly about 40 yards for most full-swing golf shots. However, using this limited flight distance ball with your driver or fairway wood, you may see 60 yards. It won’t fly further than 60 yards.

Are BirdieBalls worth it?

BirdieBalls are some of the more expensive practice golf balls on the market. However, they will last longer, making learning the game more fun. Junior golfers love to work with BirdieBall because they successfully use the strike pad and targets.

In addition, great players are happy to have an amazing practice ball with a rewarding flight that can be used anywhere. BirdieBall products are fun and may even motivate you to practice your game.