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Outside of the Bushnell and Nikon name, golfers have become a little skeptical about choosing a rangefinder. There are certainly quite a few options out there to choose from, and unfortunately, some of these options are not all that accurate or durable.

When a new brand comes on the market and starts to gain some traction, golfers will take notice. The Blue Tees brand has been around for a few years now and has proven that they know how to make a golf rangefinder.

With the new release of the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope, you may be wondering if it is time for you to invest in a Blue Tees. We have all the honest information for you on whether or not the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 is worth the money.

All you need to know

The Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Rangefinder is a laser golf rangefinder with slope functionality. It is the newest release from Blue Tees Golf, and it offers some improvements from previous models. The Blue Tees Golf S2 Pro Slope is intended to be a model that works for all players who are serious about a simple and reliable reading to the pin.


image of blue tees golf series 2 pro features - AEC InfoThere are several important features to keep in mind about the Blue Tees Rangefinder. One of the most important is precision. You must make sure the distances that you are getting with your rangefinder are as accurate as possible.

If you think about a rangefinder being off by just three yards, this equates to a nine-foot putt. We don’t know about you, but a ten-foot putt certainly sounds more makeable than a 19-foot putt.

The Blue Tees Series 2 can function from as far away as 800 yards. There aren’t too many situations where you will need yardage from this far back, but knowing you have the capability is a great benefit.

When looking through the Blue Tees Rangefinder, you will want to get a quick and clear reading. The display is very easy to read and will give you the numbers that you need extremely quickly. In fact, the Blue Tees tends to be just as quick as the Nikon rangefinders.

When you have centered your rangefinder over your target, it will vibrate, indicating that you have centered directly on the pin. This vibration helps give players the confidence that they need to ensure they are pulling the right club out of their bag.


The golf course can be a dangerous place for a rangefinder. When trying to keep up the pace of play, you may find that there are numerous opportunities for your rangefinder to fall and hit the pavement. This is obviously something you will want to avoid; however, the Blue Tees Series 2 Rangefinder is known for its durability. The outer casing will protect against any potential accidents that could occur during the course of a round. Use the hard shell carrying case for an additional level of protection.


image of blue tees golf series 2 pro active slope - AEC InfoSlope measurement means that you can account for the elevation changes that you encounter on a golf course. Sometimes green will be elevated or located down in a valley. When this happens, the yardage to the pin will be impacted. To properly account for the slope, the rangefinder uses a very accurate and reliable slope formula. Slope functionality makes choosing a club quite a bit easier, and because of that, you won’t be able to use the slope functionality in a tournament. The Blue Tees allows you to turn the slope on and off depending on your playing situation.

Player handicap

Golfers of all handicap levels will like the Blue Tees Rangefinder. It is a simple design that allows players just enough information. Some of these golf distance measuring devices can get a bit complicated and give golfers more information than necessary. Luckily the Blue Tees is not like this, and it is good for both high and low handicappers.


The price is where the Blue Tees Rangefinders really stand out. Most golf rangefinders with slope are quite expensive. As you can imagine, the design and manufacturing of a device that can give you the elevation changes and the distance will be quite a bit more costly. These costs are then put into the final pricing of the product. Luckily the Blue Tees is priced extremely well and is very fair for a slope rangefinder.

Pros and cons


  • Flag lock technology
  • HD Display
  • Good in all weather conditions
  • Very accurate way to measure targets
  • Slope feature can turn on and off
  • Can help golfers make a more accurate club selection
  • Durability should it fall out of the cart
  • Fair price for someone on a budget
  • Superior performance for the price the rangefinder is offered


  • Not quite as quick as the Bushnell rangefinder
  • HD Viewing experience is a bit small for those with poor eyesight
  • Pulse vibration is not all that strong

Are blue tees rangefinders good?

There are several Blue Tees rangefinders on the market in addition to the new Series 2 Pro Slope. The rangefinders are not known for being as fast or as easy to use as some of the Bushnell rangefinders. However, they are offered at a much more fair price. The Blue Tees rangefinders are some of the most accurate and reliable choices for their offered price. For this reason, we would consider them to be quite good.

Do i need slope on my rangefinder?

If you play a golf course without many slopes, something like a mountains type golf course, the slope functionality will be a smart thing to have. For relatively flat golf courses, it won’t make too much of a difference if you have slope or not.

Since slope can’t be used in tournaments, you must also consider how often you will use the slope on your rangefinder. If you play in many events, you may want to get used to a basic rangefinder with no slope.

Some people make a decision about slope based on cost. With the Blue Tees Series 2, the cost is very fair and you won’t have to say no to slope if you are trying to keep costs down.

Is the blue tee golf series 2 pro slope rangefinder worth the money?

Hopefully, reading our review of the Blue Tees Series 2 Pro Slope has helped you decide whether or not this is a good laser rangefinder for your game. We highly recommend this model and have had quite a bit of luck with its function and accuracy. In addition, the size and durability of the rangefinder set it apart as being a bit better than the rest.

If you are worried about the lower-priced rangefinders on the market and the quality they offer, the Blue Tees Series 2 won’t be a concern. This is a high-quality and impressive rangefinder for any handicap level.

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