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Golf GPS and rangefinder technology seem to get more impressive each year. If you have a rangefinder or GPS that is more than five years old, chances are the technology is quite outdated and maybe giving you some inaccurate yardage. In addition, there are new features and functionality that make golf distance technology easier to work with.

The latest golf GPS watch on the market is the brand new Bushnell Ion Edge GPS watch. If you like playing golf with a GPS watch, the features of this new option are something you won’t want to miss.

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Bushnell Ion Edge GPS Watch: Features and Benefits

The brand new Ion Edge is one of the more technologically advanced GPS watches on the market. With this watch, you will be able to get very accurate yardages and some impressive features. Bushnell admits that this is their most advanced GPS watch to date. Let’s take a more in-depth look into what sets this GPS watch apart.

Clear Touchscreen Display

When you look at the screen of the GPS watch, you will see that it is very clear and easy to read. The touchscreen makes it easy to see and visualize what to expect on any hole. We really like this technology when you are playing a course that you have never played before. Having a clear view of what the hole looks like makes course management quite a bit easier.

Long Battery Life

The battery life of the GPS Watch Bushnell put out is about 15 hours long. With 15 hours of battery life, you will not have any issues playing more than one round of golf plenty of battery life. Most golfers find that charging up once a week allows them a few rounds of golf with no battery issues. Previous GPS golf watches have only lasted for about one round, potentially two.

Preloaded Courses

The Bushnell Iron Edge Golf GPS watch comes with 38,000 preloaded courses worldwide. The Bushnell Ion Edge features an auto hole advance so that you won’t have to adjust it in any way as you move from one hole to the next. If, for some reason, your local golf course is not part of the 38,000 preloaded options, you can easily update the watch and add it.

Movable Pin Placement

The one downside to most golf GPS units is that you will only get the distance for the green’s front, middle, and back. You will often have to estimate to determine if the pin placement is in the correct position. However, the new Moveable Pin Placement Dynamic can move the pin placement to the proper spot and get a more accurate reading.

Dynamic Green Mapping

Dynamic green mapping also rotates the green so that the golfer is getting the proper yardage from the angle that they are hitting. Essentially if you are twenty yards left of the fairway, your yardage may not be exact to the center. With the rotation of dynamic green mapping, the number will be more customized to the player.

Shot Distance Calculator

Ever curious as to how far you are hitting your shots? Use the shot distance calculator to try and get the most accurate information on your distance. You will have a much better understanding of how far you hit the ball and be able to take more accurate shots on future holes. The shot distance calculator is a nice feature for those working on improving their game and learning their distances.

Six Hazard Distances Per Hole

Knowing the distance to a hazard will help you make better decisions and put the right club in your hand. Many golf GPS watches will only give you one hazard distance per home, but with the Bushnell Ion Edge Golf GPS, there are six hazard distances on each hole. Combine this with the Pin Placement Dynamic Green Mapping, and you will have no issues getting the ball close to every single pin.

Pros & Cons of the new Bushnell Ion Edge GPS Watch

As you can probably tell, the Bushnell Ion Edge GPS watch is quite high-performing and a good choice for many golfers. However, before you make your final purchase of this watch, it is a good idea to consider both positives and negatives of the Bushnell Golf Ion Edge.


  • Very long battery life
  • Bushnell Golf App included
  • Auto Course Recognition
  • Hazard Layup Distances
  • Clear touchscreen display
  • Accurate front, center, back distances
  • Hole advance which automatically updates
  • Greenview with moveable pin
  • 38,000 worldwide courses
  • Bushnell is a trusted name in the industry


  • New technology with a slightly higher price tag
  • Larger watch size to put on your hand

Who Should Use The Bushnell Ion Edge Golf GPS?

Now that you know all the features that this golf GPS watch has to work with, you may be wondering if it is a good choice for your golf game.

IF you are a golfer that has never owned a golf GPS before, you will love the functionality that this tool brings to the game.

For golfers that have been playing for quite some time, the Ion Edge can be a better solution than a traditional handheld golf GPS. The watch offers just as much as the handheld GPS from a functionality standpoint, but you won’t have to worry about where the watch is located or having to reach for it in the cart.

The GPS stays on your wrist, making things so much easier. In addition, if you play the golf course and walk, keeping the watch on your wrist allows for one less thing to have to carry around on your pushcart. The dynamic mapping features also help you track how the hole is playing and what hazards you will need to watch out for.

Is The New Bushnell Ion Edge GPS Watch Worth It?

The Bushnell Ion Edge Golf GPS is worth the money you will pay. The new features and the inclusion of the Bushnell golf app can really help to ensure that you have a great combination of accuracy and information the next time you are on the golf course.

If you are tired of having to remember to bring your golf GPS along with you when you walk away from the golf cart, or you have a hard time with accuracy on the rangefinder, the Bushnell Ion Edge GPS Watch is a really smart decision. Grab one of these before they sell out! For more information be sure to visit AEC Info.

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