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The ultimate leader of the distance measuring devices (DMD), Bushnell, has released the fifth gen of its most popular line of rangefinders Tour V. For over a decade the Tour V range of laser rangefinders has been the preferred option of almost all PGA Tour players, as it showed unbeatable performance and reliability.

This year Bushnell came up with two models from the Tour V series, the more basic Tour V5 and the more advanced, slope-measuring Tour V5 Shift. The difference between the two is the slope switch on the Tour V5 Shift model, which can be turned off during tournaments.

I hope that you are as curious to learn more about the improvements in what was soon considered to be the best rangefinder as we were, so dive into the review of the Bushnell Tour V5 and V5 Shift.

image of bushnell golf tour v5 shift - AEC Info


  • Ultra-fast performance and accuracy
  • BITE magnetic grip
  • Visual and vibrating confirmation of locking onto the pin
  • Premium design


  • The slope function is available only for Tour V5 Shift
  • Very pricey

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What Has Changed?

If you follow Bushnell’s new releases, you must have come across the Pro XE model that was released last year and rocked the premium golf rangefinders market. Well, this year’s Tour V5 integrates into its base the most cutting-edge features from the Pro XE to optimize the device with more power and speed.

From the proprietary JOLT technology, incredible accuracy, super-convenient storage with the brand new BITE magnetic technology, the new Bushnell V5 laser rangefinder has a lot to offer.

BITE Magnetic Technology

image of bushnell golf tour v5 shift - AEC InfoHow many times have you wished that you had your rangefinder right away without having to look for it or take it out of the case? Well, the new Tour V5 will make your wish come true, as it features its one-of-a-kind BITE magnetic technology that allows you to attach the rangefinder to any magnetic surface, such as the cart bar.

BITE technology is a new feature that we haven’t seen so far in a rangefinder. The magnetic grip is located on the right side of the device and it encompasses a larger portion of the side surface. When on the course, you can attach it wherever it is convenient for you, and it will always be at hand’s reach.

Visual JOLT Technology

The patented JOLT technology has been the one that has distinguished Bushnell laser rangefinders from the crowd in recent years. This technology takes the credit of delivering the quickest and most accurate pin locations.

Similar to the previous Bushnell models, when you point to the flag, the Tour V5 confirms that you’ve hit the pin by emitting vibrating pulses. But what stands out in this release is the flashing red ring that you see on the display once you start feeling the vibrations.

This double confirmation that the laser locks in has taken JOLT to the next level, setting new standards in this industry. Simultaneously, with the vibrations and red ring, you’ll see the crosshair that indicates the exact location and the yardage to the pin.


The issue with accuracy is the battlefield of all rangefinder manufacturers, and besides the variety of features, the ultimate goal of all is to provide unmistaken precision in delivering yardages.

For years, Bushnell has been on the throne, manufacturing rangefinders that boast mathematical precision in their readings. The algorithms of Tour V5 have been additionally reestablished and renewed so that you can expect +/- 1 yards accuracy.

Bushnell thought about players worldwide, so they included a newly designed yards-to-meters button, so you can opt which measurements you’d like to see displayed.


image of bushnell golf tour v5 - AEC InfoOnce you take a look through the eyepiece, the ‘wow’ effect is simply inevitable. Bushnell claims that the LCD display is 2 x brighter and more vivid compared to its predecessor, the Tour V4, and you can’t argue against this claim. The sightline looks clearly defined, allowing you to scan the area better and plan your future shot much more precisely. The range of the optics goes from 5 to 1,300 yards with barely any difference in the precision.

Another upgrade goes to the zooming feature. If the previous model, the Tour V4, offered 5 x magnification, the Tour V5 offers 6x closer imaging in incredible clarity.


The sleek, ergonomic, and compact design doesn’t go unnoticed either. The combination of black and grey with the visible Bushnell logo gives an impression of sophistication and hi-tech.

The device comes in a premium case and with a CR-2 lithium battery that will last for quite some time. Bushnell Golf offers a leading two-year warranty from the day of purchase, which is something that you don’t often see when it comes to rangefinders.

Key Features

After scrutinizing their design and performance, let’s wrap up all the features that characterize the Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift models.

  • Pin seeking option with the Visual Jolt Technology that confirms locking onto the pin by emitting vibrations and flashing a red circle
  • Integrated BITE magnetic grip for quick cart mount
  • One-yard accuracy
  • Improved and renewed slope algorithm for maximum precision (Tour V5 Shift only)
  • Slope-Switch Technology (Tour V5 Shift only)
  • Range performance from 5 to 1,300 yards (impressive 400+ yards to a flag)
  • The brightest optics ever made
  • 6 x Zoom and Fast Focus System
  • Ergonomic and water-resistant design
  • The purchase includes a premium case and a battery
  • Two-year warranty

Bottom Line

Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder reviewBushnell Golf is the undisputed leader in manufacturing distance measuring devices, and the sole fact that the incredible 97% of Tour golfers have chosen Bushnell rangefinders speaks about the golfers’ trust and confidence in them.

The Tour V5 has set new limits in laser rangefinders with the Visual JOLT technology and the BITE magnetic grip. Plus, the Tour V5 Shift model offers slope measurements with unbeatable precision, and the possibility to turn it off so that it is tournament legal.

Bear in mind, though, that all these bells and whistles come with a hefty price. The difference in the features of the models implies differences in their prices as well. Not surprisingly, the Tour V5 Shift model is more expensive of the two.

If you have ever asked yourself what makes Bushnell laser rangefinders more advanced than the others, it is the ultimate precision and the never-failing performance. Knowing that your rangefinder has minimal error data is a massive advantage over all those similar devices that can’t boast such accuracy.

With the Tour V5, Bushnell has cemented its dominance on the market once again.

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