The Bushnell Wingman View is the only golf cart speaker with GPS that allows you to listen to music while getting accurate distances around the course without having to look down. It is portable and easy to install, and it has surprisingly high-quality audio. The GPS provides accurate distances to the front, back, and center of the green, as well as to hazards.

The Bushnell Wingman View is the perfect golf cart speaker for anyone who wants to improve their game. It is a great way to stay motivated and focused while you play, and it can help you make better shots.

We recently took a deep dive into all that the Bushnell Wingman View has to offer and who it’s for to help you determine whether or not it’s something you want to add to your golf accessories this year.

Here is what we discovered.

What is the new Bushnell Wingman View?

The Bushnell Wingman View is a portable golf cart speaker that attaches to a golf cart using BITE Magnetic Cart Mount and allows you to listen to music while providing visual and audible distances around the golf course. It also has surprisingly high-quality audio and an LCD screen that provides music and accurate distance information.

Bushnell Wingman View Gps Speaker – Review

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Aside from the above, the Wingman View sports some upgrades. For starters, you will find a removable BITE remote control to get GPS distances and adjust the sound even when you are not in your cart. There are also custom audio sound bites you can add with 1st tee introductions, making your Saturday morning round much more fun.

The Bushnell Wingman View is known for outstanding sound quality and has a 10+ hour battery life. Another dope feature golfers will love is the viewable hazard distances with this new LCD screen. You get 6 viewable and audible hazard distances for each hole to help improve your accuracy.

What can the bushnell wingman view do?

Here are a few things the Bushnell Wingman View can do that we found to be the most beneficial for those looking to enjoy their next rounds of golf.

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  • Provides accurate distances to the front, center, and back of every hole through the audible speaker or the LCD screen for a visual distance measurement.
  • Integrated BITE magnetic technology ensures the Wingman View never falls off the cart bar.
  • Up to 6 hazards per hole with accurate GPS distance from your current location; you’ll never hit that par 5 layups in the bunker again.
  • Full speaker technology and music control for a more casual atmosphere while on the golf course.
  • A 10-hour battery life (rechargeable lithium-ion battery) is enough for two golf rounds.
  • Bushnell mobile golf app included with purchase.
  • A built-in microphone with quality audio performance lets you make and take phone calls on the golf course.
  • Charge your other devices with the included USB charger
  • Create custom sound bites to spice up your next match with your friends
  • The new feature BITE Magnetic Mount remote control can be taken from the top of the unit and brought to your golf ball so you can always access the distances you need and the sound control.

Does the Bushnell Wingman View work without a phone?

The Bushnell Wingman View isn’t entirely a stand-alone unit. On the contrary, it still needs your phone to work as your GPS device. However, you won’t have to look at your phone to control the Bushnell Wingman View. Instead, all the information you need is viewable on the LCD screen.

Bushnell Golf is continually developing innovative products that appeal to any level of golfer. This is evident with their progression from the Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker to the Wingman View.

Does Bushnell Wingman View adjust for slope?

The Bushnell Wingman View is a GPS unit that does not adjust for slope. If you are looking for hole distances with slope adjustment, I would suggest looking for a rangefinder unit with a slope feature that can be turned on and off.

Note: The slope is a great feature when learning the game or preparing for a tournament, but it cannot be used during tournament play.

Can you play music on Bushnell Wingman View?

The Bushnell Wingman View is great for playing music on the golf course. With Wingman View connected to your phone, you can use your regular phone app to play music.

The sound quality is impressive, and you can enhance your playing experience by having the music on the course.

What is the main difference between the Bushnell Wingman GPS and the Bushnell Wingman View?

Anytime Bushnell comes out with a new product, we know they have additional features and benefits. Between these two options, the biggest difference is the screen, hence the name “view.”

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The screen allows for visual hazards and yardages, making it easier to work with the Wingman while playing golf. In addition, the removable BITE remote control is a perfect solution for cart riders who don’t always want to stay right next to the cart.

As always, you can expect a durable outer case, water-resistant technology, and access to Bushnell’s library of over 36,000 golf courses worldwide. At first, we thought the new Bushnell Wingman View was all about fun on the course, but the advanced technologies make it functional too.

Order your Bushnell Wingman View today and start enjoying the best of both worlds: great music and accurate distances, without having to look down.


Hopefully, you can now tell whether the Bushnell Wingman View is a good option for you or not. Bushnell is committed to bringing new and innovative products to golfers, and they have done it again with Wingman View.

If you spend a lot of time on the golf course or own a cart, this golf tool is an easy purchase with a ton of value.

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