There is no debating that Callaway is one of the premium golf ball manufacturers on the market. Many people who have learned to trust the Callaway Golf Ball brand want to incorporate this golf ball into their game. The Callaway ERC Soft is a brand new release to the market and something that many amateur golfers are curious about.

Sometimes determining the exact golf ball to use for your game can be quite a challenge. Let’s look at the Callaway ERC Soft and the Chrome Soft and see which may make more sense for your golf game.

image of callaway erc triple track golf balls - AEC Info
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Key Features of Callaway ERC Soft

  • Soft Feel
  • Low Spin
  • High Energy Core
  • New Cover Material
  • Triple Track Technology
image of 2020 callaway chrome soft golf balls - AEC Info
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Key Features of Callaway Chrome Soft

  • Tour Performance
  • Ionomer Blend Cover
  • Reduced Drag
  • Dual SoftFast Core

Callaway ERC Soft Overview

image of 2020 callaway chrome soft - AEC Info

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Soft Feel

Although most amateur golfers will need long distance and faster ball speeds, they also want the softest feel available on a golf ball. The Callaway ERC Soft golf ball was designed to give players the softest feel available while not taking away any of the distance performance. These golf balls have the soft feel which provide impeccable greenside control.

Low Spin

Low spin helps players that tend to have a hard time keeping the ball straight off the tee. The ERC Soft golf ball features low spin technology. If you want to hit shots a little straighter with your hybrids and fairway woods, this is the ball to choose.

High Energy Core

The Callaway ERC Soft is a 3-piece ball. However, the thing that sets this golf ball apart is the fact that it has a high energy core and will get very high levels of ball speed. The new High Speed mantle will make the ball faster when it first comes off the club face and as it gets rolling as well.

New Cover Material

Most premium golf balls have a urethane cover which provides better control. However, a urethane soft cover is expensive which makes premium golf balls expensive.

To help to keep the costs down on the new Ely Reeves Callaway (ERC) Soft golf ball, Callaway used a new thinner hybrid cover material (i.e. a blend of ionomer and urethane). The overall construction helps the ball to get more distance and the soft feel, but some find that it cuts a bit easier for seasoned golfers with faster swing speeds.

If you want something extremely durable, this may not be the best option to consider.

Triple Track Line Technology

The Callaway Triple Track alignment lines are one of our favorite golf alignment technologies on the market. Simply line the two thinner blue lines and the center red line towards your target and swing away. Getting that extra bit of alignment help makes this ball seem even more like a partner out there with you on the golf course for the day. And since the technology is based on Vernier Visual Acuity, it’s been proven to be an effective pattern for visual alignment.

Callaway Chrome Soft

image of 2020 callaway chrome soft - AEC Info

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The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are more of the premium balls that are on the market. The great thing about the Chrome Soft is that they offer great benefits from both the tee and the green. You may pay a bit more money for the Chrome Soft than other Callaway golf balls, but the real performance benefits are often worth it.

Here are a few of the most important things to know about the Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.

Tour Performance

The Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls are considered tour level golf balls. This is a three-piece ball built for a golfer that is looking for tour-level performance. One of the great things about the Chrome Soft is that you can get the long distance in addition to the soft feel you get around the green. There is no doubt that the best players in the game can use this golf ball.

Ionomer Blend Cover

The new Ionomer Blend cover helps everyday golfers to transfer energy from the golf club to the golf ball. If you are looking for a higher ball speed, the Ionomer Blend cover should be able to give it to you. In addition, the consistency and durability of the Chrome Soft are pretty impressive.

Reduced Drag

Callaway uses their Hex dimple pattern on most of their golf balls; however, they typically ensure that the pattern is custom designed for each individual golf ball type. The Chrome Soft is considered a mid-spin golf ball, so it is a good option for control and also some spin around the greens.

Players that want extra distance off the tee but need help to spin the ball around the greens will enjoy the benefits of the Chrome Soft.

Dual SoftFast Core

The dual SoftFast core comprises two layers surrounded with a thin mantle layer. These layers include:

  • Soft inner core – gives the golf ball more speed and allows it to go farther. It’s perfect for slower swing speeds.
  • Firmer outer core – it provides excellent control

Which Is Better?

Now that you have a better understanding of both of these golf balls, it is time to decide which one would be a better choice for your golf game. The Callaway ERC Soft balls are the newest edition to the market, and they are great for a soft feel at a fair value.

The Chrome Soft golf balls have been around for several years, and they do a great job of combining both distance and greenside performance.

The average golfer that needs more distance in their golf game will like softer balls like the Callaway ERC Soft. The better player that is looking for a higher level of spin and feel around the greens will enjoy what the Chrome Soft golf balls have to offer.

If you are looking to save a few dollars, the Callaway ERC Soft golf ball is also quite a bit cheaper than the Chrome Soft.

Both of these golf balls offer unique performance on the golf course, but the Chrome Soft will be the more premium golf ball choice.


Hopefully, you now understand the difference between the Callaway ERC Soft golf ball and the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf ball. The technologies featured in these golf balls will help increase overall ball speed and improve green side performance. You may also want to check out our review of the Callaway Supersoft balls on AEC Info.

If you have the room in your budget, it makes sense to buy a sleeve of both golf balls and see the performance differences.

We can almost guarantee you will see a few extra yards with the Callaway ERC Soft, yet the Chrome Soft will help save a few shots around the green. Decide which is more important in your game.