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If you have a wedge in your bag that you love and know you hit it well, then I would argue that you must be a pretty good golfer. The golfers that seem to be good can get up and down from anywhere around the green.

If you can get up and down two- or three times a round, you will start to drop that handicap. You can do that with a great 60-degree wedge like the Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Wedge.

Here’s a detailed review of the features and performance of this wedge.

Note: Although we’ll drop information on three grind options, we’ll focus on the S-Grind.


  • Has a beautiful design
  • Has good weight reduction and incredible trajectory on each shot
  • Offers good options for any player


  • A little difficult to spin pitch shots
  • Choosing the right variation and loft can be confusing

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Wedge detailed review

Appearance and design

The Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Wedge boasts a sleek, elegant design that exudes sophistication and style. The clubhead’s classic teardrop shape inspires confidence in every shot, while the clean lines and matte finish add to its overall appeal.

The grooves on the clubface are expertly milled, providing a consistent and predictable spin, and the weighting is perfectly balanced for exceptional control and precision. We especially loved the subtle minimalistic design, which adds to its aesthetics.

In addition to the matte finish, Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Wedges have satin chrome finishes too. These wedges are also available in C, S, and W sole grinds with lofts ranging between 46 and 60 degrees, each ideal for specific course conditions, swing, and shot types.

  • S-Grind – these are versatile 46, 48, 50, and 52-degree wedges. They are ideal for any course condition (including firm, normal and soft), shot type (flop or bunker), and swing type (steep angle of attack, moderate and sweeping).
  • W-Grind – These have a wider sole suitable for soft conditions, steep swing attack angles, and bunker shots.
  • C-Grind – these wedges have a narrow, rounded sole, making them perfect for firm conditions. The grind provides more versatility around the green. Its toe and heel relief makes keeping the leading edge low easier.

Progressive Groove Optimization

In line with the industry’s design trend, Callaway added ‘Progressive Groove optimization’ to this wedge. Simply put, the groove size and angle increase as the loft in wedges increases. The groove patterns available include:

Narrow grooves

  • 30V – these have gap wedges between 46 and 52 inches which promote minimal spin and are perfect for steep attack shots.
  • 20V – these are found in sand wedges between 54 and 56 inches. These grooves are perfect for full and bunker shots.

Wide grooves

  • 5V grooves – present in lob wedges between 58 and 60 inches. The grooves offer more spin and maximize shot control around and on the green and out of the rough.


Out of the sand and around the green, the wedge has a nice one bounce, check, and release feel. Taking full shots with the 54-degree model feels butter soft on impact. The sound on impact is crisp at center strikes, and the stock grip is comfortable even on delicate shots.


The wedge is sufficiently forgiving, which is quite appealing for beginners. Overall, the MD3 operates excellently out of the sand, while the ease of control from 100 yards is impressive even when there’s a breeze.

Value for money

If you’re going for a club that’ll fit your style and still offer comfort and superior performance, the Callaway Mack Daddy S-Grind Wedge is perfect. The cast finish ensures the wedge will serve you for a long time.

Bottom line

The Callaway Mack daddy S-Grind is an excellent premium wedge for any player. Aside from its performance, you’ll love its feel and comfort. The fact that it’s priced affordably makes it an even better choice.

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