Working on your golf game is incredibly important, but you won’t be able to do it all the time unless you have a golf simulator setup at home. The best way to work on the golf swing is to do it consistently and to monitor your progress. 

Golf simulator accuracy - AEC InfoGolf simulators are becoming more and more popular because the pricing for the software, launch monitor, golf mats, and impact screen has started to drop down. If you are ready to install one yourself, take a look at these requirements for the proper ceiling height.  

How high should the ceiling be for an indoor golf simulator?

The proper ceiling height for a golf simulator is 9 feet. Anything less than this 9-foot range will be a bit tight. However, 9 feet is also not the universal height requirement for golf simulators. In fact, closer to 10 feet high is considered a better option for many golfers. 

The minimum ceiling height is a number that can be determined based on your current height and the way you swing the golf club. This is more about your golf swing and golf club position than the height of the golf ball. Most nets will catch the golf ball if you are not standing too far from it. 

How much room do you need for an indoor golf simulator?

The most essential part of putting a simulator into your home is ensuring you can meet the minimum space requirements. If you have ever tried swinging in an enclosure that is too small, you likely know how difficult this can be and the issues it creates for average golfers.

Many players end up changing their swing entirely just to help practice golf indoors, and we can assure you that it is not worth it at all! Here is what to keep in mind about space requirements for your simulator. 

Ceiling height

The ceiling height should be a minimum of nine feet. Many of the best Golf simulator packages will try and tell you that 8.5 feet tall is enough, but we highly recommend the 9 foot. Taller golfers will need a higher ceiling clearance, typically closer to ten feet.

In addition, you will also want to ensure that you have this extra ceiling height to help with light in the room. An indoor space needs great lighting, and small confined spaces are sometimes a problem for the launch monitor. 

Take some practice swings in your space. This should be a slow-motion type swing that will help ensure you stay safe but also check the height to ensure it will work. Since all golfers swing the club differently, there is a wide range of acceptable heights for a golf simulator. 

Remember that sometimes you will have golf shoes on, which could add a few inches to your total height. 


One of the other essential requirements of setting up your personal indoor virtual driving range is to make sure you have enough depth in the room. Some Golf launch monitors and projectors require enough room to be able to pick up on ball speeds, ball flight, angle of attack, clubface angle, and precise overall measurements. 

The depth should be about 10.5 feet long, but some launch monitors may require more. When purchasing golf simulator equipment, it is smart to check all requirements and significant sure that your golf simulator projector and golf simulator screen do not have their own depth and width requirements. 

Sometimes being able to stand just a foot or two further away from the screen can help ensure that you don’t damage it quickly. Sufficient space will decrease the wear and tear on the screen. 


Width is very similar to height and depth in the total requirement to get accurate measurements and be able to get the aspect ratio you want on the simulator screen. We recommend about 10 feet of width to ensure that your errant shots do not cause damage to your house. 

Although some golfers will use foam balls, most will want to take comfortable swings with real golf balls and compare their performance to the course. Even professional golfers and avid golfers sometimes miss a shot left or right. 

Installing side nets on the simulator makes sense for all skill levels and ensures the safety of your practice sessions. 

Left-Handed Golfers 

One subject that is very often overlooked is golf simulator options for left-handed golfers. The spacing and configuration of the room could be a little different for the right-handed golfer and the left-handed golfer. Ensure you look at this when setting up your new simulator room. 

Although the average height should be the same, the overall configuration and setup will differ, and special mats may be needed. 

Can you put a golf simulator in the basement?

Golf simulator vs Golf launch monitor - AEC InfoThere are two places where golfers often like to put a golf practice room, and that is the basement and the garage. Each of these areas can be a good option, but there are still minimum requirements for how many feet wide the space must be as well as the height requirement. 

The trouble that most golfers run into in the basement is the ceiling height. It can be rare to have a ceiling height of close to ten feet. For golfers that have a more upright swing, the basement can be a real problem. If you do this without making sure you have enough clearance, you may end up developing a flatter swing. 

The golf simulator ceiling height is not something that you can adjust after the fact, so it must be taken into consideration when setting up your simulator. 

Can you fit a golf simulator in a garage?

A garage can often have limited space if you are storing other gear, but some players find that the ceiling height is a bit easier to find in a garage than it is in a basement. Of course, this will require a garage with high ceilings, at least 9 feet tall, and ample space to place nets, mats, and targets. 

One disadvantage to a garage simulator setup is that it can be a bit more subject to the weather conditions and get hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Luckily, you can make some changes to the environment to make it a bit more comfortable but expect this to cost you more money. 

In the end, the golf simulator experience is a good one, regardless of where your setup is, and sometimes these garage and basement spaces are the best option for golfers. 


Hopefully, you now can see why the 9-foot ceiling is such an important choice for golfers. The golf simulator is supposed to help with game improvement, not cause more issues for players.

The proper ceiling height for a golf simulator can ensure better wall protection, more accurate readings, and player safety. These are things that cannot be ignored.  For more golf articles be sure to check out the rest of AEC Info.

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