The Significance of the Event

What marked the world of golf on Sunday, May 24, 2020, was the great sports charity competition, “The Match: Champions for Charity,” held to raise funds to support Covid-19 charities.

Avid golfers and fans all over the States were thrilled to follow the event that had significant importance taken from two perspectives. Firstly, it meant raising substantial financial aid for those who have been most severely struck by the Coronavirus and its implications. Secondly, it promised exciting golf as four prominent athletes took part.

Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning faced off against Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson in a spectacular, fun-filled, and unpredictable showdown. The duo Woods-Manning generally dominated the match and hung on to defeat their opponents, who were unable to get on track despite struggling hard.

Where did it take place?

The Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, was the venue for this spectacular challenge between the NFL and PGA stars, and it is one of the most challenging courses in the States. However, the location of the course and its impressiveness didn’t come to its fore, as the torrential rains, the wind, and the wet conditions brought a delay of almost an hour and occasional interruptions. Yet, this course also happens to be Tiger Woods’ home course, so we can only assume that the local knowledge of the area was a great benefit for him.

About the Funds

The intentions to raise at least $10 million were eventually doubled, totaling over $ 20 million to aid Coronavirus relief efforts. Golfers also placed side wagers from both teams, and we can’t agree more that they were more than generous.

Perhaps the greatest highlight of the match was the challenge to Brady from the golfer Brooks Koepka, offering a $100,000 donation if he won a par on the front nine. Well, as the greatest of the greatest do, Brady amazed everyone when they were on the par-4 seventh hole, and he managed to hole a wedge shot straight from the fairway for an astonishing birdie. Koepka doubled down for another impressive $100,000 for par on one of the next two holes, however, that didn’t happen.

A Few Words About the Course of the Match

Mickelson gave his best through his short game, and it was the part of the game that bailed him out since through the front nine, he wasn’t as sharp and accurate as you might expect. There were some trademark highlights, such as his so-called “salty bomb” on the par-4 11th hole.

The good spirits of the players heated up the otherwise gloomy atmosphere resulting from the unfavorable weather. Woods and Manning got ahead by winning three of the first six holes and got an early advantage of three up on the front nine.

We haven’t seen Woods swinging like this for quite some time, and it was a clear sign that he is back in the business for conquering another tournament. And, even though Woods and Mickelson were the ones who were expected to lead the teams, the best shots came from the quarterbacks, and we include here the outstanding shot by Brady.

On the back nine, the 16th hole (par 3), Mickelson and Brady didn’t use the opportunity to square the match despite having the opportunity to do so. Manning was able to maintain the team’s advantage by an impressive tee shot to 17 inches.

The Atmosphere

The positive interaction among all the golfers was filled with encouragement, acknowledgment of good performance, and good-natured teasing, was complemented by the interjections of Charles Barkley and Justin Thomas, who joined the on-course commentary team. Their teaming kept the mood light, rewarding the officials and the viewers with almost five hours of insightful golf tips, enjoyment, and humor.

As the sunset was approaching, the pace of the game got faster, and almost after five hours of invigorating play Manning and Woods won the match on the 18th after Brady lost one more ball from the tee.

All in all, with plenty of positivity, optimism, and goodwill, the match reached its purpose. Champions for Charity secured over $ 20 million for all those battling against Covid-19.

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