The first time I tried a golf chipper, I was entirely confused by the club, how it works, and what chip shots it could really help with. However, after about three shots, I quickly learned why so many golfers swear that the chipper is a must in their golf game.

Chipper golf clubs are unique, and many players who participate in tournaments are concerned by their legality. So if you want the inside scoop on what a golf chipper is and whether or not this club could help your golf game, I have all the information you need.

What is a chipper golf club?

The chipper is a combination between a wedge and a putter. Chippers have lower loft than the wedge, usually in the 30-38 degree range, and they are short in total shaft length, similar to the putter. In the same way, a hybrid is a combination of a fairway wood and an iron, the chipper merges the wedge and the putter.

Chippers are created to make it easier for senior golfers, higher handicappers, and new players to hit simple and effective chips that will take their game to the next level. Chippers have a wide sole, and they are made to fly above the ground for a short period of time and roll a good portion of the way to the hole.

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Golf chipper – Where to use

The key to being successful with a chipper is to know where to use it. With a loft lower than you find in a Sand wedge or lob wedges, you will be restricted in using the chipper. Here are the locations you will want to take this out.

Anytime you are on the fringe

The chipper shines when you find yourself on the fringe and must hit a basic chip. This is where you almost take a putting stroke with the chipper in hand and look a quick up and down shot.

The shot from the fringe is good for average golfers and beginners, and honestly, even some better players try to create this same sensation with other clubs in their bags. Movement in the swing is minimal, and there is very little room for error (fat shots, chunks, skulls, etc.).

When your golf ball is on the approach and the pin is in the back

If you are on the short grass in front of the hole and there is no trouble between you and the pin, the chipper is a great wedge to consider using. With this shot, you will want to ensure there is not much trouble between you and the pin. Remember that the golf ball will be in the air for just a short time, and then it will hit the ground and run away from you quite a bit.

With the pin in the back, you have some room to allow the ball to come down on the green and roll toward the target. Backspin on a chipper is not nearly as high as it will be, with clubs that have higher loft options and grooves specifically designed for spin.

Curious how much other golf clubs roll out after a short shot around the green?  Our Chipping rule of 12 post is repeatedly one of the most popular blog posts on AEC Info.

Newer players from short grass around the greens

When you first start playing golf, the chipper can offer the percentage shot. You will have maximum control of your pitch shots and chips, and the room for error is less than it is with a traditional wedge.

Even if a professional golfer or lower handicap golfer may use a higher lofted wedge to get the ball close to a hole, using a chipper to get the ball airborne and at least to the center of the green could save you some strokes.

How do you hit a chipper golf club?

The best part about learning how to hit a chipper is the fact that it’s quite simple. Here are the steps to take to his a chipper golf club.

Setup and stance

With the chipper being shorter than the other golf wedges in your bag, you can get closer to the ball, which is a good thing. Take a stance where you stand Closer to the golf ball, with just enough room to swing the club back and forth.

Also, make sure the stance is narrow, and it can be square, not open to the target, like you would see on flop shots or similar.


The chipper is not the most versatile club in your bag. This is used for short basic shots near the hole and to eliminate fat chip shots. Take more of a putter stroke when hitting the chipper, do not take the club past parallel; you likely won’t see the best results.

I have had the most success while keeping my wrists firm or square and not breaking them in the backswing. Beginner golfers especially should keep the swing small and compact.


The chipper has a heavy club head, making it easier for you to hit down and through the ball without thinking too much about it. Don’t worry about the ball getting up in the air; there are enough degrees of loft on a chipper that as long as you strike down and through the ball, you should have no problem getting the proper ball flight.

Shot planning

Make sure that you plan to hit your approach shot with the chipper about halfway to the hole so that it can roll the rest of the way. Experienced golfers may understand that a club like this does not have quite as much spin or control as others in the bag, and that can have an impact on your chipping technique. Start with a ball landing halfway to the hole but adjust accordingly if your chipper has more or less loft.

Who should use a golf chipper?

Not all golfers find chippers helpful to their game. Some players would rather use their Blade putter or mallet putter from these greenside locations as they feel it gives them better distance control. In addition, chippers are difficult to use for things like bunker shots or full swing into the green, so shot options can be limited. Here are a few golfers that can benefit greatly from a chipper.

  • Beginner golfers who are struggling with chipping and the complications of getting the ball up in the air
  • Senior golfers who have lost some of their clubhead speed and accuracy, and need help improving their misses
  • Higher handicap players looking for more delicate control around the green to hit different kinds of shots
  • For any golfer that struggles with chunks or bladed wedges, the quality design of a chipper is one of the most forgiving on the market

Are golf chippers legal?

According to the USGA rules of golf, chippers are legal if they are not two-way chippers. A two-way chipper with a clubface that can hit shots both ways is not legal. Companies like Ping, Mazel, Cleveland, and Intech golf all make legal golf chippers that players can purchase and use in tournament play. 

6 golf chippers to try 

If you think a golf chipper could be a good option for your game, here are a few I would recommend trying. Luckily, golf chippers are sometimes cheaper than the standard Types of golf wedge.

Mazel Golf Chipper

image of mazel golf chipper - AEC Info
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The Mazel Golf Chipper is affordable, with 36 degrees of loft and a total club length of 35 inches. The sleek black club head helps ensure you have no issues with sun glare as you play. One of the most important features of these heavy club heads is the alignment line to ensure greater accuracy.

InTech EZ Roll Chipper

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The InTech EZ Roll Chipper has the loft of a 7 iron and the length of a putter. This model has a back-weighted design and a head shape, making it easier for players to get that initial launch and more consistent center strikes. InTech calls this a “shank Proof” golf club, and we have a hard time arguing with that.

Wilson Harmonized Chipper

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Wilson does a great job of creating affordable equipment that works well for amateur players. The Wilson Harmonized Chipper has some of the best feel on the market, making it easier to develop touch around the greens. This chipper has 32 degrees of loft, so check how the loft changes from one chipper to the next.

Tour Edge HL4 Chipper

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The Tour Edge HL4 chipper has a 431 stainless steel head, a soft feel, and delicate touch. If you want something with a wide sole and tons of forgiveness, this is a great option to consider. The club head is also a little larger, giving you extra confidence as the player.

Ray Cook Golf M1 Chipper

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The Ray Cook Golf M1 Chipper is a great option for a beginner player. Expect this one to have a large and forgiving head, long alignment lines, and 37 degrees of loft. The Ray Cook M1 is a great place to start if you are unsure whether chipper golf technology is for you.

image of square strike wedge - AEC Info
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The Square Strike club is similar to a chipper club but has an upright lie angle and a heavier head, creating a pendulum-like movement like putting. Its thick sole prevents fat shots, and the angled edge prevents digging. It increases any kind of putting motion and helps players who struggle with chunks and skulls.

The Square Strike Wedge is a good club for beginners who struggle with chipping and pitching shots. It improves the basic bump-and-run shot around the green and removes some margin for error with its design. The club helps with all distances of chip shots, bump-and-run shots, and medium to long shots from bunkers. However, it is not a cure-all for an overall bad game.

Golf chipper club – Are they worth it?

If you have room in your bag for an extra wedge and feel like the shorter shots from the fringe or approach are the tough areas of your game, then a chipper is worth it.

The chipper stroke is so similar to your putting stroke, and for that reason, most golfers find that they make very few mistakes with their chipper.