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Key Features

  • All-round wedge with impressive forgiveness and playability
  • Three sole grinds optimized by loft
  • Game improvement design with tour feel and sound
  • Easy to control with high spin rates
  • Value for the money

We can freely call Cleveland the master of wedges, and with the CBX 2 wedge, we can see the utmost balance of premium wedge technology with forgiveness and performance. It features what you’d expect to see in a tour wedge, just that it is a cavity wedge instead of a blade.

Even with the first iteration of the Cleveland CBX, the company offered the majority of players a game improvement wedge that offers all-round performance. Most of us, the ordinary players, need help from our clubs, and this is the field where Cleveland dominates.

In short, the CBX 2 continues where the CBX stopped. The cavity back design is complemented by the latest Cleveland technology to add more spin and control that you usually see in tour wedges. On the other hand, the larger but thinner clubhead, the large sweet spot, and the playability of the club make it one of the most forgiving wedges on the market.


image of cleveland golf cbx 2 wedge design - AEC Info

What you won’t see in the CBX 2 is a big, chunky head that most game improvement wedges usually feature. It is larger, but it is more confidence-inspiring rather than clumsy. The hollow cavity is filled with a urethane insert, making it look balanced and stable.

There’s also a microcavity drilled in the hosel and a tiny cutout placed on the outer hosel. The metal finish looks classy and inspiring, even though you might have an occasional glare issue, but that’s very uncommon.

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What’s New in the CBX 2 Wedge?

Redesigned Cavity for More Forgiveness

There’s plenty of improvement in this model. It looks blade thin, but there’s a hollow chamber that is located near the heel. Then, they added more weight in the toe of the head, and with that, they managed to increase the moment of inertia (MOI). According to Cleveland, this translates to more forgiveness, resulting in 25% more precision shots.

Dynamic Sole

This is an absolute improvement, since one of the criticisms that the CBX wedge had gravitated around offering just a single sole grind. It did give more simplicity to high handicappers, but it was on account of versatility, so all in all, it was highly limiting on the approaching shots.

The Cleveland CBX 2 comes now with three different sole grinds that are optimized by loft. This adds more versatility to your approaching shots and reassurance that there’s a specific sole grind for any short game scenario.

Lofts that range from 46 to 52 degrees feature V-Sole to help you execute full, square-faced shots. For bunker shots or getting out of the deep rough, the sand wedge from 54 to 56 degrees features an S-shaped sole. The lob wedge ranges from 58 to 60 degrees, and it has a C-shaped grind for optimal face manipulation.

Rotex Face

image of cleveland golf cbx 2 wedge face - AEC Info

The Rotex technology that Cleveland introduced a few years ago has proven to be top-notch in many aspects. In the CBX 2 wedge comes the fourth generation of the Rotex grooves with significant upgrades that lead to ultimately more spin.

Now, there are three different layers of grooves. The first layer is Rotex milling of the face that functions as a friction enhancer between the grooves for more spin. The face is laser milled, which means more roughness that leads to added stopping power. Finally, the Tour Zip grooves are sharper than ever so that they can deliver optimum spin when you play from the rough, in any weather conditions.

Feel Balancing Technology

This technology is responsible for the toe-bias center of gravity, or in other words, it moves it more towards the center of the face. The perimeter weighting moves the CG lower and deeper that creates a larger sweet spot. The larger sweet spot leads for much better performance, even if you are a high handicapper.

Combined with the Gelback TPU Insert filled in the cavity, it significantly reduces vibration to deliver optimal feel at impact. It is a urethane material that can dampen vibrations. This is what makes the wedge premium and tour-like, the feel, the sound, and the added control. These features are rarely seen in the game improvement wedges and irons, so the CBX 2 wedge makes a huge difference in this aspect.


I think that everyone’s first impression would be ‘easy to play.’ From the fairway to the greens, the wedge performance is exceptionally forgiving. If you have mastered some short game skills, then you can expect a smooth performance on any grind. Regarding partial shots from any tight lies and the rough are relatively easy to carry out thanks to the heel relief on wedges with higher lofts.

Those of you who have a bit more advanced skills can appreciate the extra spin and ability to control your shots, even from very tough lies. That mainly refers to the lob wedge that shows superior performance out of the thick rough as it can easily cut through the grass.

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Bottom Line

The Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge could be called the winner in the game improvement category. It is bigger than a blade but much more compact than its competitors. It doesn’t look repulsive in any way, and thanks to TPU insert, it delivers excellent sound and feel.

The hollow cavity and the large sweet spot make it very forgiving, while the three sole grinds are versatile enough for any short game shots. It is easy to play, confidence-boosting, and surprisingly consistent. And, even if the price appears a bit high, it is a wedge that offers exceptional value, so you get even more than what you pay for.

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