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Thinking about getting new irons? If so, this is probably not the first time reading about Cleveland’s men’s launcher HB irons. They have been highly reviewed by most publications online, and like most of the bigger golf brands, Cleveland Golf is a name you can trust for high-end sticks.

Cleveland’s best-selling HB Iron Set includes 8 irons with full hollow construction, which enables higher forgiveness. The construction is made of robust steel inserts on the face that maximize ball speeds. Cleveland’s HiBore crown solidifies high launches. The HB iron set includes graphite and stainless steel shaft options making them suitable for every golfer.

Cleveland Launcher HB Irons – Reinvention

Cleveland went out of the driver business for a few years. Did their drivers suck? What prompted them to stop producing drivers? Why did they focus on wedges and putters instead?

Cleveland took a big break to reinvent their driver capabilities and allowed their subsidiary, Srixon, to take over driver-manufacturing while their R&D team researched new models.

Cleveland developed a new set of high-end drivers that were designed for maximum adjustability.

The Cleveland Launcher HB iron set fill a considerable market gap. While everyone is making drivers that have hosel adjustments for flight and weights to optimize the center of gravity, the market misses something that the average golfer will benefit from at an average price – not an exorbitant price.

The HB Cleveland Launcher irons target the average golfer and fulfills their needs.


  • Performance Booster New technology is packed in this 8-set of hybrid irons which will boost your stability and allow you to level-up your game. You’ll play at a much higher level, or boost your performance if you already do
  • Extremely Forgiving Irons HB irons have a stretched long head that was designed for maximum consistency and forgiveness. These are the “keys” to boosting your shots for better distance and accuracy.
  • Faster Shots The HB set was designed for moderate-to-slow swings. This set is perfect for golfers who wish to elevate their shots in terms of speed.


  • Expensive Set The HB set might be a tad too expensive for casual golfers who aren’t heavily invested in their performance.
  • Lightweight Graphite Shafts The lightweight factor might take getting used to if you’re used to heavier constructions.

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Are Launcher Irons The Best Selling Irons?

The Cleveland HB Launcher irons are the best-selling irons Cleveland has ever released. They are not the best selling irons of all time. This is also their best selling iron in general (breaking all records for Cleveland and Srixon sales).

Even though it was launched in 2017, the marketing director of Cleveland says, “Today we’re selling as many HB launchers as we did when we released in 2017”.

This launcher still kicks ass! How come it’s so relevant even 2 years after release? No other company tries to manufacture these really big, yet easy-to-hit launchers.

The sales projections on the HB launcher exceeded their initial expectations by 2.5 times – that’s how much more The HB sold. The truth is golfing technology is peaking, and there is very little left to change. You just have to make a choice.

The R&D chief of Cleveland says, “If the driver is selling well, why change it? There is enough time to work on things”. All the feedback for the driver comes from average golfers, and they make tiny improvements that eventually replace previous generations.

Things To Know Before Buying 

After Cleveland launcher HB irons review, the set reveals one truth that we, as golfers, ignore about adjustable drivers – we never really adjust them. How often have you picked up an adjustable driver and messed with it on the course? (obviously you can’t do this during a tournament round)

You’ll do this once or twice after you just purchased the driver when hitting it on the range, or after a horrific round where you couldn’t hit a fairway and you were searching for golf training aids between shots.

What’s the point of buying adjustable drivers if we’re never really sure we have them adjusted correctly?

The HB Launcher is simple and nails everything from the start. You aim, swing, and launch! Cleveland infused new energy into the golfing marketplace, which allows golfers to improve their performance at a much more appealing price point.

The HB is perfect for golfers who wish to hit more greens in regulation, experience higher launches, and long distances. Give it a try.

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What Type of Player Plays The Cleveland Launcher HB Irons?

Nearly every player from low handicap to beginner will enjoy playing these clubs. Is it a high-end set, or a beginner set? What does it say about you as a golfer if you buy the HB set?

This Cleveland hb launcher irons are precisely as they appears! A large, oversized, hollow-body iron set that is full of forgiveness and will aid virtually all recreational golfers and enhance their game on the course.

The point of this set is to make it that even though clubs won’t help you with your swing, you can still enjoy yourself and play for fun without overspending. Forgiveness is the highlight of these irons. It’s more forgiving than anything else of this size and in this price range. They are fantastic irons for the mid handicapper, or “average golfer”.

The R&D chief said, “We designed the CG depth to be double that of an average cavity back iron, helping golfers get the same performance benefits from the depth as they would with bigger drivers.”

The design feels extremely lightweight when you hold it, and this is enabled by the super-wide sole and the hollow shape. Cleveland made a genius move when they designed the head to be disproportionally large, allowing for the weight to be carved from the crown, face, and other areas.

The extreme extra sole makes a huge difference for an average golfer. In the hands of a professional golfer, this launcher is unbelievably easy to hit. The drivers make easy high spins for all golfers. The forgiveness factor is another story.

Forgiveness is not only about MOI and speed maintenance when you hit off-center. The way the golfer interacts with the turf, the face impact consistency, and also not chunking the shots matter too.

We need to be aware of where we’re screwing up. It’s likely that golfers in this category won’t be making consistent contact with the ball.

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Is The HB The Same As Any Other Set?

No, no, no! Cleveland held out without releasing new sets for a reason. The new Turbo uses advanced HT1770M steel for the face, but it is 5% thinner than previous releases.

There have been significant upgrades: 4% lower, 4% deeper center of gravity, 5% higher MOI, and the Turbo is about half a club longer than previous releases.
In this price range, a golfer is getting a lot as far as lofts go (if you’re fine with a 30 degree 7-iron).

It’s not far off from other professional clubs. Example: The Ping G700 is 29 degrees.

The long irons in this set with the redesigned steel structure and the lofts will help you shoot the ball higher than you ever thought possible. Besides, you’ll be able to hit your 5-iron much longer than your 6-iron and your 4-iron more than your 5-iron.

Cleveland’s R&D chief said, “Our research showed that golfers who use strong lofted irons tend to hit their 5- and 6- irons longer than 4-irons”. He says, “The reason why is because they don’t feel they’re getting enough clubhead speed that they hit the ball high enough.

The five goes higher and consequently goes further – that’s why golfers like it more”.


Make no mistake – the irons will be the most common equipment you use on the course, and it makes sense to spend the most money here. However, why spend a lot when you can buy superior products at a good price and save money?

The Cleveland HB set provides some of the best-performing contemporary irons that are suitable for golfers across the board: Beginners and professionals.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you struggling with your shots?
  • Can you get your shots “high” already but not “high enough”?
  • Would you like to launch straighter shots?

If you answered yes, the Cleveland HB irons have you covered. You’ll never look back! When you account for the stable impact, the forgiveness and large “sweet spot” that is impossible to miss, even if you’re a beginner, this set should more than enough to satisfy your golfing needs.

The Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set is a bit pricier than a beginner set, but the extra cost will undoubtedly reflect in your performance. Well worth the few extra bucks!

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