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When Cobra released the F8 driver a few years ago, it immediately got the golfers’ attention across the board. It was the driver that offered more distance in combination with accuracy, and since then, the Cobra King F8 driver has been the driver of choice for golfers of different skills, mainly mid handicappers.

The F8 driver has been a revolution of its kind. It used the latest technological advancements, and it pioneered in being the first driver that offered performance tracking. This was made possible with the electrical sensors integrated into the grip of the driver.

But, that is just one of the novelties that this driver brought to the market. Back at the time, it was the driver with the thinnest CNC milled face, adjustable weight positions, and lofts settings. All in all, thanks to all the technology integrated into the King F8 driver, it is still an option to consider for now a much more affordable price.

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CNC Milled Face

Up until the release of the F8 driver, Cobra ground the drivers’ faces manually, resulting in slight variability in their thickness. With the F8, they introduced machine milling, making the face of the driver 3% thinner compared to their previous models and about 10% lighter.

The lighter design comes as a result of the use of the much lighter titanium Ti-8-1-1 material. The name might mean nothing to you, but it is the reason for the variable face thickness, making it bouncier and energy generating.

E9 and Dual Roll Technology

Each company in the premium golf sector has technologies that help it stand out from the competition and offer something never seen before. Regarding the F8 driver, these are the patented E9 and Dual Roll technologies that are mostly responsible for the so acclaimed distance and accuracy.

The company’s data revealed golfers’ tendencies to hit the sweet spot in an elliptical pattern, from low heel to high tow, which led to the creation of E9 technology. This technology is responsible for the elliptical sweet spot and the reason for much more distance off the tee.

The other technology that works in combination with the E9 is the so-called Dual Roll technology. The name itself might not mean anything to you and simply said, this technology makes the face with different curvatures on the top and the bottom.

Variable face thickness and face curvatures are something TaylorMade boasts nowadays, but Cobra had it in its way with the F8. This face curving drastically differentiates from the traditional drivers, allowing golfers to feel performance differences as well.

Most of its benefits come with the high launching angles and low spin no matter where you hit the ball. Designed like this, it means much more forgiveness and higher MOI (Moment of Inertia), which makes it a suitable driver for golfers of various handicaps.

Carbon Fibre Crown and Aero Technology

The carbon fiber crown is the new ‘in’ material nowadays, and there’s a good reason for that. It is a very light material that allows weight repositioning and relocating the Center of Gravity (CG) lower and deeper.

On the top of the crown, you’ll find half of the 360 Aero feature, i.e., raised aerodynamic pattern that increases the clubhead’s speed. These so-called “Aero Trips” keep the airflow closer to the head and minimize the drag.

These “Aero Trips” are made from a lightweight polymer, while the second half is located on the sole, and these are made from titanium. This configuration helps to keep the CG low and reduce the downswing by 17% (this is what Cobra Golf claims).

Adjustable Center of Gravity

I believe that once you become all over your golf equipment and start understanding your clubs, you crave for customization and adjustability. The F8 allows you to control the ball flight by offering adjustable CG. The center of gravity goes in the heel and the back of the club.

It comes with the weight positioned in the back for high launches and more forgiveness. However, if you are looking for less spin, you need to add 12g of weight into the Draw position or lower the loft with the adjustable hosel.

My Fly 8 with Smart Pad

Speaking of the adjustable hosel, you can increase or decrease the loft settings in half degree increment. The highest loft is 12 degrees, while the lowest loft option is 9 degrees. The increase of the loft angle means more spin, higher launching angle, and more forgiveness.

Every loft change affects the lie as well, and this is where the Smart Pad comes into play. Its function is to keep the face square or straight, depending on the loft settings.

Hight to mid handicappers will benefit the most from the higher lofts and square face with the weight positioned high and back. Those with faster swing speed will find the opposite more suitable.

Cobra Connect

In cooperation with Arccos, Cobra installed sensors in the F8 grips to track your overall performance. When the sensor pairs with the app on your smartphone, you can see the readings (speed, distance, dispersion, drag…), compare it with your previous data, or even share it on social sites. Plus, the app recognizes over 40,000 golf courses worldwide and has detailed maps, including the hazards.

Bottom Line

If you are still struggling to achieve more distance off the tee Cobra King F8 driver is an excellent driver. As you could read from the review, it is one of the most tech-packed, customizable drivers intended for golfers of various handicaps.

What’s even more attractive nowadays is its much more affordable price compared from a few years ago. So, if the driver you’re looking for needs to be distance-enhancing, lightweight, adjustable, and budget-friendly, the F8 is the go-to driver.

Key Features

  • Fully CNC milled face with an elliptical sweet spot
  • Variable, titanium face for more forgiveness
  • Carbon Fiber crown with Aerodynamic design
  • Adjustable hosel with Smart Pad
  • Adjustable weights for high and draw shots
  • Cobra Connect
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