Fresh grips on your clubs will make a big difference in your grip pressure and overall confidence when swinging the golf club grip. But how much does it cost to regrip a club?

How Much Does It Cost To Regrip Golf Clubs?

The average price to have a full set of golf clubs regripped is between $50 and $252, depending on the grips you choose, and if you do it yourself or have it done professionally. Even if you buy the necessary tools like a utility knife, double sided tape, hook blade, a golf grip kit, and a vice, doing it yourself can save you quite a bit of money. 

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I recently visited Second Swing Golf in Columbia, Maryland and was told that the cost of the grips would range from $9 to $15 each, and each club would cost $3 a piece for labor. Based on this price and 14 golf clubs, you would be looking at a price range of $168 to $252 to have every club, including your putter regripped professionally.

To regrip a single club by yourself, it would cost a golfer between $4 and $20 per club, again, depending on the grips chosen.

The cheapest golf grip kits are typically something that is not made by Golf Pride or Winn. The cheapest grips are specifically designed for golfers that play infrequently. 

Factors to Consider when Regripping Clubs

Here are a few of the things that will come into play when looking at how much it costs to re-grip a golf club grip. 

An infographic that details the factors that affect the cost of regripping a golf club

Type of Grip 

The type of grip is typically something like corded grips or softer grips like a Winn Grip. There are different types of grips on the market, and some have all weather features that help improve the overall feel and performance. 

Those that spend extra money on premium golf grips typically play quite a bit of golf and will want to ensure that all of their grips match across the entire set. 

Location of Regripping

Some local golf courses will have a regripping shop where they can make small adjustments to golf clubs and help you with any sort of regripping you may need to be done. In addition, golf retailers and even private country clubs will have the ability to regrip golf clubs. 

Each of these locations will charge what they feel is fair for the regripping process. Most of the time, small shops will give you the best overall rate and an accurate estimate as to how much your grips will be and how often you need them done. 

Graphite Vs. Steel

Steel shafts and graphite shafts have different requirements when it comes to the regripping process. With a graphite shaft, there is a bit more precision needed to ensure that nothing happens to the shaft during the process. 

Steel shafts are a bit more durable, and the grip removal is considerably faster. Some golf shops may charge an extra dollar or two for graphite shafts, especially those that have soft grips and several layers of extra tape in place. 

Number of Wraps / Grip Orientation 

A single layer of grip tape is usually included as part of your regripping process. However, if you want to ensure that your grip sizes are a bit built up, you may need more double-sided grip tape, and this could increase the cost. 

Some golfers are particular not just about the size of the grips but also about the grip orientation. If you don’t want to see the logo on the grip, installing it upside down is an option, but these extra requests can sometimes add to the price if you take them to your local pro shop or retailer like Second Swing golf. 

DIY vs. Paid Professional

The cheapest way to regrip golf clubs is to order a set of rubber grips on your own and then have them installed. This is especially the case if you are going to be putting something like jumbo grips in place, as these have a higher retail value. 

With a paid regripping, expect to pay for the grips as well as the time spent putting the new grips on. Most regripping businesses are using the traditional grip solvent method, but some are switching to an air compress method, saving a bit of time but not much money. 

Should You Put New Grips on Yourself? 

Now that you know why regripping changes in price, you may have noticed that handling this process yourself can save quite a bit of money. Of course, there are a few things to figure out first, and ensuring that you have the proper sized grips and stay away from cheap grips will undoubtedly help. 

Here are the other things to remember as you decide if you should regrip your golf clubs. 

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Do you have the workspace to do this? Chances are you will be working with paint thinner, and there will be excess solvent that spills in the area. Making sure you have a spot in your garage with a vice and a clear workplace is the best. 

Some people are learning how to use an air compressor to install golf grips, but this will be difficult to learn at first, and installing a standard grip with a commercial grip solvent is the generally accepted way of getting this done. 


There are some essential tools to have in place when regripping your golf clubs. Sometimes when you purchase golf grips, the grip price will include a grip kid. This kit sometimes has double sided tape and the solvent as well as a rubber vice shaft clamp. 

If you play a lot of golf and you play in humid conditions or wet conditions, you will be regripping your clubs regularly. Investing in the tools will be well worth it. 


Do you know how to put a grip on? Luckily with a great hooked blade, a few YouTube videos, and brushing up on some skills, you won’t struggle with this process. When looking at materials cost and comparisons, include an extra grip and excess grip solvent.

You may end up needing them the first time you complete this process. 

When To Put New Grips on Your Golf Clubs? 

Before you purchase your grip kit or bring your grips into a club repair center to have them worked on, here are the things to remember when to regrip your clubs. 

Clean Your Grips

Before you even start the process of putting new leather on your golf clubs, you may want to clean your grips with some dish soap and water.  This can have a big impact on the tackiness and texture of each one.   

If you want to learn more about cleaning your clubs, see our popular post on How-to clean your golf clubs.

Slippery Grips

Grips can get slippery because of the oil in our skin and hands. Grip cleaning wipes are a smart idea to get tackier grips, but we recommend cleaning your grips regularly. One piece of advice we always offer new players is to schedule club and grip cleaning. 

Grips Cracking 

Grips will crack over time if they are exposed to poor conditions or amateur golfers don’t take care of them. Even if the entire grip is not cracking, it’s probably time for something new. 

Unnecessary Grip Pressure

Do you find yourself holding on to the club with much too much pressure? Bad grips will make you squeeze the club, and switching to the proper grips that are new and tacky will give you confidence in your hand position. 


Some grips are white or colored and can turn black and brown over time. Many regular golfers do not care about the color of the grip, but if you see discoloration, chances are it is time to change the grip. 

How Long Does It Take To Regrip Golf Clubs? 

One of the most common questions we get about regripping is how long it takes to complete this regripping process. An average golfer’s set of clubs will take about an hour, and the clubs can be used again after 12-24 hours. 

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If you have installed the wrong grips, you will, unfortunately, have to take them entirely off and re-grip again; there is no excellent way to remove a grip once it has been put on incorrectly. 

As anxious as you may be to use your new grips, giving the solvent and tape a chance to set will ensure proper alignment and better longevity of the grip. 

Do I Need A Golf Glove With New Grips? 

Many players choose to get rid of their golf gloves when they put new grips on the golf club. Many professional golfers have their grips redone often, especially before tournaments. This ensures a better feel, club security, and more of a tacky hold on the grip. 

Final Thoughts

Having your grips changed is one of those things that is hard to ignore. Golf equipment should be in top shape before you take a swing, and the average price for a set of new grips is still reasonable.

Remember that you can do this for just a few bucks per club. Once you have the supplies and the correct size grip, you will be able to keep your clubs in top condition at all times. The cost to re-grip golf clubs is certainly worth the price, even if you don’t choose expensive grips. 

Over time golf grips tend to get a bit worn out; the best thing to do is replace them consistently. The average cost to regrip golf clubs will vary depending on the size of the grip (midsize grip, undersize grip, standard, etc.) as well as who is doing the regripping. 

If you are considering having your grips done and are interested in how much this will cost, we have all the answers you need.