If you spend a lot of your time at a golf course, chances are you hear the terminology country club casual attire quite often. Knowing what to wear for every occasion can help you feel confident in how you look and the way you carry yourself at the club. 

We have been around the game a long time and can tell you exactly what to wear as country club casual attire for men, women, and children. 

What Is Country Club Casual Attire? 

Country club casual attire takes a bit of the pressure off the country club attire and makes it more of a look of relaxed sophistication. Country club casual attireimage of country club casual attire - AEC Info can move beyond the collared shirts and dress clothes and move slightly more towards casual clothing. 

However, this can be a fine line, and golfers and club members may want to be aware of these changes in casual dress codes, so they don’t take it too far. 


Country club casual attire for men takes a bit of the edge off formal clothing, dress pants, and dress shoes and makes the look more comfortable. Again, if you are looking for a specific dress code of a private club, make sure to check their website or give the club management a call before you head to your event. 


Most of the time, a tailored shirt or polo shirt is the best option for men. Button down shirts do not have to be tucked in at all times. In fact, when the casual word goes into the dress code, untucked shirts are permitted. 

Men should stay away from muscle shirts or workout gear as this is not what is acceptable for country club dress codes or club dinners. Most of the time, if you wear something to play golf or to a business meeting, it will work for the top. Men should avoid wearing any type of hat including a Wide brim golf hat.


image of country club casual - AEC InfoThe bottom selection is where country club casual can be a bit confusing for men. Some venues will require pants, while others will make shorts an option. If you are going to wear shorts, they must be pressed and be the proper length.

In addition, the fabric and material should be higher end, nothing that is considered tennis shorts or cargo pants. 

Men should also avoid denim if possible as there are no clear rules about denim jeans from one event to the next. Outdoor weddings may be fine with denim, but a private club summer dinner may discourage it. 


Most of the time, men wear loafers for the country club casual dress code. Summer sandals, flip-flops, and even boots can be tough to work with this dress code.

A great pair of loafers or boat shoes in a neutral color will help you match any of your attire. 



Country club casual for women is often a term used to describe the dress code of a outdoor meetings, summer weddings, or a summer event at your local club. Polo shirts or golf shirts are almost always required at a golf club, but for this dress code, there is some leeway. Similar to what you would see with business casual. 

image of country club casual attire - AEC Info


A collared shirt or seater can work with country club casual attire for women. A blouse that is a bit more casual and not something designed for a formal event is also a good fit.

Watch the neckline and sleeve length here; a classic look will be more well-received than something like a halter top. 

One smart idea is to bring a light sweater that may be a little more formal; if you find you have gone too casual for the club’s dress code, the sweater will save the day. 


With country club casual, you will not want to have your hemline too far above the knee. You can wear shorts, a skirt, or pants, but a more tailored look will be preferred. Pants or skirts that are large and baggy or very form-fitting are likely not the best fit. 

Considering some of these events are outside, think about the weight of the material. Avoid blue jeans at a golf club, which is still frowned upon at most locations. 


Dress shoes are not necessarily required for club casual attire for women. If you have classic looking sandals or flats, or even low heels, you will be more than appropriately attired for a country club casual dress code.

Remember again that many of these types of events are outdoors, and the comfort and stability of the shoes are also important. 


Kids are often left out of dress code guides, but ensuring your children have the proper attire for social events and gatherings is important. Chances are, if you have been to private clubs with your children before, the country club casual dress is often polo shirts, tucked in shoes similar to a Sperry style boat shoe. 

In addition, girls can wear dresses and skirts as long as they are tastefully worn. Again, this is a situation where having a lightweight sweater handy is essential. Kids should avoid wearing denim and sleeveless shirts and tee shirts with graphics and text. 

Keep the colors solid, stay away from baseball caps, cowboy hats, and cargo shorts, and you will have a much easier time getting the country club attire correct across the entire family. If all else fails, you won’t go wrong with golf attire in this situation. 

Why Do Country Clubs Have Dress Codes?

The country clubs in your area have dress codes for various reasons. The most important of these is likely the golf course dress code. Golf has always had a more formal dress than other sports that require athletic attire.

Although golf has become more lenient in what players can wear, the attire is undoubtedly different to what you see at the gym, on the tennis courts, or at the swimming pool. 

Country clubs expect a certain code of conduct from their members. There are rules about cell phones, hats as well as golf shoes. Whether you are attending special events or just a day of golf at the club, the proper attire is an integral part of the process. 

Final Thoughts 

You already have down the rules about formal wear and business attire and what to wear to the driving range or a country club gala. However, this country club casual will make your country club outfits feel a little less formal, more comfortable, and slightly less stressful.

The dress code for country clubs is continually being modernized, so be sure to check with the specific details of the club or venue before your next country club casual event.

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