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If you are suffering from Golfer’s Elbow or Tennis elbow, you have likely tried countless ways to help you alleviate the pain.  There is one product that we have found to be extremely helpful, and it combines ice and compression.  It is the Cryosleeve from Recoup Fitness.

The Cryosleeve combines compression and ice for up to an hour of relief. You can use it on multiple body parts including the arms and legs, and comes in a variety of sizes.  The Cyrosleeve comes with the BOA Fit System which you find on many different styles of golf shoes including the Women’s Ecco, Biom hybrid. The BOA allows you to tighten the brace and form fits to the area you are looking to provide relief. It is awesome for icing the sore arm after golf, and also helps reduce inflammation, pain relief, and speeding up recovery.

As mentioned before, this has been very helpful relieving pain from Tennis Elbow, but can also be used for Golfer’s elbow, shin splints, carpal tunnel syndrome, calf strains, knee injuries, and for bicep and tricep injuries.  My son uses it frequently after pitching.

This system is excellent for controlling inflammation and pain due to an injury. Cooling tissues is one way to inactivate nerves and deter tissue from swelling. It can be used for a variety of sprains and strains, including carpal tunnel and golfer’s elbow.  While more serious injuries will need attention from a doctor, minor sprains can be easily managed with a cold compress while they heal naturally.

The Recoup Cryosleeve is a band that slips around a leg or an arm to provide a cold compress for up to an hour of pain relief. Since it is adjustable, it can be used on the arms and legs of many people. The Cryosleeve provides the cooling gel while the patented Boa Fit System makes for a much more customized local fit. No part of the compress is too loose to be ineffective.

Using Your Freezer

Instant cold compresses use a chemical reaction to create a cold gel, but these can only be used once. The Cryosleeve is perfect in that it can be frozen multiple times, and it provides therapeutic cold for an hour without absorbing body heat too quickly. Optimal chilling time is about 2 hours, which means that a single sleeve can be used several times a day. It is much more durable than some other products. The performance of this product is backed by the BOA guarantee. It will conform to your injury and will not produce a mess from condensation.

Know the Benefits of Icing

Gentle massaging can help relieve stressed tissue, while cryotherapy is another very effective method. The two benefits can be combined by using a related product, the Cryosphere. Chilling the tissue helps to constrict tissue and reduce the activity of nerve endings. Relieving nerves can also persuade some tense muscle tissues to relax.

The combination of the Cryosphere and the Cryosleeve is a nice combination and one used to effectively treat tennis elbow. Additionally, we have used the Theraband Flex Bar and the Playactive brace to provide relief from Lateral epicondylitis. Obviously, we are not medical professionals and are only providing you with products we have used for temporary relief.  If you have a serious issue, you should meet with you doctor.

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