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Cutter Golf Wedge Review

If you are struggling with a short game and you did a bit of research, you have probably heard that the Cutter wedge by Cutter Golf can be the game changer you are looking for.

The Cutter wedge is strategically designed to help golfers who experience troubles making clean and consistent contact with their wedges, ultimately allowing them to hit shots they previously found challenging, and ultimately transforming their short games.

Is the Cutter golf wedge really different from the Best golf wedge on the market? Is it truly a revolutionary wedge? Read our in-depth review to find out.

image of cutter golf lh cutter wedge - AEC Info

Design and Technology

The Cutter wedge was designed by Dickie Walsh and aided by famous club designer, Jeff Sheets. The idea was to make an innovative golf club that makes chipping easy for golfers of any level and reduces their slice as well as fade misses.

Each wedge has an oversized clubface and a larger sweet spot. It uses a reduced leading edge to help hit balls through roughs and long grasses, ultimately helping you avoid fat shots.

The center of gravity in the cutter wedge is optimized to reduce your slice and find the green easier. Lastly, the wedge features a squarer clubface and symmetrical crescent sole that ensures your alignment stays more consistent.

The cutter wedge has been successfully used by golfers worldwide, and most of the user reviews we came across are very positive. The Cutter Golf wedge is available to purchase online and comes standard in 56-degree of loft.

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Our Experience with The Cutter Wedge

Once we unpacked the Cutter wedge, we noticed immediately that this golf club is very bold and eye-catching. Its shape is very pronounced and instantly boosts your confidence. If you are more into traditional design and appearance of wedges, you may not like the Cutter Wedge – especially its oversized look.

However, if you genuinely struggle with your short game, this wedge can offer a lot of help. Due to its optimized center of gravity, larger sweet spot, and reduced leading edge, it’s also a good choice for right-handed golfers who struggle with wedge shots veering off to the right.

When it comes to performance, we were truly amazed at how this Cutter wedge is unmistakable. No matter where the golf ball is lying, this wedge will help you hit a draw more often and hit the ball higher.

If you struggle with chipping and pitching, you will absolutely love the reduced leading edge. It allows players to hit more functional shots.


  • Symmetrical shape and optimized center of gravity make this club easy to use, especially when it comes to aligning and launching the ball.
  • The reduced and super thin leading edge helps you hit the ball from the rough, easier, and reduce fat shots. There is also less drag and friction compared to traditional size wedges.
  • The draw bias an upright design of the wedge helps to reduce golf shots that spin offline.
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate golf players.
  • Very attractive wedge with a bold and eye-catching design.
  • Knowing that you have a great chance of hitting a solid chip shot significantly boosts your confidence


  • The bold shape and oversized club face may not appeal to golfers who prefer a more traditional look.
  • The product currently doesn’t have a trial offer or a demo kit that would allow potential buyers to try the golf wedge in retail stores.

To understand if the Cutter Wedge is a good match for your game, you should consider the key features and benefits that this club has to offer.

Symmetrical Face Shape

With a symmetrical face, the idea is that golfers will get more stability and improved turf interaction. The club is perimeter weighted, and regardless of the depth of the rough, you will be able to slide the Cutter Wedge right through it. 

Sole Design

The crescent shaped sole on the Cutter Wedge is much different than some of the other options on the market. The crescent shape allows golfers to let the club sit flatter and, in turn, be able to easily align the clubhead and create a better, more consistent stroke. Essentially the sole design adds forgiveness. 


The yardage that you can hit the Cutter wedge is not intended to be long. Players will find that this is a club for shots within 50 years. Most players will not attempt a full swing shot with the Cutter Wedge and instead will use it for short chips and pitches. If you are less than 50 yards and need some forgiveness and accuracy, the Cutter Wedge can do the trick.

Thinner Leading Edge

The idea of this cutter wedge is to help players that are looking to cut through the grass and reduce drag. The leading edge on the cutter wedge is very thin, and it will make it easier to cut through rough. For players that have a hard time with getting out of thick rough, the Cutter can do the trick.

Our Verdict

With its wider clubface, bigger sweet spot, and versatile crescent sole, we immediately see that this golf club was truly designed for players struggling with short games. We can say that the Cutter wedge performs as advertised in many aspects, especially when it comes to helping right-handed golfers with alignment and enabling players to hit the ball higher.

Depending on how you play, this may be a good thing or a bad thing for you. However, if you are struggling with your short game or looking for a wedge to help you overcome chipping and pitching difficulties, the Cutter Golf wedge is the right choice.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a golfer looking to improve your game, this product can definitely offer you a new level of performance.

However, if you are a more traditional golfer and would prefer a golf wedge that the pros on tour would choose, check out the Vokey SM8 wedge from Titleist and the Mack Daddy 3 wedge from Callaway. Both are exceptional alternatives to the Cutter.

Interested in seeing other wedge options?  We recently completed tests and reviews on the best Gap wedge, 8 great Sand wedges, and the clubs that will provide you with the most backspin on the green. (Curious about how to put more backspin on the ball? Check out our tutorial). Have a club, Rangefinder or Golf accessory you want to share with us?  Please drop us a line. We would be happy to test and review.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you are still on the fence about whether or not a Cutter Wedge is a good fit for your skills, here are a few of the most important questions to consider.

What Is The Loft of A Cutter Wedge?

The Cutter Wedge comes in three different loft options a 52, 56, and 58 degrees. This is relatively common when you look at the lofts of other wedges on the market. Keep in mind that the Cutter Wedge is a good choice to keep in your bag, but you may not need one in every loft option available.

Is A Cutter Wedge Legal?

A Cutter wedge is USGA conforming, which is one reason why it has done so well. If you play in any type of tournament or event, you will want to ensure that all of your golf clubs are conforming with the USGA. Without this, the wedge could disqualify you from an event.

Are Cutter Wedges Worth It?

Cutter wedges are worth it for high handicappers that have slower swing speed and a hard time cutting through a difficult lie. The Cutter is not the best choice for a lower handicap player looking for precision and workability in their golf wedges. Try to be specific about what you are looking for in your game, and you can often find the proper equipment.