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Did you know that your divot should happen after the golf ball? Most golfers don’t.

A divot tells us quite a bit about the swing path and even the angle of descent of our golf swing. However, tracking divot patterns is difficult when hitting from a range mat and sometimes real grass. But with a Divot Board, it’s possible.

 A Divot Board is a unique tool designed to give golfers instant feedback on their swing and showcases the importance of a divot.

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What is a golf Divot Board?

The Divot Board is a swing path trainer that allows golfers to see and feel what it is like to hit a ball squarely. A Divot Board can be used as a Golf training aid or a Hitting mat while you are practicing in the yard.

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I’ve had a chance to experiment with the Divot Board while using a Golf launch monitor indoors and outdoors when hitting a full-swing shot. And without a doubt, this training aid is very beneficial for newer players struggling to strike the ground confidently and accurately.

How does divot board help your golf game?

A Divot Board can help your game by speeding up the results. Instead of waiting for an electronic golf swing trainer to load up your results and explain why you hit bad shots, the divot training board instantly shows your results by turning the artificial turf white where your club struck.

If you hit a slice or a hook, look at your club path and how you hit the ball. This will give you a lot of insight into what you’re doing wrong. Once you get the feedback you need, wipe the board in the opposite direction with your hand or club head to reset the board.

Where can you use the divot board?

The Divot Board is a great tool for a driving range session. The bottom of the board has rubber spikes that help it grip even when put on a traditional driving range mat.

Some golfers use the Divot Board on their patio as a divot mat for hitting chip shots into the yard. I’ve also seen this used with a golf simulator again, placed on top of another mat.

Although the Divot Board is narrow and not all that long, it’s plenty long that you can make contact with it, regardless of your ability.

Does the divot board work?

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Now that you know what the Divot Board can do let me give you my honest opinion of whether or not this is an effective feedback tool for your game. To be a better ball striker, you must make consistent contact, which the Divot Board allows players to do.

Impressive diagnostic tool

Divot Board makes a great diagnostic tool; it can show you exactly how your clubhead approaches the ball and the results of that swing. I love that you can hit an actual ball, and there is no need for foam or SKLZ impact golf balls with this golf mat.

Portability and frequency of use

The Divot Board can be brought into your hotel room, living room or setup on your back patio. It’s an incredibly easy-to-transport training aid, which makes it easy to use often. Adding 20-30 swings using the Divot Board to your daily practice routine can help you develop a nice swing.

You don’t even need to use a ball; instead, you can use it to warm up for a round.

Still need golf knowledge

Swinging with the Divot Board shows us exactly what clean contact looks like and helps diagnose the shot you hit. However, it does not offer a solution to fix your swing. The Divot Board can show whether your path is Inside out or Over the top, but it doesn’t tell you what can be done to fix that.

To take your learning to another level, you will need a coach, some video of the swing, or a much clearer understanding of golf.

Is the divot board worth it?

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As far as a golf swing training aid goes, the Divot Board is one of the better choices on the market. The detailed divot analysis that the Divot Boards give golfers is really helpful for making golf swing changes and tweaks.

To hit crispy golf shots, you will need to make consistent contact. This is hard to see when hitting on a range mat or the grass. Identifying your strike’s centeredness while practicing is beneficial for your brain and body.

The downside to the Divot Board is that it can slide when you hit and doesn’t last forever. As you continue to strike the center with your golf club, you will notice that the pad will wear down over time.

Replacement pads are available; however, they can get costly over time. Try to mix up taking practice swings on the board and off so that you preserve the life of the board a bit.

Final thoughts

There are hundreds (probably thousands) of golf training aids and devices out there. Invest in the Divot Board to make your practice sessions more effective in ball striking, improving ball flight, and becoming a more consistent golfer.

In addition, adding the Divot Board into your daily routine of becoming a better player could help to speed up progress.