High tech golf driving ranges are attracting more and more customers. These customers are not all serious golfers; they are people looking to have fun with their friends and test their skills on the driving range. 

Topgolf has been the leader in the world of golf entertainment centers, but with Drive Shack locations starting to pop up in many locations, players are wondering what’s better, Drive Shack vs. Topgolf? 

What’s The Difference Between Drive Shack and Topgolf?

Drive Shack and Topgolf are golf entertainment venue options that are making traditional driving ranges much more enjoyable. At these locations, you can hitimage of topgolf vs drive shack - AEC Info golf shots at a target and even participate in a virtual golf experience while enjoying food and drinks. 

Both venues have golf balls with a small chip that records what you do when you hit golf balls. 

One of the biggest differences you will find between Topgolf and Drive Shack is the number of locations.  Topgolf has nearly 20 times the locations compared to Drive Shack.

How Many Topgolf Locations Are There?

As of June, 2022, The Topgolf website currently shows 70 locations in 31 states around the United States, with 6 new locations expected to be opening soon.  There are currently 7 International locations with one expected to be opening in the next year.

You can find all of the Topgolf locations here.

How Many Drive Shack Locations are There?

Currently, there are 4 Drive Shack Locations in the United States. They are located in Raleigh, NC, Orlando and West Palm Beach, Florida, and a fourth location in Richmond, Virginia.


image of ambiance of topgolf vs drive shack - AEC InfoWhen each of the golf entertainment locations are created, one of the things they strive for is an impressive and comfortable feel.

When hitting golf balls, you will be able to take advantage of sometimes more than a 60,000-square-foot facility with a bar, restaurant, and many different lounge areas. 

This should feel like walking into a sports bar, much more than it would be like going to a driving range at public courses. The Drive Shack and Topgolf ambiance are a bit more like going out to a restaurant to have fun with friends than to practice your golf game. 

Also, don’t worry about a dress code for playing at either location.  

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Food and Drink

There are many food and drink options at each of the supply chains. However, when we looked through the food and drink menus, everything was very similar. image of topgolf vs drive shack - AEC Info

Of course, when you go to Topgolf Orlando vs. Drive Shack Raleigh, North Carolina, chances are there could be some nuances in the menu but expect burgers, nachos, and similar bar-type food. 

After testing the menu at Drive Shack vs. Topgolf we found that there were very few differences in the quality of the food and the pricing. Set your expectations for food and drink, and you won’t be disappointed by menu options or overall pricing.

You can learn more about the Food at Topgolf here.


The golf bays at both the Drive Shack and Topgolf locations have some of the best technology in the current market. We were really impressed with the Trackman technology at Drive Shack Inc, as it tends to be one of the most accurate on the market. 

Technology at Topgolf is excellent, too, with information on ball speed and golf club data that great players can use to help their game. Of course, these high-tech driving ranges are made to be great community hangouts, but the management teams have worked hard to ensure that even great players can get something out of these centers. 


The cost of the Drive Shack and Topgolf prices will vary whether you are in West Palm Beach, Lake Nona, or Kansas City. Essentially you will pay for the time spent in your space. During this time, you can play fun games, skill games, or even virtual golf. The longer you spend in your space, the more money you will spend. 

Playing with several of your friends at a facility like Topgolf Orlando can cost a few hundred dollars for the afternoon, but if everyone splits the costs, it certainly won’t be more than a round of golf in this general area. 

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Games & Virtual Courses 

Topgolf and Drive Shack have a mix of both games and virtual courses for players to enjoy. One of the key reasons that players want to go to Drive Shack or Topgolf is to get a chance to play virtual golf courses. If you have always wanted to play Pebble Beach, Topgolf could be your best choice. 

We like the virtual golf courses at Topgolf a bit better as the experience feels more like real golf. Of course, golf simulators and real American golf courses are going to be completely different, but on a cold or rainy day, Top Golf is a good alternative. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Drive Shack and Topgolf the same thing?

Topgolf and Drive Shack are almost exactly the same thing. Players will enjoy a chance to practice everything from a drive to a wedge shot and have all the numbers and stats recorded. Topgolf and Drive Shack are high end driving ranges with technology incorporated, and players are enjoying this extra technology. 

Drive Shack vs. Topgolf: What Is A High-Tech Driving Range?

A golf driving range that has launch monitors as well as data trackers in the golf balls. Players can use this type of golf product and experience to have fun with friends or to become better players. 

Do I need to be a Touring Pro to enjoy a High Tech Range?

You do not need to be a professional golfer to enjoy a high tech driving range. In fact, many golfers find that when they are new to the game, this type of experience at something like Topgolf or Drive Shack is less stressful and more preferred.

You may not know what some of the shot data means, but this introduction to a non-traditional golf business may make you like the game even more. 

Drive Shack or Topgolf, which is Better?

After testing both the Drive Shack and the Topgolf locations, Topgolf stands out as the best overall.  Topgolf has some extensive experience in the industry, great technology, and a virtual experience that is hard to beat.  Obviously, they also have about 20 times the number of locations compared to Drive Shack.

If you are in an area that does not have Topgolf, Drive Shack is completely acceptable and a fun experience. However, if they are both next to each other, go for the Topglf; it’s hard to be disappointed with what this place has to offer. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our review on AEC Info.  Please be sure to visit us in the future for additional golf reviews and posts to help you become a better golfer, and to find the best golf products online.