Hitting a slice off the tee is one of the most frustrating and discouraging parts about playing golf. Hitting the banana ball with your driver is not specific to beginners and high handicappers.  It can happen to anyone!

Although we may tell you that practice makes perfect, we also know of the drivers that are marketed to the slicer. 

Besides fixing your downswing and working on your swing, a draw-based or adjustable driver can help you get rid of the banana ball. These drivers have more weight in the heel of the club head, making it easier to square the club.

Not all drivers are created equal, so if you are looking for the best driver for a slice, AEC Info has singled out the best ones for this purpose.

10 Best Drivers for a Slice

TaylorMade RBZ Driver

image of taylormade rbz driver - AEC Info
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The TaylorMade RBZ driver is every golfer’s dream who looks for exceptional performance, forgiveness, brand name to boast around and value for the money.

The large titanium 460cc clubhead and carbon fiber crown allow weight manipulation to make it lower and deeper. That allows high to low handicappers to perform straighter ball flights and correct their slice.

With the adjustable hosel for loft adjustability, you can manage your shots’ height and the ability to adapt it for various conditions. The well-known Speed Pocket, located behind the face, creates added velocity and more distance. It also reduces the spin at impact for straighter ball flights to slices and hooks.


  • Heel-weighted and low CG for higher, anti-slice launches
  • Low spin performance and extra speed
  • Excellent for high to mid handicappers
  • Premium Matrix White Tie 55 Shaft
  • Excellent value for the money


  • No weight adjustability

Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

image of pinemeadow pgx offset driver - AEC Info
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The PGX Offset driver directly addresses the slice issue. It boasts an anti-slice technology that helps golfers cut down on their hooks and slices. It will also help you save some bucks, too, as it comes with a super affordable price.

According to this driver’s designers, the offset club head design makes it highly effective in tackling your banana ball. It allows you to square the clubface at impact, which will lead to straighter ball flights.

The PGX Offset driver features a very forgiving design with a large sweet spot and a graphite shaft to quickly launch the ball, regardless of your handicap.


  • Anti-slice technology
  • Offset design
  • Helps you square the face at impact
  • Best driver for slice if you are on the budget


  • No adjustability

Callaway Rogue Driver

image of callaway rogue driver jailbreak - AEC Info
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If you are a woman golfer who is struggling with slices off the tee, then the Rogue driver is an excellent option to consider.

The driver boasts exceptional aerodynamic properties, thanks to Boeing’s input on how to improve the airflow and enhance the speed and distance. The result is the large carbon composite crown combined with the Speed Step technology that increases the club head speed at impact.

The driver promotes exceptional clubhead speed and distance thanks to Jailbreak Technology and the club face with thin and thick areas for more forgiveness on off-center shots. This makes each shot extra stable and forgiving, allowing golfers with slower swing speeds to easily hit the ball.

Even though you can adjust the loft settings, the Rogue driver’s weight is positioned lower and deeper without being able to adjust it. This is good news for slicers who need more stability and consistency through the swing.


  • Aerodynamic construction
  • Adjustable loft settings
  • Fixed weight position for more stability
  • High ball speed, distance, and anti-slice performance
  • Best driver for slice for women


  • No weight adjustability

Cleveland Launcher Turbo HB Driver

image of cleveland launcher turbo hb driver - AEC Info
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In the quest for best drivers for a slice, mainly if you are a high to mid handicapper, the Launcher Turbo HB driver is bound to get your attention. The trend of producing variable club face thickness is notable in this model, too, represented through the Turbocharged Cup Face that allows more forgiveness and consistency on mis-hits.

The HiBore (HB) Crown makes the driver very aerodynamic so that you can expect less drag and backspin issues. That is possible due to the lower center of gravity (CG) that increases the launch and allows straighter ball flights without slices and hooks.

The counterbalanced Miyazaki C.Kuma shaft is designed mainly for this driver, with CG further toward the grip for more head mass and forgiveness.

The hosel also plays a role in weight distribution, and thanks to its external and internal weight reduction, more mass added to the heel, enabling you to square the golf ball at impact.


  • Weight-optimized clubhead for less slice
  • Ultralight hosel
  • Turbocharged cup face with variable face thickness
  • Forgiving design
  • Counterbalanced shaft


  • Non-adjustable hosel

Cobra Golf F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

image of cobra golf f-max superlite offset driver - AEC Info
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The F-Max Superlite is an offset driver that has been designed for senior golfers, beginners, or women golfers who seek more speed and distance from their driver.

The driver is lighter than most drivers out on the market, and there’s been weight saving in the clubhead, in the shaft, the grip, so that you don’t have to force through the swing to get more speed.

Everything in Cobra F-Max Superlight driver functions to enhance speed, distance, and eliminate the slice. The offset design offers maximum draw bias to square the golf ball at impact and, therefore, reduces the slice. The crown alignment will help you square the face angle at address and have a straight shot.

For more speed and distance, the driver’s face features a thin, forged titanium insert. The back/heel weighting with an internal weight pad locates the center of gravity low and back, which translates into straighter ball flights and higher launches.


  • Lighter design suitable for golfers with slower swing speeds
  • Back/heel weighting helps golfers deal with slices
  • Offset design helps golfers better square the club face at impact
  • Thin forged titanium face insert for more speed


  • Not customizable

TaylorMade M5 Driver

image of taylormade m5 driver - AEC Info
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If our selection so far has been focused towards mid to high handicappers, the M5 driver boasts tour-optimized construction for better players.

The driver boasts multiple technologies that create a superior driver that offers incredible speed and distance. This is an adjustable driver that allows you to slide the 10g of weight on the Inverse T-Track for optimal spin and trajectory. So, if you’re struggling with slices, the draw position will help you achieve straighter ball flights.

The M5 is one of the fastest drivers thanks to the corrective face angle that reduces spin on off-center shots. Plus, every club head has injected tuning resin, optimizing the COR, for maxim speed and distance.


  • Tour-performance design
  • Inverse T-Track allows weight adjustability
  • Available draw settings to fight the slice
  • Large sweet spot and forgiveness on off-center strikes
  • Impressive speed and distance


  • Not for high handicappers

Cobra Golf Speedzone Extreme Driver

image of cobra golf speedzone extreme driver - AEC Info
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The overall design of the Speedzone Extreme driver speaks speed, distance, and forgiveness. Not many drivers boast CNC face milling, but for Cobra Golf, that means more power since the club face is the base for speed. The titanium chassis and the carbon wrap crown make the driver lighter but stronger to withstand extreme collisions.

Plus, the saved weight is located at the club head’s lowest position, positioning the center of gravity very low. Positioned like this, it delivers maximum energy transfer for high ball launch, low spin, and fewer slices off the tee.

The CG is not adjustable, but that’s what is expected for a driver that offers extreme MOI and draw-biased shots. The loft settings can be customized, though, thanks to the My FLy 8-Adjustability hosel.


  • CNC Milled Infinity face
  • Lightweight, but ultrastrong construction
  • Low CG for higher launches and draw bias shots
  • Extra speed and distance
  • Exceptional forgiveness


  • No adjustability

Orlimar Slice Killer Driver

image of orlimar slice killer driver - AEC Info
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The name says everything you need to know. It is one of the best drivers for a slicer who is a high handicapper and needs help from its club.

The large titanium head comes with a 7-degree closed face angle, which guarantees a square impact when you hit the ball. Plus, the offset hosel and the heel weighting combination is the best to help you with the slice. The screw on the heel, which adds more weight, increases the gear effect so that it creates a draw spin on the ball.

The Orlimar Slice Killer driver comes with an ultra-lightweight graphite shaft that is easy to hit.


  • Designed to prevent slices
  • Offset hosel to square the ball
  • Heel-located screw adds weight for draw spin
  • 7-degree closed face angle


  • Quality control issues

Callaway Mavrik Max Driver

image of callaway mavrik max driver - AEC Info
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The latest Mavrik line coming from Callaway has surpassed the expectations of even the most demanding golfers.

The Mavrik driver comes in three versions, the Mavrik Max driver is the most forgiving of the three, and it is the best driver for a slice.

It is a driver that offers extreme versatility, consistent performance, speed, and forgiveness. This means it can suit anyone as the interchangeable weights allow fine-tuning of the ball flight.

To prevent the slice, you just need to place the rear weight in the heel for a maximum draw.

The Mavrik driver is the second generation of the AI created Flash Face that boasts maximum generated speed to the highest allowed limit. It also includes the well-known Jailbreak bars that provide energy return.

The lighter carbon crown redistributes weight for more forgiveness.


  • AI-created Flash Face for faster ball speed
  • Weight adjustability for a draw bias
  • On of the best drivers on the golf market
  • Forgiving clubhead design and larger sweet spot


  • Not for high-handicappers

Srixon Z 585 Driver

image of srixon z 585 driver - AEC Info
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The Srixon Z series offers two distinctive models to address players of different skills and needs. The Srixon Z 585 is the more forgiving driver of the two, offering higher launches and more distance even if you’re struggling with your swing speed.

The game-promoting materials used in its construction are lighter and stronger. The Ti51Face is not just thinner, stronger, and lighter, but it has a variable thickness so that it allows off-center shots much more speed and distance.

The carbon crown is lighter, allowing the mass to be moved to the perimeter of the clubhead, towards the heel. That locates the center of gravity lower so that you can have a high and straight ball flight.

But what makes it one of the best drivers for a slice is the fixed hosel design, i.e., the glue that connects it to the club head. It adds weight to the heel for draw-biased shots, which helps golfers reduce the slice.


  • Variable face thickness and large sweet spot
  • Lightweight design
  • Low CG and fixed hosel design
  • Forgiving driver that helps you eliminate the slice


  • No weight adjustability

And The Winner Is…

TaylorMade RBZ driver

image of taylormade rbz driver - AEC Info

All of the drivers above are very effective in dealing with the slice, and they’ll integrate the features necessary for anti-slice swings. Many of them have additional features that make them super-advanced and performance-enhancing in any aspect.

However, TaylorMade RBZ driver is the one that seems to be made to deal with the slice in the most effective way. The strategically positioned weight towards the heel, the adjustable loft settings, and the speed pocket allow straighter ball flights with much more speed and distance. The icing on the cake is the super affordable price for a driver that comes from one of the best golf manufacturers.

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How Can I Fix?

In addition to working on your golf swing, a good anti-slice driver can be extremely helpful in cutting down the slices off the tee. The best drivers for a slice have several features that you need to pay attention to.

Make sure that the driver is heel-weighted, or at least it can adjust the weight towards the heel. The center of gravity needs to be lower and deeper to help you launch the ball higher. The offset drivers are the best for a slice since they help you square the ball at the impact and direct the ball towards the target.

Will a Draw Biased Driver Correct Your Problem?

Since the slice occurs when you swing the club down steeply with an open face, it creates sidespin that makes the ball curve right (if you are a right-handed player).

The draw drivers are capable of preventing the slice spin that occurs at impact, thanks to the weight located near the heel. This weight allows golfers to correct the face’s opening as there’s a wider area of the face that launches the ball with a draw-spin.

Other features characteristic for the best drivers for slicers are Lighter driver shafts, higher lofts, and upright lie angles.

Why Can’t I Stop?

There are several reasons why you are slicing your driver.

  • You might be hitting the ball with an open club face;
  • Your grip could be weak, and you might not release the hands properly;
  • You might be making a steep swing into the ball;
  • Your driver might not be set for draw shots.