The True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 is one of the most popular golf shaft recommendations for the average golfer. The S300 shafts have some really great features and can handle the swing speeds of a slightly faster swinging golfer.

If you have ever wondered what swing speed you should have to play with the Dynamic Gold S300 tour caliber shaft; we have you covered.

What Swing Speed Do You Need for a Dynamic Gold S300 Golf Shaft?

The average swing speed that a golfer needs for an S300 Dynamic Gold golf shaft is around 100mph with the driver. However, many golfers swing the driver considerably faster than they swing their irons. Drivers have lighter shafts that make it easier to get more club head speed.

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If you are thinking that the Dynamic Gold shaft could be a great fit for your game, here are some of the swing speeds that can manage this shaft quite well.

Driver (Around 100mph)

If you can swing your driver around 100mph and maintain a high but piercing ball flight, the Dynamic Gold S300 could be a good stock shaft for your golf irons. If you happen to go for a golf fitting, the perfect shaft will be measured not by the swing of your driver but by your irons.

If your swing speed is considerably slower with your golf irons than it is with your driver, don’t be disappointed, this is expected.

Iron (Around 88mph)

If your golf swing with your six iron is around 88mph, then the Dynamic Gold S300 iron shaft could be a good option for you. Some players find that the R300 shaft, which is the regular and not the stiff version, will make a better choice for the long iron shots. The range of 85 to 92 mph with a six iron should allow for a more penetrating flight and allow faster swing speeds, and a bit more control.

Hybrid (Around 92 mph)

Hybrids are typically made with a graphite shaft material. For those looking to make a smooth transition from the backswing to the downswing with a slightly higher golf shaft will enjoy the graphite in the hybrid. If you can swing your hybrid around 92 mph, then you are within the range of swing speed for a Dynamic Gold S300 golf shaft.

Fairway Wood (Around 95mph)

Most golfers can swing a fairway wood almost as fast as they can swing the driver. The fairway wood may offer a slightly tighter dispersion, but overall, the performance is typically similar. If you can swing your 3 wood in the 95mph range, you will get incredible ball speeds and accuracy using the S300 stiff shafts.

Dynamic Gold S300 Weight Difference

The standard True Temper Dynamic Golf S300 Issue Shaft comes in at 130 grams. However, there are more options for the Dynamic Gold S300 Shaft, and golfers should be aware of the options they have. Here are the three stiff shaft options that golfers can choose from, especially if they need the extra weight in their golf irons.

Dynamic Gold S200

The dynamic gold S200 golf shafts are best for those that are in between the regular flex and the stiff flex golf clubs. Since these golf shafts are slightly lower in weight, they will often provide a higher ball flight, and a be a bit more of a higher trajectory shaft. The S200 comes in at 127 grams.

Dynamic Gold S300

The Dynamic Gold S300 is the standard golf shaft from True Temper for the higher swinging player. These shafts are designed for players with ample speed trying to hit accurate shots. The S300 weighs in at 130 grams which is better for those with slightly more club speed.

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Dynamic Gold S400

The Dynamic Gold S400 is a great golf shaft for a player with a slightly higher average ball speed. The total weight on the S400 golf shafts is 134 grams, which will help encourage consistent flight and a slightly lower overall trajectory.

Dynamic Gold X100

The Dynamic Gold X100 golf shafts are the same weight as the Dynamic Gold S300, but they are designed with a stiffer golf shaft. For those that have a lot of natural speed in their golf swing, this golf shaft tends to be the best choice.

Which Dynamic Gold Golf Shaft Is the Best for My Game?

Dynamic Gold golf shafts are some of the best stock golf shafts on the market. Not only do most golf club manufacturers offer the Dynamic Gold R300 Shaft and Dynamic Gold S300 Shaft as the top choices for their iron sets, but they are also used on the PGA Tour.

The Dynamic Gold golf shaft that is best for your swing will have a launch trajectory that matches what you need and will fit in with the iron swing speed that you currently have. For those that have a launch monitor, it is typically pretty easy to see which golf shaft is necessary.

However, there are times when going for a couple of fittings will make more sense. An iron fitting can narrow down the golf shaft you need as well as the club head that is best suited to your game. At a custom fitting, things like spin rate, distance and dispersion can be carefully measured and monitored to ensure they are within reasonable limits.


Golfers that are looking for consistent performance from their Dynamic Gold S300 golf shafts should have a driver swing speed in the 100mph range. Since the driver swing speed tends to be the measurement that most players know, this is a great place to start when looking for the perfect golf irons for golfers.

The Dynamic Gold S300 golf shafts allow for ultimate performance for golfers, tremendous distance, and exceptional forgiveness when it comes to bad shots. There is no question that you will find several golfers on the course today that have the True Temper Dynamic Gold golf shafts in their club.

The more you get to know about this golf shaft, the more impressive the overall performance will be.

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