True Temper makes some of the highest-performing and most popular iron shafts in the game. The True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts are easily the most popular steel golf shafts on the market. Regardless of the type of irons that you have and the skill level of your current game, the Dynamic Gold shafts are a great choice.

There are several Dynamic Gold shaft designations and a few different weights and flexes as well. The Dynamic Gold S400 vs. X100 debate is one that many lower handicap players have. Let’s look at the differences and everything that should be considered.

True Temper Dynamic Gold S400

image of dynamic gold s400 - AEC Info
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The True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 is a stiff golf shaft that will have a weight of 134 grams. The S400 is offered in a Tour Issue Dynamic Gold and is seen in golf clubs from Ping, Titleist, Callaway, and more. The S400 is designed for the faster swing speed player looking for a lower launch. There are lighter shafts on the market for a golfer that is looking for extra speed or a higher ball flight. Consider this more of a player’s golf shaft.


  • Controlled ball flight
  • Lower launch shafts
  • It makes an excellent wedge shaft for Dynamic Gold S300 golfers
  • Built for moderate tempo golfer
  • Easily found as a custom shaft option for golfers


  • Minimal difference between the S300 and S400

Dynamic Gold X100

image of dynamic gold x 100 shaft - AEC Info
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The Dynamic Gold X100 golf shaft is an X flex shaft with 130 grams in weight. Golfers that need more than stiff shafts but also want to ensure the shaft weight does not get too high will like what the Dynamic Gold X100 steel shafts have to offer.

The DG X100 is one of the most popular shafts for a golfer on the PGA Tour. This is, without a doubt, a shaft that can handle the fastest swinging players in the game.


  • Stiffer than S400 shafts for the fastest swinging player
  • Available in the Tour Issue model
  • Very low vibration and great feel at impact


  • Only one shaft weight option
  • Spin rates can be very low

True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 vs. X100

Now that you have a better understanding of what these golf shafts are known for and the history behind the True Temper performance, it’s time to break down which of these two shafts could be for you. The stronger player will benefit from having iron sets that are a perfect match for their abilities as players.

Shaft Weight

In terms of weight, the differences between the S400 and X100 are very small. However, these weights are not always what people think they will be. The S400 is about four grams heavier than the X100. This is not a large amount of weight, and the tighter weight tolerance is typically only felt by the best players in the game.

However, when you play with a heavier shaft, you have to have enough club head speed to support the shots that you are going to hit. Most stock shafts will be S300, so the S400 is undoubtedly a weight issue that needs to be considered.

Since the S400 is a bit heavier, you will notice that sometimes the ball flight is slightly lower as well. Those that have a slower swing speed will need a lighter weight steel shaft, not the S400 or the X100.

The Dynamic Gold S400 is about 4 grams heavier than the Dynamic Gold X100; both are considered a heavier-weight iron shaft. 

Shaft Flex

The S400 is a stiff shaft, and the X100 is an X flex shaft. For those that are not familiar with the X flex, it is a less flexible shaft built for golfers that have higher swing speeds and need that ultra stiff shaft profile. The S400 is a bit more stiff than the S300, but it is not as stiff as the X100.

If you have the speed to support it, the X100 will keep the shaft stable at impact and make it considerably easier for players that are looking for consistency. The shaft manufacturer did not make the X100 the same weight as the S400 because the combination of the 134 grams with the X flex would have been too much for most golfers to contend with.

Although those four grams difference does not make a major impact on the first few holes, by the back nine, they could lead to an inconsistent swing. The Dynamic Gold line of shafts is for players that have a smooth swing.

The X100 is an X flex shaft, and the S400 is a stiff flex shaft, take a look at your personal swing and put the shaft in the golf club that matches your speed the closest. 

Feel and Performance

The X100 and the S400 will have a similar feel at impact. These shafts are known for shot accuracy, finesse shots from a scratch player, and overall great feel. The bad dispersion rates that you see from time to time are from the average golfer that doesn’t have the control needed to play these shafts.

The majority of golfers that have higher swing speeds will find that both the S400 and the X100 are strong shafts with reliable distance gaps and strong iron distances. The X100 may fly a couple of yards further for the faster swinging player, but you will have to go through a golf club fit process to see the exact yardages these shafts create.

When it comes to spin rates, both shafts will have low spin to mid spin.

Inconsistent players will struggle with both the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Shaft and the Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100; shaft stiffness and shaft weight need to match a golfers swing. Take a look at a swing chart to see which may be the best for your needs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about these popular golf shafts. If you are finding that you need a more lightweight steel shaft, there are tons of shaft options from Dynamic Gold on the market.

Options for softer shafts, regular flex, stiffer shafts, and more. Talk to a club fitter about the exact preferences for your needs.

What makes a tour product different?

Tour products typically have tighter tolerances in their weight difference, are made with more premium material, and may be tested under different conditions. The X100 Shaft and the S400 are available in the Tour Issue as well.

What is better, the Dynamic Gold S400 or the X100?

The Dynamic Gold S400 and X100 have a similar dynamic loft, shaft balance, swing weight, manufacturing process, feel and spin rates. The most noticeable difference is the difference in weight and the shaft flex. If you need an extra loft or a more lightweight shaft, there is an R300 or an S300 shaft option.

Does iron shaft flex make a difference?

Hit a handful of shots with a golf club that has an S400 and an X100, and you will see the difference club speed-wise and probably with distance and ball flight as well. An inconsistent player looking for a more reliable ball flight needs to pay close attention to the shaft they are using. The stronger golfer can benefit significantly from the Dynamic Gold S400 and X100.

Recap: Dynamic Gold S400 vs. X100

Finding a successful shaft for your golf game can take a bit of time. The Dynamic Gold S400 and X100 are both great options that can give you a couple yards extra distance, no horrible dispersion issues, and a great overall feel at impact.