The Dynamic Gold golf shafts from True Temper are some of the most impressive in the industry. If you are wondering what steel shafts you have in your golf irons right now, there is a good chance that they could be the Dynamic Gold Shaft.

As great as these golf shafts are, there are some important differences between the True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 and the S300. Depending on your swing speed and ball flight, you must be careful which golf shaft you purchase. Let’s take a more detailed look at the Dynamic Gold X100 vs. S300.

True Temper Dynamic Gold S300

image of true temper dynamic gold s300 - AEC Info
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The Dynamic Gold S300 is a standard stiff flex shaft in the True Temper line. The S300 shaft is designed to have a lower ball flight, lower spin, and a high ball speed. The S300 steel shaft can be put in almost any golf club on the market, and it is a popular choice for many Titleist irons even some tour players will use the S300 in their game.

For those with a smooth swing that also has plenty of ball speed, the Dynamic Gold S300 is a smart choice.


  • Good enough for those that play professional golf
  • DG S300 has great stability and feel at impact
  • Good choice for the mid to high swing speed players that want the extra weight in the shaft


  • It comes in an S200, S300, and S400 can be hard to tell which one is the best flex profile

True Temper Dynamic Gold X100

image of dynamic gold x 100 shaft - AEC Info
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The Dynamic Gold X100 golf shaft has many similarities to the Dynamic Gold S300. This shaft has 130 grams in weight, and it is an X flex golf shaft. The X flex is a popular shaft flex for those that are very high swing speed players, enough to be a professional golfers.

The X100 is one of the most popular golf shafts for those on the PGA Tour, and it does come in a tour model to help improve feel and performance even more.


  • Stiffer than S300 and S400 shafts for the fastest swinging player
  • Available in the Tour Issue model for improved feel and tighter tolerances
  • Very low vibration and great feel at impact


  • Only one shaft weight option
  • Spin rates can be very low

True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 vs. X100

Now that you have the information you need for each of these golf shafts, it’s time to take a look at what the difference is between the S300 vs. X100. Here are a few of the things that stand out for golfers to pay attention to when making a final decision on a shaft.

image of dynamic gold x100 vs s300, true temper - AEC Info

Shaft Weight

The shaft weight for the X100 shafts and the S300 shaft is exactly the same. The weight of both of these shafts is 130grams.

Most of the time, when you look at the differences between two shafts in one lineup of clubs, there is a significant weight difference.

The fact that the shaft has the overall weight can make it a little harder for players to tell which of these shafts is right for them. However, the S300 is also available in an S200 model that is a lighter weight but still has that same stiff flex.

For some golfers looking to play around with the overall workability and the ability to close the clubface down at impact, the shaft weight could be something to consider.

The Dynamic Gold S300 and X100 have no difference in weight; they both weigh in at 130g. 

Shaft Flex

The shaft flex is the only area where you will notice a difference between the S300 and the X100. However, it is worth mentioning that this difference in flex will also impact overall ball flight and feel at impact. The Dynamic Gold S300 golf shaft is not as stiff as the X100.

For the faster-swinging golfers, the stiffer shaft is incredibly important. Without the stiffness of the shaft, it will be very difficult for golfers to get the accuracy that they need. The iron head is nearly impossible to square up if you don’t have the correct shaft in place.

This is not to say that the X100 or S300 are better than one another; they simply have different stiffness making them better for certain golfers based on their average speed.

The S300 and X100 golf shafts from True Temper have different flexes; the stiff flex can be found in the S300 and the X flex in the X100. 

Feel and Performance image of x100 vs s300 golf shaft, true temper - AEC Info

Considering these are the same weight shaft, it is sometimes hard for players to feel too much difference when holding the two shafts in their hands. However, when you swing the DG X100 shafts, you will notice the resistance created by the stiffness in this shaft.

Unless you have ample club speed, you are going to have a hard time with the playability in the X100. The difference in performance will make it harder to get distance and to get the ball flight up a bit higher. This is why golfers should always have their club head speed tested when looking for a new golf shaft.

If you have enough clubhead speed that you have a hard time keeping the ball down, the difference between the S300 and X100 is essential. The X100 is for the faster players in the game; S300 is for those with ample speed but can still control their ball flight. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about the Dynamic Gold X100 vs. the S300. Making sure you ask questions before making these big decisions about your golf game is a smart thing to do.

What does X100 mean on a golf shaft?

The X100 on the golf shaft will let you know the flex and the model. The model is the X100, and the stiffness of this shaft is an X flex or an extra stiff flex.

What is better, the Dynamic Gold S300 or the X100?

Both the S300 and the X100 are great golf shafts. However, those with a more clubhead speed need to consider the X100. The difference in flexibility will make it important for players to choose the proper golf shaft for consistent ball flight.

Does iron shaft flex matter?

The iron shaft flex matters, and it is essential that golfers pick an iron flex that is the right fit for their game. A custom fitting can help you choose the perfect golf shaft for your game and help you get consistent distances.

Recap: Dynamic Gold S300 vs. X100

The Dynamic Gold S300 vs. X100 is a decision that many golfers will face. If you are looking for a slightly lower launch trajectory and a bit more control over your shots, the X100 is a better fit.

For the S300 golfer, you may see slight distance increases and a higher ball flight because of the difference in shaft flex. In the end, the weight of the S300 and X100 are precisely the same.