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When ECCO launched Biom Hybrid 3, they once again confirmed that innovation and improvements are their cornerstones indeed, and with this line, they set a higher standard in spikeless golf shoes. Made under their best selling and multi-award-winning franchise ECCO BIOM HYBRID, this line offers female golfers a refined and more sophisticated design and ultimate comfort.

It’s quite odd how at a certain point, we are convinced that we have found the perfect pair of women’s golf shoes until, well, it snaps that they need to be slightly better- supporting, maybe a bit more cushioning, a bit lighter, and so on and so on. We are always on a mission for the better ones!

Well, ECCO, more or less, has been doing this invention and reinvention over and over again with every new line they launch. Does this mean they have already reached perfection? Probably not, but they have advanced big time with ECCO Biom Hybrid 3, particularly in the area of comfort, grip, and performance.

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Style & Design

The process of choosing your golf shoes starts inevitably with their design, as you wouldn’t wear shoes that put you off every time you see them, would you?

Let’s start with the way they look. The low-profile, rounded style, and the unified design result from the company’s FLUIDFORM technology. This technology is used to create a one-piece shoe by bonding the upper, midsole, and outsole into one seamless design without stitching or gluing the shoe components.

What stands out, even by simply looking at it, is the incredibly soft leather and the rich padding around the ankle. The whole upper is made by premium yak leather, which is highly breathable, adapts easily to the skin, and allows a complete air-flow. This is made possible thanks to the proprietary GORE-TEX technology that makes the upper entirely waterproof while at the same time allowing the perspiration from the inside to quickly evaporate.

The icing on the cake is the BOA closure, an award-winning system that allows golfers a millimeter precision and custom comfort.

If you are like me, you probably get frustrated when you see your laces untied while you’re heading to the tee. Well, this is not going to be an issue with the BOA system that utilizes stainless-steel laces and subtle dial that is easily adjustable and customizable.

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Grip and Traction

image of sole of the shoe - AEC InfoThe hype of the ECCO Biom Hybrid is the TRI-FI-GRIP which acts on three segments: stability, durability, and support. This so-called zonal structure comes as a result of an extensive female feet study and the way it rotates during the swing. Made from an extra durable TPU material, it guarantees stability on and off the course.

The three-segmented zones work in unity so that you know that each time you perform a full-blown swing, your feet will maintain the position they are supposed to.

The central zone, located in the middle of the outsole, guarantees walking comfort and stability, and it is the area where the shoe is most prone to wear and tear, so it is the most rigid.

The second zone provides lateral stability, these are the darker areas on the heel and toe area, while the third zone is the area where the rounded lugs are positioned, the ones that promote swift rotation as you move through the swing.

Comfort & Performance

If you have played golf in uncomfortable shoes and ended up with blisters and aching feet, you know the value of comfort. Not rarely have we heard that shoes are the most important piece of equipment, and this needs to be taken seriously.

Comfort is not a special category, it is the unity of the shoe segments, and only if these segments work in harmony, then you get ultimate comfort.

The snug, high heel design blended with the wider, rounded forefront area that allows free toe movement, is the first tick on the box. The ankle and the tongue padding, combined with the removable, Ortholite insole with silicon printing to prevent unwanted foot movement during the swing, deliver outstanding cushioning and arch support. The insole is moisture-wicking and highly breathable, so it stops perspiration and bad odor as well.

There’s one more technology, BIOM Natural Motion, that enhances both the comfort and the performance since it is responsible for the anatomical last shape that brings you closer to the ground. This means more stability and improved performance. This was one reason these Women’s Ecco Shoes were chosen as the Best ladies golf shoe.

Main Features

  • Comfort: Seamless design that integrates the outsole, midsole, and the upper to work in harmony, while the padded Ortholite insole and padded ankle liners create the ‘walking on clouds’ effect.
  • Grip and Traction: extra durable TPU, a spikeless outsole that provides enhanced stability and support by targeting the key movement areas.
  • Style and Design: classy, low-profile design with custom BOA closure and stainless-steel laces that achieve millimeter precision. There are several color options to choose.
  • Waterproof and Breathable: The yak leather upper comes with the longest on the market 3-year waterproof warranty, ensuring playability in inclement weather conditions. Plus, the material allows optimal air-flow and moisture-wicking features so that your feet remain dry as long as you wear them.


Our review was more or less headed to see if the premium price is a match to the performance and the craftsmanship of this ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 BOA model. There are hundreds of golf shoes out there, but this model is surely among the few that boast a top-notch design that is hard to beat. So, the price appears to be sensible since you get value for your money.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, ECCO Biom Hybrid 3 BOA is a ladies’ golf shoe that boasts sophistication and classy design. It is comfortable, very stable on course and equally wearable off-course too. The waterproof leather upper, and the superior, grippy sole work in unity with the anatomical last and the padded insole to deliver ultimate comfort on any terrain, during all weather conditions.


  • Gore-tex waterproof, breathable construction
  • TPU outsole for durability, stability, and rotational support
  • BOA closure system
  • Yak leather upper for superior comfort
  • Removable, Ortholite insole for cushioning and arch support
  • A 3-year waterproof warranty


  • Might run slightly small.

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