Father’s Day golf gift ideas

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express our gratitude and show our dads how much they mean to us. Selecting a golf-themed gift is a no-brainer for those whose fathers are avid golfers.

However, it can be challenging to find the perfect present, especially if your dad already owns an impressive collection of golf accessories, gear, and equipment.

Fear not, for we’ve curated an exceptional list of unique and diverse golf gifts that will leave even the most seasoned golfer dad pleasantly surprised. With our meticulously handpicked selection, we’re confident there’s a special golf gift that your dad hasn’t even thought of yet.

So, explore our list and start shopping to make Father’s Day 2023 memorable for your golf-loving dad!

22 Unbelievably Cool Father’s Day Gift Ideas

EltaMD UV Clear Face Sunscreen – winner

image of eltamd uv clear face sunscreen - AEC Info
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As seasoned golfers and gadget lovers, we know the importance of protection on the course. EltaMD UV Clear Face Sunscreen is a must-have in any golfer’s kit. It’s lightweight, oil-free, and has a unique formulation that ensures the perfect balance between sun protection and skin nourishment – perfect for those long rounds under the sun.

For golfer dads, the non-comedogenic and sensitivity-free features are a real win. This product doesn’t clog pores or cause skin irritation, even when you’re breaking a sweat making that perfect swing. The added niacinamide helps calm the skin, reducing redness and inflammation post-round.

For those considering a Father’s Day gift, you can’t go wrong with EltaMD UV Clear Face Sunscreen. It’s a thoughtful, practical choice that shows your love and concern for your dad’s health and supports his passion for golf.

Loowoko Wood Golf Putting Green Mat with Auto Ball Return System

image of loowoko wood golf putting green mat with auto ball return system - AEC Info
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Practicing at home right now is getting quite popular. Golfers know that they need to put the time in if they plan on becoming great players. However, the time spent on the course can be hard to obtain. Luckily, there are ways to practice putting from home with a setup like the Loowoko Wood Golf Putting Green Mat.

With this compact design, your dad can set up his putting practice station in the living room, garage, or home office. This is a great-looking model that will always be acceptable to leave out. We love that the auto ball return will return the golf ball to you after making your putt. The mat’s alignment guides also help you practice your golf game correctly. Simply put, it’s hard to go wrong with this Loowoko Wood Golf Putting Green Mat is a great Father’s Day Gift.

6ixPack Golf Insulated Cooler Bag

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The 6ixPack Golf Insulated Cooler Bag is an excellent choice for the budget-savvy golfer. Every time you go out to play the course, you need to stay hydrated. The problem with staying hydrated is that it can be expensive. The drinks you buy at the golf course will almost always be more expensive than the ones you can get at home.

With the 6ixPack Golf Insulated Cooler bag, you can fill this convenient cooler and then slide it into the apparel pocket on any golf bag. It does a great job of keeping things cold while ensuring they stay hidden in the golf bag.

BirdieBall Practice Golf Balls

image of birdieball practice golf balls - AEC Info
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If you’re still learning beginner golf terms and learning how to golf, practicing at home is ideal. It’s nearly impossible for most golfers to spend enough time on the golf course that they can truly impact their golf game from week to week. However, adding in those at-home practice sessions will make major improvements in your golf game. Luckily with the BirdieBall, it is much easier to practice effectively at home.

The Birdie Ball golf balls are limited-flight balls made from a high-quality, super polymer. The golf ball won’t break, and it won’t crack like typical practice golf balls. Perhaps the most beneficial and exciting thing about the BirdieBall is the flight it offers.

A BirdieBall is ideal for learning golf draw vs. golf fade and mastering each. With a maximum distance of 40 yards, you will love seeing if your shot was correctly struck and how it will land on the golf course. These golf balls are fun for chipping games, full swing practice, and spending more time perfecting your game in the yard.

Garmin Approach S62 Golf GPS Watch

image of the garmin approach s62 golf gps watch - AEC Info
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Some of us have great dads who deserve more than a dozen golf balls. If you have siblings willing to chip in with you or think your dad deserves something extra special this year, the Garmin Approach S62 is a perfect choice. When it comes to a golf GPS watch, it won’t get much better than this.

The screen of the S62 is an easy-to-read touchscreen meaning you can quickly navigate to the hole and course you are playing to get the most information possible.  Regarding distances, this is one of the most accurate golf GPS watches on the market.

There is a Plays Like function that factors in elevation changes. This helps to give your Dad an even better representation of how far he will hit the ball. Every yardage or measurement needed to play a golf hole will be available with the S62. The only downside is the high price, but it’s hard to put a price on your Dad during the Father’s Day season.

Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker

image of bushnell wingman view - AEC Info
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The Bushnell Wingman View may be one of the coolest items on the list, and we managed to get our hands on it.  So far, we like it.

The Wingman View is a speaker and GPS unit in one.  Your Dad will love this if he listens to music on the golf course.  It has great sound, a magnetic clip to attach to the golf cart, and a button that lets you have the gadget in your pocket and still announce the distance to the hole on every shot.  When you hit the button, Wingman View mutes your music and reads your distance.

We have reviewed a lot of speakers in the past few years, and frankly, this may have the best overall sound quality.  It has a crisp sound, a good base, and a sleek design.

If you know very little about golf and are unsure if this would be a good Father’s Day golf gift, let us say this.  You are giving your Dad an awesome Bluetooth speaker and a GPS unit in one.  If you were to purchase either one of these on their own and bought decent ones, you could expect to pay several hundred dollars.  The Bushnell Wingman View provides you with both, and it is simply cool as hell. 

Online Golf Training – Peak Golf Fitness

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If your dad loves golf, there is no doubt he wants to get better.  As men age, they gain a little weight and lose a step or two. Combine your dad’s passion for golf with golf fitness, and help make him happier and healthy.

Peak Golf Fitness recently launched an Online golf training that we love.  It is a series of golf stretches, movements, and mobility exercises to help you play golf with less pain while improving in key areas of your game.

As men age, it is more important to maintain flexibility than muscle, and even with a little extra weight around the midsection, increasing flexibility still has an amazing impact on your body and your golf game.

Access to the program currently provides an 8-course bundle with more to be launched soon. There is a 12-week total golf fitness program, an 8-week core and flexibility program, a short on-time workout series, warm-up videos, videos on Golf swing sequence, and more. More videos will be launched in the upcoming weeks that will include yoga and playing lessons.

If your dad is anything like us, we are all dying for some form of sports and know we need more exercise. For such a low price, it is a great gift idea that will not only help your dad play better golf, it will also get him moving too, and it will be something that he will enjoy.

Don’t worry; this Online golf training is something nearly everyone can do. This is not P90X or Insanity. This is more about improving movement and flexibility to make golf enjoyable and pain-free. In other words, he won’t hate you the next day.

Orlimar Pitch and Putt Lightweight Stand/Carry Golf Bag

image of orlimar pitch and putt lightweight stand/carry golf bag - AEC Info
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The Orlimar carry bag is one of the best picks for a day at the short driving range or a quick weekend.  It is considered a Sunday bag, and for the price, we expect it to be a favorite for Father’s Day gift items this year.

It’s the perfect carry bag for carrying golf clubs while walking the course. On the bright side, it’s by far the most lightweight golf carry bag as rated by customers.

This product comprises a two-compartment top storage space, which makes enough room for 6 to 7 clubs and a single pocket accessory space for pens, tees, ball markers, etc. Its ultra-lightweight build makes it easier to take along wherever you go.

This product features a durable carry handle, a secure detachable shoulder strap to tote your clubs, and an adjustable elastic lanyard resulting in a sturdy stand mechanism. Its retractable legs provide support and make it easier to access your clubs.

BagBoy Nitron Golf Push Cart

image of bagboy nitron golf push cart - AEC Info
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The golf push cart features a scorecard console with a beverage holder and a mobile device holder. It has storage space for golf balls and an integrated umbrella holder with a storage notch and loop. It features a nitrogen piston technology, i.e., a lightning-fast assisted nitrogen-powered open.  Cool as hell!

The compact fold size and a simple two-step folding golf push cart make it extremely easy to use. It also has a sufficiently large bag for accessories underneath the scorecard console. It also features a handle-mounted parking brake.

It’s a lightweight product making it easy to store, adding to its portability. Assembling this product is very easy and tool-free.

GROK Portable Wireless Golf Speaker

image of rokform g-rok portable wireless golf speaker - AEC Info
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This GROK wireless speaker is a must-buy for all golfers. This product features a built-in magnetic mount making it easy to use while saving it from losing or breaking. It comes with iPX7 water-resistance and dustproof features protecting it from rain.

It’s a rugged and drop-resistant product for worry-free use. The long-lasting 3600 mAH battery helps it to run through 6 rounds of golf at a stretch at a volume of 60 %. This speaker comes with two 8 watts output drivers.

Putt Out Pressure Trainer

image of putt out pressure putt trainer - AEC Info
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The Putt Out pressure trainer is an at-home putting training aid, but if your driving range is open, you can also use it on the practice green.

This product’s primary purpose is to practice putting strokes into certain positions with a bit of fun. It is a scientifically shaped parabolic ramp; each putt made is returned to you at the same distance it would have gone past the hole.

The key to perfect putt is practice, and this product helps you practice in real-time at any time and anywhere.

StickIt Magnetic Rangefinder Strap

image of stickit magnetic rangefinder strap - AEC Info
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This magnetic rangefinder strap secures your rangefinder, and its magnets keep it handy on your cart or clubs. Its design features an industrial-strength magnetic strap making it easier to hold rangefinders and steers them with convenience.

Its adjustable straps come with a hook and look buckle system, making it fully adjustable with various rangefinders available in the market. Its tapered design helps in keeping the activation and function buttons exposed.

Precision Pro NX7 Slope Rangefinder

image of precision pro golf nx7 slope review - AEC Info
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With this product, you can shoot an elevated flag with confidence when you have this product in your bag. It can lock a flag up to 400 yards and helps you to pull out the right club on every shot.

It’s a water-resistant and shockproof device. This product comes with 6X magnification, an adaptive slope technology, and pulse vibration technology, helping you to know when to hit your target. It has a premium hard case with a carabiner and cleaning cloth, including a CR2 3V battery.

Callaway Golf Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag

image of callaway golf hyperlite zero stand bag - AEC Info
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Golfing world, Callaway has always been a name synonymous with quality, and the Hyperlite Zero Stand Bag is no exception. Crafted to perfection, it is a beacon of lightweight convenience, making it an excellent partner for those long walks on the fairway. It’s well-structured design and robust material promise durability, ensuring it stands up to the rigors of the golf course.

The bag boasts a 4-way top with full-length dividers providing ample space and organization for all your clubs. The multiple pockets are thoughtfully designed for seamless storage of essentials like balls, tees, and even a water bottle. Plus, the padded straps make for comfortable carrying, a blessing for those 18-hole rounds.

Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack

image of rukket tri-turf golf hitting mat attack - AEC Info
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This portable golf practice mat allows you to practice on three types of turfs, giving a course-like feel. This product consists of three types of items, a tri-turf golf hitting mat, nine rukket practice balls, and 12 plastic tees of different heights.

It has an extra-thick rubber, which helps to keep the mat in place during practice. Its exceptional portability helps to set up the mat within seconds and can be used indoors and outdoors, helping you practice in any condition. This product is built with a high standard giving it excellent durability and longevity.

PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor

Newest Model with Included Batteries and Carry Case

image of prgr black pocket launch monitor - AEC Info
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This Launch Monitor will be an affordable addition to your dad’s golf training package. It is a super-accurate pocket-sized Doppler radar-based monitor that is very easy to use.

It provides carrying distance, total distance, swing speed, smash factor, and ball speed for every club you use. This simple device helps you to measure your swing data with a golf club or any other super-speed golf training club.

According to a survey, it was found that using this radar during practice gives great motivation and confidence to make each swing faster than the last resulting in optimizing the over-speed training effect and maximizing speed gains.

Athletico Golf Trunk Organizer

image of athletico golf trunk organizer - AEC Info
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The Athletico Golf trunk is manufactured from durable 600D water-resistant Oxford fabric with reinforced sidewalls for extra strength and support. This is the best organizer to store away your golf accessories separately when not in use.

This product comes with built-in grommets and ventilation and multiple removable dividers; each is customizable according to your needs. If not needed, the organizer can be folded for secure storage.

This trunk organizer can be used for various purposes other than just golf. This product is backed with an easy return policy if you are not satisfied with the same.

Taylormade Project (s) Golf Balls

image of taylormade project (s) golf balls - AEC Info
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These Taylormade golf balls are designed to give players a soft feel while delivering low spin and distance in one ball from the driver. The new multi-layer design promises a more delicate yet resilient dual-distance core. This, in turn, ensures a great range and enables a more elastic ionomer cover for a soft feel, rebound, and better control.

The ball’s core consists of a two-layer system with a large, low-compression inner core that gives the ball a soft feel and reduces the chances of unwanted driver spin. Above this is an outer core made from a softer-resilient polymer that guarantees to maintain high ball velocities and improves feel.

The soft ionomer cover features a high-lift 342LDP dimple pattern, in addition to the lower backspin construction, reducing the drag throughout the golf ball as it flights for more distance.

TaylorMade SIM Titanium Fairway

image of taylormade sim titanium fairway - AEC Info
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This golf club is made from ultra-strong titanium and designed for hardcore performance. This club has a 2-degree loft sleeve providing adjustability and personalization according to the golfer’s needs and preferences.

Its adjustable stock shafts make it easy to use for any golf player. It has been designed to sit low on the address guaranteeing a better performance off the turf. It’s built on a V steel sole design that helps improve turf interaction by reducing friction and providing additional versatility when playing from tight or painful lies.

SKLZ Golf Alignment Sticks

image of sklz golf alignment sticks - AEC Info
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This pack consists of three durable, 48-inch rods made of fiberglass. Each rod has 9 rings for accurate setup, ball striking, and alignment. Each of these rods has a safety rubber cap at one end, helping it to stick on the ground.

These pro rods help to create a consistent alignment procedure during the pre-swing setup. These rods stick in the turf and aid in body position and swing mechanism. It’s a versatile tool used for training mainly involving uses like full swing, putting, set up, and short game.

Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Pro-Level Speed Training Tool and Radar Gun

Pocket Radar Ball Coach / Pro-Level Speed Training Tool and Radar Gun image
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Pocket Radar Ball Coach is perfect for any dad looking to improve his golf skills. It measures the fastest speed of a ball in flight, and besides golf, it can be used for baseball, tennis, hockey, softball, lacrosse, and other sports.

This pro-level speed training tool and radar gun are excellent for one-on-one coaching and simple to use thanks to hands-free operation. It has a pro-level accuracy (+/- 1 MPH), a range of 120 feet, and built-in memory with the previous 25 speeds.

It helps measure the hitting power, serving speeds, throwing speeds, shot speeds, and pitching speeds. This simple device will help you keep track of your progress, build confidence, and get better in no time.

Spornia Pop Up Golf Chipping Net

Spornia Pop Up Golf Chipping Net
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This product is a collapsible, easily adjustable chipping shot net for indoor or outdoor practice. It is made from durable, sturdy steel framing. This is mainly used to practice and improve your chipping accuracy and hone your swing ability.

It features three types of targets based on different chipping practices. It’s easy to set up a product with a pop design that easily pops or opens up to a 12-inch circle-diameter chipping target. It has a noise reduction net and is ultra-portable with a convenient carrying bag.

The bottom line

It’s never too late to get your dad a gift, whether it’s Father’s Day or not. You don’t always need to look for expensive gifts, and you need to look for the correct one. And if your dad is a pro on the course, golf gifts can make them happier than you could imagine.

It could be a golf accessory or even equipment, as long as it brings a smile on his face, it should do the job. If he enjoys the sport, a kind and thoughtful golf gift can mean the world to him.

Other than a few items like some of the Ping Golf bag or a few pairs of the most comfortable golf shoes which may not be shipped before Father’s Day, we have left no stone unturned to help you in your quest to find the best golf gift for your dad. From budget to premium gifts, you will find the best-rated gifts all jotted here.

I hope it helps!