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FlightScope mevo review
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If you’re a golfer who’s decided to step up their game, then a golf launch monitor is your next step. If you want to take your game to the next level, imitations will not do! The FlightScope Mevo is the one for you!

This little launch monitor is portable but packs a powerful punch. It measures your performance in real-time and evaluates your game. It even allows you to save your data, allowing you to track progress as you improve. It will sync with iOS and Android.

FlightScope began in 1989 by Henri Johnson with a mission to measure and track projectiles for the defense industry. It has since made an impact on various sports, such as baseball, Golf, tennis, and even bowling!


  • Accurate readings indoors and outdoors
  • Saves your data including carry distance, club speed, ball flight and spin rate
  • The Flightscope Mevo is small and light


  • Set up is complicated
  • Some inconsistent readings

Consider This!

A golf launch monitor allows you to see improvement in your game, right at your fingertips, while you swing and hit golf balls. It evaluates your performance and saves the data so you can continuously track your progress. Buying the first golf launch monitor you see may not be the wisest choice. You need to consider a few things first.

Start by narrowing down what you need. If there is only one area where you want to improve, such as clubhead speed or launch angle, then you should opt for a simpler model.

However, if you have multiple areas that you want to work on, then you’re going to have to look into an appropriate model. One way to do this is by investing in a hybrid device with adjustable features.

That way, you kill two birds with one stone: you can cover all the areas you need, and it’ll even work out in harsher conditions.

The FlightScope Mevo Review Is In!

In addition to our Mevo Revo and how much we enjoyed using it, other reviews online have been overwhelmingly positive. One golf instructor praised its accuracy in tracking progress and says that it’s “a great investment” for any golfer seeking to improve.

Personally, I think the FlightScope is indispensable as a practice tool. It validated that the changes I was applying to my Golf swing were working. However, the adjustments I was making to my swing were not nearly as important than testing each club and compiling a report of the approximate distance each club carries and would roll out. Let me give you an example.

I hit balls into an indoor net I have setup in my basement. I then hit 10 balls with each iron I carry in my bag. I would then swing 10 times, and review the distance the ball would carry.

If I shanked one or sent a hosel rocket flying, I would eliminate that swing and hit another. After 10 swings, I threw out the farthest and the shortest, and took the remaining eight to determine my average distance.

With my indoor testing complete, I now have carry distance for every Golf club in my Golf bag. Sure, I can measure and geek out over my launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, spin rates, flight time, smash factor, and pretty much every other stat imaginable, but what makes the biggest impact to your game is knowing how far your balls are carrying and feeling confident with your distance control. That is a game changer to me.

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To Conclude

Review of FlightScope Mevo - AEC InfoThe Mevo allows you to improve your golf skills in real-time by providing you with accurate readings and data.

It saves your data so that you can review afterward and pinpoint exactly where you need to improve and lower your Handicap.

Since it connects to your smartphone, you can take your information with you and even study it when your wife drags you shopping!

Whether you’re outside or indoors, you will receive information on how to take your golf game to the next level. If you aren’t satisfied with the Mevo, then you can always opt for the Skytrak.

While it is significantly more expensive, it is worth it to have a portable golf simulator at your fingertips. You can recreate real-world scenarios in your house so that you can improve accordingly.

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Please be sure to check back often for future reviews and updates.

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