The Flightscope Mevo and Skytrak Golf Launch Monitors have a lot to offer golfers. Whether you are looking for a launch monitor for a simulator or simply want something to help you learn about your game on the driving range, the Flightscope and Skytrak are two of the top choices.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important things to know about both the Flightscope and the Skytrak and see which one of these is the better option for you. 

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Flightscope Mevo+ At A Glance

The Flightscope Mevo+ is a golf launch monitor that has been on the market since 2020. This is a small portable unit with accurate readings, a number of key readings, and data parameters, and an affordable option for a home golf simulator setup. 

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With the Flightscope Mevo+, you can use the technology indoors or outdoors. When hitting indoors, a metallic sticker is placed on the golf ball to help with more accurate readings of the golf shot. 

The Flightscope Mevo+ has a strong battery life and works as a great simulator with both golf courses and practice ranges to make your practice that much more fun. In the end, this is a portable launch monitor that is a better solution than the standard Flightscope Mevo and gives players some impressive technology.


  • Accurate readings
  • Affordable launch monitor for accuracy
  • It will make range sessions easier to stay engaged
  • Will work for an indoor space
  • Flightscope Mevo Plus is very usable for the average golfer


  • Need a larger space to get this to work with indoor golf simulator enclosures
  • No angle of descent measurment

Skytrak Launch Monitor At A Glance

The SkyTrak launch monitor was one of the first to offer a portable golf launch monitor at an affordable price. In terms of accuracy, the SkyTrak likes to compare itself to the Trackman. Of course, the SkyTrak is considerably less expensive than the Trackman, but it still has some great features and functionality. 

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The Photometric Technology used in the SkyTrak Launch Monitor will ensure that you don’t need a very large space to have an accurate golf simulator experience. In fact, as long as you have a few feet, you can make this work and get really excellent ball flight and distance measurements. 

With the SkyTrak being accurate and offering golfers access to simulator golf courses, everyday golfers have been able to set up great practice facilities in their own homes. The data that the SkyTrak delivers to players is great for all skill levels.


  • Very small area needed to measure actual flight
  • Has been on the market for many years
  • Is used in some commercial systems
  • Very good accuracy indoors
  • Comes with simulator software and simulated golf courses


  • Small delay when using as a simulator
  • Golf simulator options from Mevo+ are a bit better
  • Not as accurate outdoors as other launch monitors

Flightscope Mevo+ vs. Skytrak: Data Points

The Flightscope Mevo+ and the Skytrak are similar in the data that they can collect. Let’s take a look at the data parameters that these units will collect; things like club head speed, flight path, and spin rate are all important to consider when purchasing a launch monitor.

FlightScope Golf Mevo+ Launch Monitor – Data Points

  • Ball Speed
  • Carry Distance
  • Club Speed
  • Total Distance
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Roll Distance
  • Side Angle
  • Shot Shape
  • Lateral Landing
  • Flightpath
  • Flight Time
  • Apex
  • Spin Loft
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Angle of Attack
  • Spin Axis

SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor – Data Points

  • Ball Speed
  • Carry Distance
  • Club Speed
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Shot Shape
  • Side Angle
  • Lateral Landing
  • Flightpath
  • Angle of Decent

Both units give quite a few data points to help any golfer looking for a golf launch monitor with a wide range of information on their golf ball and golf club data. The Mevo+ helps amateur golfers get a few more stats, but the difference in information is not enough to rule out the SkyTrak.


Accuracy is perhaps the most important feature to look for when choosing a golf launch monitor. When something is accurate, it will help you feel as though the extra cost of the equipment was well worth the price.

When you look at the overall accuracy of both the Mevo+ and the Skytrak, you will be rather impressed with the results. However, we have to compare both the indoor accuracy and the outdoor accuracy.

For an indoor launch monitor, the SkyTrak is one of the most accurate. You won’t need to put the metallic stickers on the golf ball to determine impact location and accuracy. Simply place the launch monitor on a flat surface, even just a few inches from you, and be pleasantly surprised by the quick and easy results. This indoor mode is excellent.

The Flightscope Mevo+ works both outdoors and indoors as well. However, this is the perfect solution for those that enjoy outdoor practice a bit more. We noticed that with the high-speed images that this unit takes and the overall radar system in place, the results outdoors were considerably easier to track and record.

Compare the Accuracy of Flightscope Mevo vs. Mevo+

Space Requirements

Space requirements are important for those that are looking at installing a golf launch monitor in their home. If you don’t have enough room, there is a chance that your launch monitor will not be able to work. The Mevo+ from Flightscope requires quite a bit of room. Plan to have about 16 feet behind the ball that will help ensure you are getting accurate measurements.

One issue that golfers often have with the launch monitors from Flightscope is that they don’t have enough room in their homes for this type of launch monitor technology. In addition, you will still need the silver dots placed on the golf ball to get accurate measurements.

The SkyTrak on the other hand, does not need ample space. The popular launch monitors are great for a small room, and they have plenty of accuracy even at close range.


One of the things that golfers continually compare the FLightscope Mevo+ with the Skytrak is that they are offered at almost the exact same price. Although there may be a few dollars difference between them, it’s not enough to make a real difference in which one you should purchase.

So, the issue then comes down to value. Which one of these launch monitors gives you more for your money?

The bottom line is that if you are looking to set up a simulator space in your home, you will have to invest at least $2000 for a great launch monitor. The SkyTrak is our favorite for the small indoor only space, but the Mevo+ tends to work better as an outdoor launch monitor and brings this technology inside and out.

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SkyTrak vs Skytrak: Simulator Software

The FlightScope Mevo Plus comes with the E6 simulator software. This is really great software with 17 golf driving ranges and options to play various courses. The advanced features that come with the Flightscope Mevo+ software help it stand out. The E6 software is, however, just a limited version, so be prepared for some extra costs coming your way down the line.

The SkyTrak simulation software also allows golfers to choose between a few different courses and practice. In the end, we felt like we had more options with the Flightscope Mevo+ even when having to invest in an annual subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we are asked about Flightscope vs. SkyTrak. Each of these units has some excellent potential for the average golfer; the key is to find something that is the best fit for your needs.

Can you putt with SkyTrak?

The SkyTrak will read putts when you are using this as a simulator. However, when you are trying to work on your putting stroke and get data related to putting, this is not the best launch monitor on the market. Something like the Trackman that has designated putting statistics would be a better choice.

How long does SkyTrak battery last?

The SkyTrak battery will last for about six hours. This is plenty long enough to play a full round of golf or two with the golf simulator features. Charging for the SkyTrak will take a few hours.

Which is better, SkyTrak or FlightScope Mevo+?

The SkyTrak and Flightscope Mevo+ are both quality golf launch monitors that give golfers accurate numbers and the ability to set up an at home simulator for a fair cost. However, with the ease of use and a larger number of data parameters, the Flightscope Mevo+ tends to stand out as the better choice. This launch monitor is continually rated one of the best affordable options each year.

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Do you need a projector with SkyTrak?

As with any launch monitor and simulator technology, golfers need to consider getting a projector to make it a real experience. Many launch monitors will put the information and data up on a computer screen or app. However, to really feel as though you are playing a round of golf, the projector is necessary. This will add a bit of additional cost but will help the entire project feel well worth it.

Can you connect SkyTrak to TV?

SkyTrak can be connected to a TV; we recommend using the SkyTrak on your mobile device and then screen casting to a smart TV. This is a very simple way to do it and won’t add any more time to the data delay that the SkyTrak already has. Currently, the delay is a few seconds, something that most golfers are not bothered by over the course of a full round of golf

What is the smallest space for a golf simulator?

The smallest space for a golf simulator is 10x10x8.5. Having that 8.5 feet of clearance for the height of the golf club is essential. Without that, you may struggle with feeling as though you can take a full swing and not hit the ceiling. Some shorter golfers can get away with 8 feet, but it’s really not worth it. Using a simulator without the proper space requirements could result in swing flaws.

How long is the Shot Delay with Skytrak?

The shot delay with SkyTrak is about three seconds. During the course of a round of golf, you may wait a total of an extra minute compared to other launch monitors; this wasn’t really a deal-breaker for us when testing the SkyTrak.

Flightscope Mevo+ vs. Skytrak – Which One Should I Buy?

The Flightscope Mevo+ and the SkyTrak have some impressive features to offer players. However, after testing both, we have found the Flightscope Mevo+ to be the better option for most players.

If you are only going to use your launch monitor indoors, the Skytrak makes a good permanent setup. However, over time the ability to move indoors and out with the Mevo+ makes it a great choice. In addition, the simulator software of the Mevo+ is excellent and lets players have the opportunity to expand on it if wanted.

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